VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: focusing on rapes

Nigeria is a country of more than an hundred and eighty millions population, of which female population accounted for more than the half of the entire population.

Violence is one of the problems of Nigeria woman that hinders her from exercising all her potentials as a good citizen of this country in every aspects of life: such as rape and wife battering.

Rape as one of the violence against women is an act of forcing a woman to have an unprepared sexual intercourse, at the neglect of her human right to privacy.

It is another form of robbery that robs women of their prestige, virtues, and dignity, thereby making them feel like nothing before the society.

It can also be described as canal exploitation of women callously or forcefully, which is another simple form of criminality, hence indirectly imposing low self-esteem on them which if appropriate care is not taken it might last on the person for a very long time or either make the person to hate the opposite sex for life.
To be continued….

©Akerele Odunayo Samuel

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