The very perturbed mallam whose stomach was playing hide and seek couldn’t hold it anymore as he uses the toilet repeatedly.
His fellow mallams took him to one of their friends who has promised to look into the matter.
They left in the night to avoid jamb questions from any of the women.

The house was at peace for a day only to be reawaken with their routine which is shouting like China phones by mama Ebuka.
“Haa, who pour water on my fire?, lekwenum Anya oo”
Shenwas trying to reincarnate the fire by fanning the gathered log of woods with the air in her mouth.
She finally revived the fire which gave her hot cos her husband will soon be home and she is ready to get his good ready.
Mama Titi was watching her right from the window as she was shouting, cursing and arranging the fire.

Papa Ebuka was very happy cos his wife prepared him his best food, Egusi soup and strong fufu.
“Oh my dear, the aroma of this food is making me fall in love with you again and again and again ooo”
Papa Ebuka teased as he washed his hand to do justice to the food.
“Haba my husband, you know I can do anything for you na. You won’t even believe it, when I was preparing this food, some witches in this house that don’t want me and you to live in peace came and pour water to my fire in the kitchen, I have to look for a way to revive it before I was able to prepare the food for you”
She declared as she adjusted ed her seat, watching her husband took a swallow.
“Jesus is Lord!.
Bia mama Ebuka, is it salt you cooked or Egusi?” His asked, washing his hand with anger.
“What do you mean my husband, I don’t understand? ”
The confusion in her face cannot be underestimated because her face was like that of a hungry monkey.
” You this evil woman, you want to cut my intestines with this thing you called soup abi?. I don’t even know why I married someone like you.
You can’t cook, you can’t wash, you can’t even make ordinary eba for someone. Why on earth did I married at the first place?”
The regret and annoyance on his face has already told mama Ebuka not to near him cos she knows what he can do.

He took his Fila cap and walked out of the sitting room, neglecting all the plead his wife was pleading while kneeling down.
“Chai, my enemies are at work oo, back to sender, it will not work. Every spirit that want me and my husband to divorce, I can’t You out in the name of Jesus.
Every evil woman in this house that want to separate me and my husband will die in the toilet in Jesus name.. She was seriously casting and binding when Ebuka his son came and told her his father was also eating from mama Titi.
“Chimoooo, mama Titi, God don punish you die today”
Ahe took to her heel and straight to mama Titi’s house but before she got there, she couldn’t see her husband or any traces of food..
“Bia mama Titi Abi wetin dey call you. Go inside when bring out my husband where you are hiding him before I call down fire on you the way Elijah did”
She was already shaking her waist and nodding like agama lizard.
“What are you talking about self,abeg no cause earthquake here Ejo oo” mama Titi adjusted her wrapper as she stood up to face her.
The look in mama Ebuka’s eyes were enough to scare ghost but mama Titi on her own didn’t gave in to fear. She told still like iroko tree.
“Dont worry, nemesis will soon find you out”
She slammed the door as she walked out.
“My Dear come out, she has gone”
She said as she locked the entrance door.
“wow, you must be a force woman, how did you managed to sense her coming eehn!? ”
Papa Ebuka asked has he was still walking like a wounded crab.
” Leave that woman jorh, eat and lets enjoy ourselves”
Papa Ebuka ate praising her like he never did noise own wife.

Later in the dusk, mama nkechi went to solve the riddle in mama Ebuka’s heart.
She knew she needed to know where water passed to enter onto her body.
She knew her heart and house is ablaze and so she made herself the messiah.
“Bia mama Ebuka, don’t u know I know who is behind the problem with you and your husband”
“Eeehn, nwanyi oma biko gwakenem oo”
(please good woman, tell me)
Mama Ebuka said as she offered her a seat to sit beside her.
“I will only tell you on one condition”
“what’s the condition by dear, please tell me, I will do anything to have my husband back”

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