Noise was heard from downstairs, A fair beautiful lady who is also a tenant in the house Named Ruth was shouting, “Who pooed in the toilet and didnt flush, eheeen you guys dont want to talk abi?, what if I brought a visitor, is this what my visitor will be seeing ? you will use the toilet and yet wont flush, ahn ahn. Dont worry I will let you know am from Delta, watch and you will see”. she dropped her bucket and rushed in, she came out with a black lylon, and entered the toilet, she blew a substance from the lylon into the toilet, then she continued “I will show somebody today, you will smell pepper”. she took her bucket and return to her room.

Some minutes later Mallam musa, another hausa man sowing shoes in the front of the house, he is also living with his fellow hausa men in this house, He was sowing a black high heel shoe with one handle cut off, Suddenly he felt some rumbling in his stomach, he dropped the shoe and ran into the toilet, he came out breathing heavily, he was walking back to his work place, then he suddenly felt another rumbling in his stomach he ran back to the toilet. After repeating going to the toilet 7 times he then say “Kai, wetin do me, Chai, me I dey shit since morning, kai”. Mama nkechi the food seller was laugh like an hyena “See you mallam you never see anything, shey you go talk say you no hear when sisi Eko was talking, So na you shit for that toilet, God don catch you, this is just beginning, you never shit when you enter toilet like 50 times then you go hear wheee!” The mallam was feeling the rumbling again “kai, walahi kwo if me I dey for here, all of me go come and kill you, Me dont love me in this house, Me I go do my own for the pelzon that do me this wayo” . he concluded and ran to the toilet again.

The owner of the shoe mallam musa was sowing came back for her black high heel but was surprise it was still on the floor unsowed, she couldn’t find mallam musa but his sowing tools were all out there, she went to Mama Nkechi who was selling food outside to ask for him, Mama Nkechi first laugh very well before answering her, She wonder why Mama Nkechi was laughing at her but Mama Nkechi began “sorry say I laugh but that Unserious Mallam dey inside toilet, since you don leave he go don shit like 90 (Ninety) times, Na his bom bom put am for trouble, He don offend the White witch in our house, that one don drop something for his poo poo inside the toilet”. she concluded, Still selling rice to the customer before her, the woman was surprise she then say “Na wa for this your House, please help me tell him have taken my shoe, I will go and sow it in another place”.

Mallam Musa was still entering the toilet, He began to shout “Kai, ina so in mutu, Allah ka cece ni, me I go die for this house kwo. one person don do me wayo. kai. me I go do my own back, Pelzon wicked me, put something for my shit, Kai, every pelzon for this house don enter trouble”

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