Ogechi and I EPISODE: 42
“Cynthia is the girl I’ve chosen for you. I did that for the best
reasons ever. Sometime ago she came to me to apologize for
the things she said to me after she awoke from coma. She
explained to me how you both got into an argument which
led to your leaving her house. She’s told me about all that
has happened between you both in the past two years. She
also made me understand that you tricked her severally to
avoid sexual intercourse with her because you didn’t want to
use her when you weren’t actually sure to stay in love with
her. She has taken care of your bills and done a whole lot of
things for you. Those are not the points I’m driving at
anyway. You see, Cynthia has told me how much she feels
for you, and trust me, it is real. Coupled with the fact that
you’ve been living with her for the past two years, who better
than her to be your girl? She’s a fellow Igbo girl and a
renowned model, which has the necessary contacts that will
aid the pursuit of your dreams. I know that you will indeed
find happiness with her because she truly and sincerely loves
you; permit me to say as much as I do. And since fate has
denied us the opportunity to be together anymore, don’t deny
this loving Cynthia the opportunity to be loved. I know you
have love for her, no matter how small. You’ll learn to grow
it with time. I hope you understand that I’m doing this for the
sake of your happiness and mine, for nothing will gladden my
heart than knowing that you’ve found lasting joy in the arms
of a worthy woman. This is why I called you to Oklahoma, to
propose joy everlasting to you. Thank God you’ve accepted.”
“Ogechi, what did Cynthia tell you that has made you vouch
for her this much? Am I not the one who should tell you
about her, being that I’ve been living with her for
approximately two years? It’s quite amazing how the reverse
happens to be the case here.”
“You can’t do or say anything to change things now. You
already said you will.”
We spent more time talking about it all, and later reached the
conclusion to have it her way. Not really her way per say, but
that was the best option for me to take and move on with life
happily. I thought Ogechi would think ill of me if I jumped to
Cynthia without a waste of time just because we couldn’t be
together anymore. It was a good thing Cynthia had gotten her
to subscribe to the idea. Sincerely speaking, I had spent all
my life after graduating from school with Cynthia, and like
they say; the real life begins after graduation. So ending up
with her wasn’t going require much effort to cope because we
had already become very good friends, and I loved her, but
not as much as I loved Ogechi. Fact remains that I would
choose Ogechi over and again between them both under any
circumstances. But since Ogechi was out of the picture, there
was none better than Cynthia to play the role; at least none
that I know of.
Cynthia was overjoyed at the turn out of things, and she held
Ogechi in such high regard that one would think she was
aspiring to be like Ogechi. But that was far from it because
Cynthia was far wealthier and more highly rated than Ogechi.
Ogechi was a singer, and performing at different places in the
world made it somewhat difficult to tell the difference
between her and Cynthia. It was just a matter of time before
she measured up with Cynthia.
Everything was concluded and it was such a happy ending for
everyone, especially Cynthia. Then Cynthia reminded Ogechi
about the song she (Cynthia) had proposed that she (Ogechi)
does with me. It was agreed that the song should be done
before I and Cynthia made for Regina, since Cynthia had
joined us at Oklahoma after Ogechi convinced me to get
together with her. All the while we were at Ogechi’s mansion
in Oklahoma and were set to leave after I and Ogechi did a
song together to honor the deal Cynthia and Ogechi had
struck beforehand.
Ogechi suggested that we should do a copyright of ABBA’s
breakup song, “KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU” in the album,
“ARRIVAL”. In case you don’t know or haven’t heard about
them before, “Arrival” is the fourth studio album by the
Swedish pop group called ABBA. It was originally released in
Sweden on 11 October 1976 by Polar Records. Recording
sessions began in August 1975 and continued until
September 1976 at Metronome and Glen studios in
Stockholm, Sweden. It became ABBA’s most successful
album to date, producing three of their biggest hits: “Dancing
Queen”, “Money, Money, Money” and “KNOWING ME,
KNOWING YOU”. “Arrival” was the best-selling album of 1977
in the United Kingdom and was certified gold by the
Recording Industry Association of America.
“KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU” was one of the first ABBA
songs to deal with the break-up of a relationship, though with
an upbeat quality to the music. It predates the divorces of the
ABBA members, as well as further break-up songs to come.
Since I and Ogechi were to go apart from each other for life,
we decided to make it official like the ABBA members did
when they resolved to go their separate ways for reasons
best known to them.
We got together and cracked our brains to come up with
lyrics most suitable for the song. Lyrics more like that of
ABBA in the track “KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU”. Let’s take
a brief look at what the lyrics of the song was like;
No more carefree laughter
Silence ever after
Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes
Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye
Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time we’re through
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
It’s the best I can do
Memories, good days, bad days
They’ll be, with me always
In these old familiar rooms children would play
Now there’s only emptiness, nothing to say
Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time we’re through
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
It’s the best I can do
Well, that’s the kind of song I and Ogechi did to officially
pronounce our break up and get on with our lives happily.
The song was a success and unimaginably trended on air
and attracted so much thumbs up like it was done by
demigods. Soon enough I and Ogechi began going for live
performances of our break up song all over the world as we
kept getting endless invitations. Ogechi was known by a good
number of countries around the world, so when they heard
the song, they concluded it was her’s alone. But instead of
Ogechi telling them that we both owned the song, she told the
world that the song belonged to me exclusively, stating that I
only called on her to feature me. THAT WAS HOW I GOT
FAMOUS. I couldn’t believe it. Finally, my dreams came true.
Due to the popularity of that song, we began getting
invitations for interviews every here and there. The lyrics of
the song got some fans of Ogechi confused, and they required
to know what exactly inspired the song. One of those days I
was interviewed by the press, and this was our conversation.
“So Jesusboy, you just hit the walls of fame, and you hit it
real big! What’s the experience like?” the press asked.
“Well, I had imagined and longed for this day to come, and
now it’s here. It’s pretty cool. Getting to do the things I love
doing just makes me feel fulfilled, coupled with the love I’m
getting from the people. It’s a really wonderful experience I
must say.”
“Alright. So how long have you been singing? And where was
your first performance done?”
“I began singing in a group in church, which I and two other
lads came together and formed at the age of 11. That didn’t
last up to a year though. After then I hadn’t belonged to any
musical group or did anything music till I turned 20 before
hitting the studio to commence afresh. But before then I was
an ardent listener of scorer of good music. So when I
eventually started doing mine, I didn’t find it difficult.”
“We know you have a couple of songs already which didn’t
find their way to the top like this very one with Ogechi has.
Our sources have it that those songs are cool too. I want to
ask if you write your lyrics yourself or you have someone
somewhere who does that for you like some singers do.”
“Actually, I do that myself. You see, besides being a singer
and a sweet melody composer, I’m also a writer, an actor, an
orator, and a poet. So writing musical lines is also a thing of
passion to me.”
“Wow! How come we are just getting to know you now with
all these gifts and talents of yours?”
“I guess this is just the set time for that. You know there is
time for everything. And this is time for Jesusboy.”
“You’re right. Now let’s talk about your song with Ogechi. We
gathered that you are the Prince Charming she had talked
about severally on different occasions. No one ever knew or
saw you all the while until you came together and did this
song which entails your break up. That’s kind of weird. The
world wants to know what exactly your relationship was like,
and why you are breaking up. You guys even did a song in
honor of that. Please satisfy our curiosity.”
“Ogechi is, and remains the love of my life. But you see,
sometimes, our determination to excel in love can be
outweighed by our willingness to accept our destiny. It is true
we were in a relationship. But our relationship can’t continue
anymore due to details too personal to share. I just want the
people to understand that we are not breaking up because of
a fight we had or something like that. It’s simply for a very
good reason which will keep us both happy our entire lives.”
“Happier than you both would be if you stick together?” the
press asked.
“Not exactly. But we will indeed be happy. Like I said;
sometimes, our determination to excel in love can be
outweighed by our willingness to accept our destiny. Let’s
just say we’re accepting our destiny.”
The controversy continued, as fans of Ogechi and mine
kicked against the idea of separation between us. For all they
cared, I was her Prince Charming and should remain so. The
fame thing increased by the day, and my name was spreading
all over the world. Soon enough, I began getting calls from
movie directors, asking for and appearance in their movies,
and music producers, asking for a contract. Everything
seemed to be happening at the same time, and the feeling
was just so good, not to forget the millions of dollars that
kept flooding in.
The only problem remained my relationship with Ogechi. No
matter how we tried to wave that subject away, our fans just
kept chewing it like chewing gum. And when I proposed to
make Cynthia known to them as my lady, they called her
names and passed judgment on her without even getting to
see her. The called her a separator of close friends and a
potential home breaker. Castigations kept going to her from
the people who were bent on seeing Ogechi and I together. It
got so bad that Cynthia couldn’t take curses anymore. She
had gone through a similar thing before after a Unclad
appearance of her on a Nigerian magazine, which led to her
fleeing the country. She had made a good life for herself in
the US and wasn’t prepared to go through the same thing
again as she certainly would have if she had not taken a bold
step to let me go. Yes she did. She resolved to let me and
Ogechi be for good.
I had become a star like Cynthia and Ogechi, and it was
obvious that the people had always known me to be Ogechi’s
Prince Charming even without knowing me. So when they
eventually got to know me, they weren’t ready to settle for
anything else, be it better or worse. Their wishes wouldn’t
influence our decision anyway, but the problem was that they
all saw Cynthia to be the devil that had come to separate
what God had supposedly joined together. She had two
options; stick to me and risk her reputation or let me go and
continue living without problems and a bad image. She chose
to let me go because she didn’t want to be in a position where
people will loath her again. Secondly, I barely had time to
spend with her. It was always I and Ogechi going places to
perform our break up song. And thirdly, she knew I and
Ogechi were still very much madly in love. Finally, I and
Ogechi had the chance to be together again and live the life
we had always dreamed of. But we had something standing
between us. “THE RENOUNCEMENT”
Watch out for the final episode..

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