Near the lagoon, the stories were told,
The winds raced into the ocean as days of old,
Behold; a successful land for both young and old,
Yet we strive and struggle to build and rebuild
Oh that it may shine forth like gold,
That we may earn decent livelihood.

A Blood feeling so tasty.
Oh! Ajegunle, the heart of Lagos is feeling so thirsty,
Here, wine turns to blood, here in this city,
Oh! Lagos ”the pride of our nation”,Look at the city
Ékò the mighty city
you have have lost the chorusing melody.

A city where human life is battered,
Oshodi, where words are slaughtered.
To humble souls looking so much greater
Lagos old but still not better.
A city of no man where everyone is the others traitor,
See the city’s blood boils down vein at alarming degree.

Lagos, filled with inspiration
Yet life is a fight for salvation,
Sit and think again about your decisions
Before you take action,
Lagos, the city of expression.
Today, you are 50 years old but sleep.
So we await your awakening,
Hopefully, there will be much attraction ascertain.



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Author: TaekPoet

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