Now the deboned bodies are openly
Months ago he was the greatest
Gigantically he was handed power
not elected power
A destroying saviour made,a
demigod in no array

Him and them came with billions of
sweet prognostications
We were too lustful that we got
Like loose cocotte they lay ambush
gallantry ready to milk and pimp out
They are the devils whom the Devil

A promise of a black paper equalling
a white
How fossil oil will be easily fetched
along the roads unfreezed
How billion souls will a million times
feed a day
It was how a monster corruption
dinning and winning in the veins
will be strangled
And labourers alert daily they shall

Like a movie the months fast
Now the change we see,the change
we wail
The hood fantastically corrupt
While the queen of the hood
belongs to the kitchen and

A philanthropic tortoise he is,as he
reminds us of the ninety -three to
ninety-eight and IBB
His beautiful mouth smells worst
than a rotten deadened body

Conspicuously billions recovered
and plundered yet again
Projected projects and lifeless life
unashamedly padded
It is a national afire cum cake turned family cake
A democratic nation turned tyrannic
_turned the amorous nation

Justice bought and sold pricy in
the bar
The future raped and bruised to a
One anaemic leg in Aso rock,the
the other in alien aboded abroad
Together with the concubines a
travelling tourist
To and fro he dangles on the bird
To dine the wormed brains and
And refill with unstained blood of an
innocent lamb
While home govt.witch hunt the exs
Change! change !change was the
earliest shibboleth
It was the mantra on which the
gullible success cum failure was
Came as a persona grata
All hail a man with broom to sweep
away the defaults
The umbrellas are too frail and dull
as a dish water
Battered in sun and rainfall leaving
folks in dullsville

The folks are awoken from slumber party
Kip no more,kip no more poor souls
Now rises a new voice of a supposed
potential victory
Change the change but what change
First class idiots voraciously eating
the remains
Our pains a sweet honey to their
hungry eyes
But yet we keep suffering and
As we watch our homes razed down
in the painful pleasure of politicking

Some microscopic brains crosses
their arms and sits on the fence
The people’s man has turned the
greatest terror and foe
For with them they are now persona non grata
Just like Saul he alike
Shall thy come a David or a Josiah’?
*N.B.Its high the Nigerian youths began getting involved in the politics of our great nation rather than shying away from it and allowing this same old corrupted elders RULE us now is THE TIME #TogetherWeCanAchieveThisDream*
*Happy Democracy day Fellas’ *

*?IKE OLIVER O (Cardinal ~O)*


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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