It seems its getting out of hands … So let’s solve it based on logistic …

Yeah! I’ll keep saying this, I believe in God but you can’t change the notion that people have abused that name so much.

My fellow people, we’ve turn a mere human to our God and that’s what irritates me the most.
As for me, I believe there is a link between man,the spiritual realm and the physical realm and the link is our ♥ HEART. THROUGH our heart we’ve harbored many things,both evil and good and once the heart is corrupted you loose all connection with the spiritual realm because its only the true way to connect to the other realm .
That aside,do you know everyone has the uniqueness to call on God? On his/her own without going to any wise people that have closer connection with God, without seeing those who lives with God … without everyone one on your behalf …
Let’s look at the Quran and the Bible… when God sent his prophet to the people to warn them about their sin, did the prophets pray on their behalf ? No! No! When the people saw that they have sin against the Lord(God) they now see this ‘ Jonah 3:5 So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them.’ When did they believe God? After Jonah had preach them which is the work of the servants of God …
Look Jonah did not pray on behalf of them nor did they offer anything to Jonah for bringing message to them …everyone is responsible for his own faith !
During the cause of going to one mountain to the other some have encounter many evil again … I call that ‘Ayojuran’ ‘Covetousness’ you are not satisfied …
If people would say’ God of Baba Adeboye ohh,God of baba abiye ohhh, God of ajobiewe oohh Lola baba wa mustapha e.t.c .. You know what? it sounds ridiculous because you don’t believe you have God in you that’s why you call on God of others .. Do you know the kind of god they worship ? Do you know how far they’ve gone to be performing miracles ? Tah nah …
They are truly man of God but why can’t you be one of your own ?? ..
God is everywhere that God of Adeboye you are calling is in you !! You can call on it anytime you want …
Lemme tell you one thing, those people you call on behalf of God as if they put God for house, do you know they can never be wretch again ? Do you know how much each of them worth ? Whereas you yourself doesn’t worth a Penny!! Out of that you still gave them the little you should have succeed with.. So bad, beggars will feel grateful if you give em those little offerings you offer to the pastors …
You don’t know the kind of God they serve .. They might also worship stone and altars .. Not all of em … God is like a Father-figure and also a Friend-figure .. Let’s talk about the father figure, a father knows the responsibility over his child, if a father has a child he must take care of his child unless the child is wayward and a responsible farther would bring such child back to the way .. So you can ask God(Father) for anything you want as a son.
Secondly Friend-Figure. A friend indeed is a friend in need .. When you have a friend and are truthful to each other, you help yourselves so won’t the friend also help you in the term of need? Definitely he’ll do! Because you are true at heart to each other …
Listen there is no true religion anywhere except your heart ! Our heart is dynamic and extraordinary it tells us what’s wrong and right , it tells us about the evil and the good, even the supreme being ( God) communicate through our heart ..

Religion that accepts money, who’ll spend it ?? Religion that accept all kinds of foods as sacrifice who’ll eat it? I’ll be happy if they give those items to the needy even God will be happy with you . . be God-loving!! From where did you love ? Your heart !
Be Godfearing from where did you fear? Your heart ! Our heart is the true religion .
The religion of a thing as gone so far that people doubt’s if there is really God and where is he? Each religion claims God is in there side and each place of worship claims God dwells in their building then tell me WHERE IS GOD??? Watch out for the concluding part

As written by
Adesina Abiola


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