Ogechi and I EPISODE: 43 (Final Episode)
Cynthia felt bad for me and Ogechi, and was willing to do
anything within her power to help us out, as she had grown to
come to terms with the fact that I was never meant to be with
her. It was clear, even to the blind that I and Ogechi were
destined to be together. I guess it’s true what they say;
Well, saying that could have been just to make me have the
feeling of victory and accomplishment because there was still
the issue of the renouncement to be dealt with. How on earth
were we to go about that? Did we need to embark on a fast
again to summon the bright light which pronounced that
cursed blessing on us? Of course not! I personally wasn’t
ready for that. But what else was there to be done?
Wise and smart Cynthia suggested something that seemed
like the way out. She said; “IF OGECHI RENOUNCED HER
CAN HAVE YOU.” That seemed logical enough, but we needed
more than logic to sort things out. After endless findings
without nearing a seeming a solution or way out, we resolved
to heed Cynthia’s idea, not minding if it turned out the wrong
thing to do. Of course if it did, we would die. But we weren’t
ready to chase shadows anymore. It was a risk we had to
take. So I wrote down many songs and stories about what we
were about to do in case we didn’t return alive.
I, Cynthia and Ogechi held a meeting between us, and Cynthia
renounced her love for me with the very exact words Ogechi
did before Cynthia awoke from coma. There was no effect
afterwards pointing to anything positive or negative. So we
proceeded to making our reunion know to the masses and
there were great jubilations, and more doors of opportunity
opened up for us. The people were happy for us, but we were
afraid for our own lives, as anything could become of us at
any time. After a while without any sign of anything, we
concluded that the only way to really know if Cynthia’s
renouncement of her love for me was the undoing of I and
Ogechi’s separation was by making love. If we live after
making love, then we’ll know it worked. If we died after
making love, then the writings we had put down would tell the
So we had to make love to find out, but we were not permitted
to do so without being married. I proposed to Ogechi on
international TV for the world to witness in case they never
saw or heard from us again in time to come. Our wedding
was a mega one that was sure not to be forgotten in a hurry.
Many dignitaries attended. Singers and actors from different
parts of the world graced the occasion. It was indeed a
memorable one.
After the day’s celebration, it was time for the main thing. I
and Ogechi got together over five years back and had not
even mistakenly had sex. It would have been wrong if we did,
considering our stand as spiritually moral people, but I guess
poo happens sometimes. In our case it didn’t, and here we
were, ready to seal our marital union with the sweetest love
making ever. I just prayed Cynthia’s renouncement of her
love for me was the solution to our problem.
I and Ogechi got into our hotel room feeling fulfilled and
accomplished. We took some time to talk and smile at each
other. We didn’t hurry to the night’s business because it
could be our last. Sitting beside each other on the bed, we
held hands and reminisced all that has happened in our lives
over time. We went far back to our days in Enugu, when this
true love journey began and got to when it seemed like it had
come to an end when she left with Ck, and then Cynthia, the
renouncement and finally our reunion. What an adventure it
had been. The only desired thing after such adventure would
be a happy ending, which we certainly had, though we didn’t
know how long it would last. We were surely going to find out
that very night.
After a session of expressing ourselves with what seemed
like all the words in the English dictionary, we proceeded to
seal our marital union. This time around, there wasn’t going
to be an obstruction or hindrance like in times past, neither
was there going to be any feelings of guilt looming in the
atmosphere. I went forward to pull off what my heart had
always conceived. What a wonderful feeling it was to have all
the permission in the world to go ahead.
Lying bare on that bed was my Ogechi with ultimate
readiness for all of me, causing every hesitation on my part
to abscond. I went onto her and initiated the process with
passionate kisses and cuddles, which lasted a while before
our spirits got high and yearned for the only dose that could
stabilize it. Finally, the big moment had come. The moment
we’ll get to know whether or not Cynthia’s renouncement had
undone the curse that was to accompany the very act we were
about to engage in not quite two minutes away. Was it going
to be death or life? If life, how wonderful it would be. If
death, well, I guess all I could say was farewell in advance.
I positioned myself well in her, ready to unite our bodies. But
just before I could register the first thrust, I heard a slap on
my head. OOOHHHH! So this was the end of it. All the
money, all the fame, the future I would have built for myself
and the heritage I would have left for those who followed
after me. All was gone on the platform of trial and error love.
Hmmm, what a story to tell to the next generation to keep
them from making the same mistake like we did by doing all
the stuffs we did which ended us lifeless on our wedding
night in the supposed happiest moment of our lives.
I thought the first slap that landed on my head was intended
to kill me. I had to think again because it was intended to do
more. While soul was still drowning in a pool of regrets, not
knowing the future that awaited it in the afterlife, I heard
another slap on my head. This time it was hotter than the
first, and I concluded I had unfortunately made it to hell
because only the devil would slap a man on the head like
Suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw a very huge figure
planted right in front of me with obvious irritation. My guess
was right. That was the devil indeed. There was no way he
couldn’t be the devil. But the environment didn’t look like that
which is fitting for the devil to dwell in. It was cool unlike
hell would be, very cool. I could hear sounds that was no way
close the screams of torment expected to be heard in hell.
Could all those things about hell have been mere fairy tells? I
was trying to figure out where I was and who the mean man
in front of me was when I heard him scream at the top of his
“Oboy na which kind sleep be this for person shop eeh?
C’mon stand up and go your house joor! Abi you no know say
morning don reach??”
“Bros abeg no vex, na where be this?” I asked with shaky
“You dey craze! Na your father you dey ask that kind
question for this kind six O’clock for early morning. Omor
get up from there mek I pack dirty dey go my way. Abi na so
your own do you? All these small boys of nowadays, na so
una just dey waka dey bleep ashewo anyhow. You don go
bleep mami-water finish come dey mumu anyhow. Abeg
comot for road”
You won’t believe this. I found myself at the same hookers’
point in Enugu where I normally spent my nights. Gosh!!! I
had been dreaming all along. sssSSSHHEETTT!!!!! It was all
a dream. It began from the point where there was chaos at
the hookers’ stand and the police came arresting people,
where Ogechi woke me up and we escaped to a nearby hotel.
It was all a dream. There was no Ogechi, no Cynthia, no
Regina, and no Oklahoma. None of those was real.
When it dawned on me that I had been dreaming all along, I
was somewhat troubled, and at the same time happy about
the development. I was happy because I saw the dream to be
a revelation of what was to come, which ended with me
becoming a rich and famous superstar, married to another of
my kind. But I was troubled because of all the ordeals I would
have to pass through to get there. Was it even a revelation,
or just wishful thoughts that graduated into a dream?
Whatever it was, I was convinced it was surely going to play
out in the nearest possible future.
I walked down to the spring at Ebeano tunnel where I
normally had my bath to do so and proceed to my five
thousand naira job. I was smiling as I walked majestically
along the road, and some passersby noticed me and probable
wondered if I had gone nuts or was in the process of doing
so. I was already feeling like a superstar whose love was
being contended for by two other superstars. Just as I was
still walking down the road smiling, I got a call from one of
my pals back at home who goes by the name; “OTOABASI,
popularly known as Otty.”
“Otty how far nah?” I greeted.
“Omor ee don happen oo!” he threw back at me immediately
with a tone of excitement.
“Wetin dey sup nah? Why you dey joli like this?” I asked.
“Abi you don win lottery?”
“This one pass lottery oo” he replied.
“Oya cool down tell me wetin happen.” I said.
“You remember that Oyibo woman wey I bin recommend your
poems wey you post for allpoetry for?”
otty asked.
“Yes, I remember. What about her?”
“She has endorsed you poems to include them in her next
compilation. And she wants you to partake in her contest in
that same allpoetry If you make it to top three, you’ll
be on your way to the United States to join her officially, and
you know what that means don’t you?”
“Mehnnnnnnn, are you serious?? So the woman finally
gbadun my work! Chei!! I thank God oo.”
“Guy there is no time for all these. She wants to speak with
you soonest. Where you dey?” otty asked.
“I dey Enugh oo” I replied
“Wetin you dey do for Enugu nah? You enter Enugu without
even telling me? Well, start coming back immediately.
There’s serious business on ground that needs you
attention.” Otty said.
“No problems. I’ll be on my way tomorrow. Mehn thanks so
much for everything. So I’ll now be working online with that
woman, and may work one on one with her if I make it to top
three in her contest. I can’t believe this. Abeg otty, remind
me. I seem to have forgotten her name. Wetin bin be that
woman name sef?” I asked.
“Nna guy, you don forget already? Na wetin dey occupy your
“No vex abeg. Just remind me.”
“Cynthia nah. Her name is Cynthia Foxx”

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