Here in a cloudless apex,
veering thus where gold spring
and life compleacacy for man.
Buried with curiosity aloft
the trend where life is perfect.
I am looking for that city.

I am still looking for that city.
Where love is sweeter than honey
and not played like IGBO sense.
Tricks, betrayer and anticlimax.
Love thats played in KOREAN movie.
Such city i am looking for.

I am still looking for that city,
where virgity is priceless,
unlike here, where its sold
for Gala and cocacola,
and rapes mount on day by day
Show me that city, if there be.

I am looking for that city,
where justice is lord of all.
Rulling the afairs of the rulers
and dishing judgment with no sentiment.
I long that city where justice talks
and all obey to its order.
Unlike here where justice is a servant
to the rullers and leaders
mouth sealed only to save the head.
Fear in the heart of all
for power speaks and authority rules.
Show me justice, i long for one.

I am looking for that city,
where God is still God.
Alter sacred and servant holy.
Unlike here where church where market,
where men buy and sell.
If such city still liveth,
please take me there.
I am looking for that city.
Where father in the field,
and mother in the kitchen.
With the thought of the children on her mind.
Do such city exist?
If there be, show me..

Show me that city,
where they chastise smoking,
and prostitution for girls.
Lifting holy hands aloft the sky
to make change the change they want.
Show me such city, if there be.

I am up in the hill, still searching.
Vigorusly and tenacously, with no rest.
Open my eyes to this city i long.
So men can wake up and smile to nature,
with hope for what future holds.
If you find such city,
please contact JUDAISKY.



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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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