Unemployment is a state of being without job or a means of income. As economists would have it, *unemployment rate* is the ratio of the unemployed to the employed.

Unemployment can come in either of these ways;
*FRICTIONAL UNEMPLOYMENT*-when you find yourself staying at home maybe cause you want to change job or when new people enter the workforce and will require some to quit or change jobs.
*CYCLICAL UNEMPLOYMENT*-when job applicants are higher than the job just as we have in our country today where there are oceans of graduates everywhere with not enough banks to hold them. It can also happen when wages in a competitive labour market are pushed over the equilibrium.
*STRUCTURAL UNEMPLOYMENT* is often as a result of technology and companies move from one place to another. Recession too can cause this type of unemployment as well as mismatch between skills required by the employers and skills proposed/ acquired by the employees.

It also have causes and that’ll be our focus for tonight.
Unemployment in our society today can be caused by the following;
In a country where selfish leaders are the captain, you’ll see nothing other than the occupants of the ship being drowned(bunch of unemployed youths). And though the captains may think they’re safe maybe ’cause they’re putting on safety jackets(embezzlement, nepotism, ‘who do you know’ criteria), the truth remains that in one way or the other the wrecked ship has made them all remain in the ocean even with those they drowned(ocean of low economy, no growth, devalued currency).
Therefore, a country or state with bad leaders are holding both the state, themselves and the individuals from progressing.

Furthermore, the kind of political leaders we have in this present days are those full of themselves and would only want or do anything just for their selfish personal interest and benefits. And because of this, they care less about the youths and the society at large. They’re really the reason for the backward growth of the economy. And this is a great cause of unemployment.

Ignorance is the night of the mind, the night without a moon or a star. And if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
In a nut shell, the present government have actually forgotten the existence of some states, cities and towns focusing on places that are well off.

When someone in a remote area maybe is born, grew up in the same remote area and in the end has little or nothing to do in other to develop him/herself he’d actually end up being frustrated. When schools and empowerment programs aren’t allocated to such places so as to help the growing ones do something better with their lives and skills while they’re young, you’ll now see that they’ll grow up as illiterates and unskilled. And no employer employs an unskilled person to work for him/her. Thereby increasing the rate of unemployment and adding petrol and diesel to the burning fire of vices.
For example, someone who has the talent and is interested in singing but have no coach to develop and assist him/her, would end up letting go of her dreams and in the same vein leaving her unemployed.

There are certain things when neglected actually hit us with big mack trucks. A dirty country with bad roads and dirty environment can’t have foreigners and tourists invest in them.

When roads are bad, its difficult for existing companies or firms to continue at that particular place. They would want to relocate to a better and nicer place. And by so doing, the employees in the former place will loose their jobs, increasing the unemployment rate.

This is an unavoidable cause of unemployment too. When there’s mismanagement of resources in a state it tells directly on the economy, either by recession or by companies shutting down. Most companies shut down because of unstable economy and automatically, workers will be laid off.

It can also come in form wages being pushed above equilibrium. For example, workers are all after the implementation of the minimum wage on their salary not thinking of what the outcome will be on the economy. For such law to be implemented, so many people will have to loose their jobs just for the others to enjoy the increase and I’m sure no one wants to loose his or her job. So this is a major way unemployment rate can increase.

This is one thing that strips the tortoise of its shell. We live in a world where I.C.T rules. And most jobs and companies are adapting to its music tune. If you can recall NIPOST was very effective then, letters were the major communication means but now how many of us use the nearest post office to our houses. What about those who were employees of NIPOST, were their jobs retained? All these happened because of GSM.

Now, how can a banker retain his job when there are ATMs, mobile app and robots to do the job and even do it perfectly well?
How can a medical doctor become that relevant when I have my cell phone at hand and can browse good balance diet steps and follow them, or when I have a quantum machine that’ll do the analysis they do perfectly well?
How can an accountant be needed when I have a counting machine and have access to many books that’ll tell me more about what I need?
How can an engineer be needed when machines do almost all their works?
Or even how can that shop owner retain his customers when Jumia, Yudala, Amazon, etc are in existence?
Hell no, is the answer. Technology is the head of unemployment causes in our society today.


*Let education be a source of amusement; you’ll find then be able to find out the natural bent* -Plato
I know so many people will be wondering how this is a cause of unemployment. Unfortunately, they turn out to be the most dangerous and major cause of unemployment. In one way or the other, we’ve heard words like
“I want my son to be a doctor”
“Being a lawyer will suit you best”
“You never get a job studying that course”
“You can’t succeed if you don’t get an ‘A’ ”
“You’re the dumbest! Always failing”

Well, these are words that weaken children and youths, and kills their dreams as well. There are mostly heard from our parents and teachers forgetting that we actually didn’t come to this world to achieve or accomplish someone else’s dreams or desires. We all had our different purpose before seeing this earth and its called potential. By forcing them to do the so called ‘major courses’ or ‘professional courses’ they end up flooding the streets with the same face of certificates which if I were to be an employee wouldn’t value a bit of it. In this way, we now have a lot of them in the same field with little or no skill to even offer.
Not all kids will make good lawyer and doctors. Not all kids will be fulfilled just by studying engineering courses. ‘Cause in the end, they won’t be fulfilled and successful. This also is a reason for high rate of unemployment.

The school system is also good at this. They teach students wrongly. Instilling fear in them, and teaching them on how not to make mistakes.
We are being thought on how to be always right. And with this mentality, we grow, avoiding mistakes, playing safe, and unable to depict talk more of achieving their purpose in life.
They also teach and prepare us on how to be loyal employees and to be sincere, the government is tired of the so many graduates with certificates we have nowadays. School doesn’t teach its students on how they can invest in themselves and create businesses out of whatever they like. And inability to do that, increases unemployment.

Come to think of it, Nigeria is a country where JAMB determines the school you attend and the course you’ll study. Some students end up spending years studying courses they don’t like just because they want to come out with certificates. It’s a bad omen as it is affecting the youths and hindering them from engaging in creative thinking. All are catalysts to unemployment increase.

This cause is usually rare. It happens once in a blue moon but it is a cause of unemployment as the peace and calmness of the society will be altered and none is ready to die yet. Thereby leaving people unemployed.

Some people by themselves hope a lot on the government to get them jobs and so on and so forth. Have you ever asked yourself, ‘if everyone in Nigeria is looking for job, who would create one?’

This is a bad mentality and a proof of irresponsibility and existence of slavery. A slave always blames his master when things are going right and even when things are going wrong. And this is what we see in our youths today, forgetting that whomever you have handed over your responsibility, you’ve automatically handed over your future to him.
So dependency on the government to get things done for you is an act of slavery and irresponsibility.

There are few solutions to the high rate of unemployment.

Government should be able to build factories, companies and firms and infrastructures too. All these are very good ways of developing a state and employing youths. States that are not yet developed should be looked into and helped as well. Elevating states like Ebonyi to the level Lagos is now will really help reduce the rate of unemployment ’cause tourists and investors will find solace there as they’ve found in bigger cities like Abuja, etc

Now these resources are our strength, our money, our value and our source of income.
No country will be able to develop itself when they can’t utilize the ones they have. Our oils, crude or palm, should be put into use in one way or the other. And the idea of one person owning a particular oil well or something should be cancelled and stopped. Refineries should also be built

I’m going to talk extensively on this. This is actually the only effective solution to unemployment. Only YOU and ME can really reduce unemployment rate

Don’t be a coward. Making a mistake once isn’t an issue but when made over and over again, that’s when you’re called a fool.
As individuals we have our duty to the government to help us better and it includes guarding your vote most importantly.

I see a lot of people who sell their votes just for 2000 naira. And these people are people that want better lives and want the government to be effective. When you sell your votes you’re sending the wrong person in and these people have none of your interest at heart.

And you want jobs. The same you want good roads. And that same you want Nigeria to be developed like America.
So with these mentality, let’s check our response towards government activities and how we follow them

Don’t wait for the government to do everything for you. The certificate you have or pursue can’t even make you successful. It’s what you do with your towards your dreams that gets you to wherever you wanna be. Don’t be lazy to work, go out and take that risk to develop yourself, go out and sell that information for your voice to be heard, and make that call that’ll bring your destiny helper.
Don’t hope on the government, they’re tired of you self.

As a writer you’d ask yourself how can I become successful just by writing? It’s very simple make a business out of it in any way possible, just like Thomas Edison created a business out of lightbulb (he really wasn’t the inventor).
Don’t be that one person that’ll end up enriching the graveyard simply because your voice wasn’t heard.

And I believe if you can invest in yourself, invest time in reading, invest time in listening, invest time in buying those books that’ll teach you about life and independence and also invest time in reaching out to others -you’d see the world we live in a healthier and better place with no one complaining about unemployment!

Thank you for today and your time, we shall meet some other day.


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