Hell got loosed and lost focus,
For this day unto us,
A child is born with heavily impetus.
A rare gem, Inflatus afflatus
And a wizard aberrant genius,
A lad with magical hands like Jesus.

I hail down from my bay,
Your type to emerge I fast and pray.
The duckies of all Kingdom from far away
Await your mystifying Forte to be played.
For therein the future is taken away
From the hawk that hovers night and day.

Joseph Jasef,
In you reality is made self
For selfless Is thyself.
Beauty of nature radiating in yourself
For all you kept worthy in thy shelf.
The condiments of happiness made you a chef.

The pot of honesty lives in you.
The pillar that bridge doom
Anytime to it seeks for its food.
Oh my brother from another mother is you,
A gentle lion in sedated and quietened room
And sanguine and sassy lion where evil rule.

The tale of thy pen is beyond ambiguity.
He who doubt is out of humanity.
The paper cries for the loss of its virginity,
And thy ink bleed in all diversity,
All his to reach the mass in publicity
Till the whole world knows the infallibility.

The strength and skill of David on his shoulder,
Oh Jasef, the drums respect your order
And sends sensation to your soul holder.
Your muse, a reminder
To psalms and hymns in weary corners.
Your sounds spells. Soul winner.

Today is the day.
The day the Lord has made.
Happy new year, happy birthday.
Let thy ink cease not to play
Hide and seek with the order of the day.
Writing to make justice reign.

Happy birthday, Joseph Jasef.


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Author: TaekPoet

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