by :- Jasef & Ayomikun

I paced around my room reminiscing the good old memories.Oh! Amaranda,our love blossomed like the Red Rose beside the sea, were envied by all and sundry.I still remember those perfect set of white teeth and perfect body.Our love was described as perfection until she was posted for NYSC

My Amaranda that couldn’t do without calling me,won’t call for days and when I call,she’ll hang up in a hurry I had thought she was missing me and decided to give her a surprise visit,only to see my Amaranda kissing another man with a protruded belly.She has always refused me touching her,”till our wedding night,she’d always say”.
Oh my Amaranda.

Amaranda left

– Ayomikun


“Amaranda, will you love me forever?” I asked looking into her blue sexy eye,
“I promise I wont leave you” she said hugging me.

Oh her words I remember, her promises I remember. suddenly she changed, Amaranda that make sure she calls me every night seize calling.
I tried to warn her but she refuse and always get angry, I caught my Amaranda kissing a fresh tall fair elegant guy in his Honda CR -V. in the front of her house.

My head rang bell when I saw this,”But she never kiss me before, she always say wedding night, why must she be kissing this guy” I Soliloquize.
But when she came out of the car after seeing me, I couldn’t say anything it was like she use vodoo on me, we Forgot it and continued our relationship

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This is what broke the camels back
My ex who I caught cheating on me, whom I left years back, came to my house, “Who told her, who discribed my house to her” this questions were running in my mind as I open the door.

Like a Hungry lion My ex held me from the door post and Started kissing me, I tried to avoid her, she was wearing a skimpy short skirt, showcasing her yellow fresh tigh. as I was trying to push her, Amaranda came in.

Oh my Gosh!!!..
Itz over.

Years After my ex came begging me that Amaranda gave her the work and promise to pay her well.

“How on earth can Amaranda do that, she want to leave me with a reason and she created the reason, Truely no one to trust again”

Amaranda left…

– Joseph jasef

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