“I said who is there!?”
As his voice became more high and hard, she left the person she was taking around and rushed to meet him…
” What’s the problem, why are you shouting, chief guard?”
She spoke with furry written all over her face but within, her heart was panting and pumping hard.
“Am sorry Ada, I didn’t know it was you. I thought there were two people there”
“When did you started seeing double?
Come and check for yourself if you don’t trust your eyes again, nonsense”
“Haba Ada, it hasn’t reach like that na.
Oya I’m sorry. ”
“Better” Her heart relieved as she regularized her breathe.
“So Ada, when will you give me that thing I have been asking you of.
No one is here, we can do it fast babe”
He asked, smiling like a Goat that ate a whole yam in a barn.
“Relax na, your body dey hot ooo.
If I moan now, other palace Guards will hear and come. So let’s leave it till weekend when the Queen will be gone for royal meeting.”
Ada winked and gave him a peck.
She didn’t wait for him to say another word before tiptoeing off.
They now entered together into her room.
“We will have to be discrete about this my dear.
Let’s make sure no one sees us. Just be calm and sleep. The man in mask nodded and laid on the bed.

As early as 5pm, the masked man was already up waiting for Adora who has gone out since.
“How to get to our destination is the problem now because the guard is already awake.
Emmmmm, don’t worry, I know what to do.
But It will just pain me if after risking my life and we didn’t achieve our aim.” she sat quietly like a rejected orphan.
“Don’t worry, I will make sure it’s not effort wasted.”
The person in mask assured her.
“I am coming”
She left dressed half naked to the entrance where Princess was laid.

“Where are you going? ”
The guard asked, lifting his sword up
” I’m Sorry Obi. My cloth fell down and I want to wear it now. ”
The way she was twisting herself got Obi, the guard thinking wide and Wild.
“OK go and come on time”
He couldn’t yet take his eyes off her.
“Why are you staring at me babe?”
She came closer this time licking her lips which set Obi on fire the more.
She grabbed him and kissed him passionately.
Straight away, he dropped his sword and cuddled him in response.
“They may see us here, let’s go to my room.”
She drew him like a sheep on its way to the shrine.
As they opened the door, the masked man came out and went his way.

“Haa, please go and check, it’s like I heard a sound”
Adora pushed obi who was already dying in the mood.
He managed out of shyness to wear his clothes quickly and dashed out but everywhere seemed quite and calmed.

Before he came back knocking, Adora was already snoring out loud.
“Haa, you have slept just now?”
Obi said and slapped himself very hard just to get the urge subsided.

Early in the morning as Queen and other guards came to confirm the death of Princess and dispose it before alarm is raised, they met her snoring and breathing to the rhythm.
And below was Jude lying down lifelessly with mouth ajar.
“What!? Jude? ” she screamed.

Watch out for the last chapter.


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