This is a critical issue one won’t just dabble into like that but let’s look at it this way…


From experience and what we see with our eyes, you would believe with me that Nigerian politics aren’t encouraging at all for Christians to participate.

First and foremost, Christians are expected to show forth their light and not mingle or work with darkness.


You would say they are expected to be there to change things right?

Yes they should but before you get there, you need connections, you need someone that knows someone that knows someone before you smell a little tiny post and before you achieve that?

You would have committed many atrocious crimes.


The name alone ‘NIGERIAN POLITICS’

Is scaring everyone because it’s a name every innocent souls don’t want to hear, believing they are also part of the reasons they are being starved.

And so, for a Christian to be there, it won’t speak well of one.

Christians are not expected to join politics for the sake of their Christian lives.

This is just my view…

Don’t bite me please oh.





Of course yes! It’s also good (answering the main question).

As children of God, we’re given authority to be rulers on earth, Jesus even called us gods. The people in the bible were involved in politics. Monarchy is part of government which relates to government. Only that then it was God who decides who’d be king.


So, basically it is good for a christian to engage in politics, what is bad is when it is misused.


P.s – The vice president was a redeem pastor, also Pastor Chris Okotie also participated in the last held election.





I believe Christian should participate in politics

We all complain about is corruption but we do nothing

If true Christians run for election and we actually vote for the right people then corruption will reduce.

Someone once said evil will continue as long as good men do nothing.


Christians are supposed to be light so they should cause light to shine in the darkness called Nigerian politics. Due to the lack of Christians in politics, Nigerian politics is now a dirty game . Christians need to change it

Its not only prayer

Faith without works is dead

Even the Bible encourages it

Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.


The problem is this,

Everyone believes politicians are corrupt

So if i join politics tomorrow, even though i am a Christian, everyone will believe i am corrupt too.

And that’s one of the reasons we as Christians don’t participate in politics .

But the only true way for them to see us as Christians is for our light to shine even in the darkness of bad politics.





This issue is very critical and should be critically discussed. Yeah, taking into considerations of the state of Nigerian politics, one would not hesitate to agree and let devoted and pious Christians get involved in politics.


First and foremost, being a devoted Christian will make one to shun from barbaric and unbearable behaviors that are at the part of those politicians of today.

Secondly, I think all will be order and supremacy of the law, fundamental human and equality before the law shall have their ways in this great Nation.





A christian can be a politician just that the way we view politics is where the problem lies.


Anyways *politics is a dirty game*. Oh yes, cause the individuals playing it are dirty. There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t involve people. And when things go wrong, you aren’t gonna blame the economy or politics or government; you’re really gonna blame people still.


In that essence, being a politician and also a Christian isn’t anything bad. We can win souls in whatever field we are and it doesn’t stop us from aiming high or wanting success.


So in a but shell, politics isn’t to be blamed, the people are. So if better people and God fearing people handle political seats, the field, nation, and economy will experience very tremendous growth and positive one at that.





Yes, it is good for a christian to be a politician because government and authority start from God, and in the bible there is a verse that says we should obey all govern authority because every authority is from above, so it is very possible for a christian to become a politician but the person must be sure that God is leading him to be a politician and the person must be very rooted as a Christian but he will face a lot of opposition and trails.


And also Nigeria and world at large need believe to step in politics and save the world. Nehemiah was a governor in Judea, Deniel and the boys were politicians and the defend the course of the children of God and also consider this if we have christian in authority there so kind of prayer point we will no longer pray because they will always do what is right and they will defend our course. It was through Joseph that God save the nation of Israel even when no one count them as a nation but today they are among the ten world power so fellow Christians if you called a politicians step up I will vote for you.




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