*An Article on Life of the ants.*

I studied the Ants and saw amazing facts.
Now, Lets see through the life of the ants, whose foresight and mechanism is simply an example of the ‘wisdom of the sluggard.’ The ants have no direction, they find refuge in sweet and cold areas. They are neither the controllers. Despite all this, each still works independently of the rest, they are being guided by a common goal, to add to the common store.

They seem small, with no attachment of a brain condition, but their intelligence_ hmmm, highly impressive. You can choose to say, they are enjoying, the sweet areas, but they dont get to pay homage to sweet caverns (like sugar, and so on) all the time, but the cold area they strive to get, in other to be saved from the wildfire of the sun, that roast their tentacles.

Even in these cold tiny home of theirs, they strive for food, or space to get to sweet caverns.which is not easy, still they dont relent.
Work tirelessly, you are higher in intelligence. Plan afresh, and work one more time. Just like the ants, you wouldnt want to imagine that,after the ants tirelessly build their homes for refuge, those tiny built sands, are being destroyed by us humans, yet they still kick off in building another one. Failures, disappointments may awaken, but patience will keep you going, if only you have it. Fight one more round. Have the wisdom of the sluggard, it will help you develop patience.
“The works of the sluggard are not foolish but awaken wise and solid castles.” Even ants can build castles


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