Ebuka dressed in school uniform with school bag at his back walked out of the room frowning all because his mother refuse to give him money, as he walk by the road side he was still frowning, he was looking around as he walked to school, he saw a group of young boys walking and eulogizing a masquerade, one of the masquerade boys bought an ice cream and gave it to the masquerade, Ebuka wonder “so masquerades too drink ice cream, wonders shall never end”..
Ebuka arrived at school late, a teacher was already in the class, he sneaked in but the teacher sighted him, “I can see that short rat sneaking in”. Effiong one of Ebukas classmate ran out of the class and went to carry plywood. “Ma wherez the rat that sneak in, lets kill it” Effiong asked the teacher,. the teacher was so angry, she screamed on Effiong “you are very dull, Effiong or what do you call yourself, your brain is blunt, get out of my sight jor” the teacher screamed at Effiong, the whole class laugh as Effiong returned to his seat, “Hey you come out here,” the teacher said facing Ebuka, Ebuka sluggishly walked out, “am now your new class teacher,so mr man come and let me put your name down in my register” the teacher said to Ebuka as she went to the table and sat on the chair, she opened a blue register “what is your name, surname first” the teacher said . “Ma I never born pikin, so I never get a son, talkless of son name”. Ebuka said, “jezz.. what type of dull student are this, chai. I said surname, meaning your father’s name’. the teacher said angrily, “oh, is it that one, you didnt tell me well, my fathers name are, Chukunma, Ikechukwu, Obiong, Chinaza, Chidera, Chibike, Chi…” Ebuka was still talking when the teacher cut in “what nonsense, I cant blame you because your fathers name is ugly so your own brain must be ugly, I said surname, your fathers surname” the teacher said angrily. “oh I can remember now, it is Ikechukwu” Ebuka said, the teacher looked at him with a naughty eye,.”where is your place of birth?” the teacher asked Ebuka again. “Hospital” Ebuka said.the whole class bursted into laughter. the teacher was really annoyed at Ebuka that she immediately leave the class and head to the Staff room

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