“Go and fetch the chief Priest! ”

The Queen screamed on top of her voice as she sounded the ordered.

Before the chief priest came,

Princess was already up wondering what was happening.

As she saw Jude on the floor, she held him tight and started crying.


” No ooooo!” OGBAKA AJA shouted as he came in.

“My Queen, what’s happening? Don’t tell me he isn’t breathing!” His voice was already shaking like someone who was crying.

“No nọ no! This can’t be. AMADIOHA why!!” He screamed again.


He stayed quite for some times and then, quickly started removing all the things in his bag.

He brought out a small mat and spread it on the floor.

He brought  out five white kolanut and and created a square with it. The remaining one he put in the middle.

He brought out cowries too and place them beside each kola.

He then brought out an image tied with red scarf. He placed it in the middle too and then knelt down and spread his hand wide lime a Muslim praying in the mosque.


“Oooh AMADIOHA, eku mereta, ledu si kam papara papaya, preta ludoz alamdiaaaaa” He shook his staff and told everyone in the room to shift back except Princess who was holding Jude.

“Ooo deprot iz tu zam mo kro mama pipi mopi, dum dum liya lita lima liba lipa Liza lipaparara tata kem_ kem_ labastaraya”


He was shouting on top of his voice that perspiration was coming out from his ears.

“Kakaraka là jajaraja, malei talei li zam palei.”


Just then, lightening and thunder roared like a hungry angry lion or the sky.

Fear gripped everyone, even princess that was holding Jude left both her mouth and eyes ajar in shock.

“Thank you for answering this urgent call.

Kam sa de li le”

He bowed down in worship.

“Amadioha, the life of this boy must not travel far, he mustn’t cross border.

What crime has he committed that you have to take his life without informing me. He did all he did for the love of this clan.”

He was in agony and anguish. Even his clothes were soaked like a serious committed farmer working on a scorching sun.

“This boy and his family served this kingdom wholeheartedly.

His father died a comrade and his mother even died before the hands of the princess.

Why must you take his life? He is the only remnant of his family and you took his life. Who shall represent the family and prevent them from being eradicated?”

His voice was shaking like one who was crying.

“Amadioha, if you need someone, take me but spare his life. Be rich in mercy and weak in judgment.

Show the whole kingdom you are a just and merciful god. Tum tum Tom Tom lam bá La ka lili dum” as he made that incarnation, he started coughing out blood.

“Thank you Amadioha, your mercy endu…”

He vomited foam and kicked the bucket.

Just then, Jude sneezed and everyone shouted in awe.

No one cried nor laughed because the feelings there were ironic and contradictory.


Just then, Precious came in, followed by the king who has been lingering to and fro at the passage that leads to the room of Princess.

“Oh babe, what happened to you?”

She pushed Princess who has been holding him away.

“I am fine.

What happened, why is OGBAKA AJA laying on the floor like a dead man?”

He asked like a pregnant woman who just put to bed.

“I don’t know either o, I just came in now.

My spirit told me you are here even when they told me you aren’t here. But thank God you are safe. Come babe, let’s go home”

Precious gently lifted him up.


“Evil people, your plans won’t work. babe let’s go”

She urged Jude who was still  behaving like someone that woke up from a deep sleep.

“How’s the princess? ”

He managed to ask.

“Am here my love, I am fine babe.”

She drew herself near  Jude who has set himself free from precious’ care.

“How come Jude, what happened, how did you managed to come inside and also wake her up.”

The Queen asked as he has ordered the corpse of OGBAKA AJA, the chief priest to be taken away.

“All thanks to Adora. I came in even before dusk.

I was in the prison yard till night when Adora came and brought me out.

The guards interrupted but at last we found ourselves in.

She sacrificed many things just to make sure I wake Princess which as last we achieved. After I woke her up, I felt sharp pain that brought me down. I didn’t know what happened again but all I could remember was that I was taken to trance which I will reveal small from what I was told to deliver.

I was told to warn the king to change his ways.

I was told to tell the Queen to cease from being greedy.

I was also told to tell the Princess to slow down in life.

I was told to tell the crown prince to repent from his ways…

He is a smoker, a philanderer and many things I can’t count.

I was told to tell the king he has been forgiven and the sickness is taken away finally.”

Everybody was speechless.

“Please I am sorry the way I have been bad to you. Please forgive me all the bad things I have done to you please.”

The Princess was just mumbling words as Jude was smiling.

“It’s well my princess.”

He went close and hugged her.

Just let me and my precious be together please, that’s all I ask from you all”

“You have my words my dear, now I know love cost not a thing.”

They all laughed.

“When the day is old, come with your wife, this kingdom has something for you.” the king said as he patted him at his back.

They all went their ways.

Jude was sent abroad to study together with his wife just as he wished






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