Ogechi and I EPISODE: 38
Was this really going to be it? I asked myself. After meeting
Ogechi over five years back under an unusual circumstance,
getting acquainted with her, eventually falling in love with
her and desiring to spend a lifetime with her only to be
separated by Cynthia? This wasn’t really happening. Heaven
knows I can’t live without Ogechi, neither can she live
without me. Since we hadn’t died from the fast, perhaps this
was another way to ensure that we died anyways. Sweet
loving Ogechi would never have the blood of another in her
hands, not even for my love. She wasn’t going to let me talk
her into letting Cynthia die so that we could remain together.
Not that I was capable of doing such anyway, but I didn’t find
it easy to let Ogechi go just like that. After a little argument
between us, we concluded that Cynthia’s life was as precious
as ours and couldn’t be wasted. Ogechi proceeded to
denounce her relationship with me just to bring Cynthia back
to life. Indeed, that action was going to bring her back to life
but wasn’t going win her a place in my heart. As a matter of
fact, not even a single feeling for Cynthia was going to be
nurtured by heart anymore.
My mother would attest to the fact that I never shed such
tears all through my days as a lad, even when I was
drastically punished for my deliberate childish foolishness.
But I did so for the loss of Ogechi’s love. I cried a river. In
fact, I cried a lagoon. As Ogechi walked towards Cynthia, I
felt pain all over my body as though someone was inflicting
them on me. Ogechi had cried until her face turned into
something I wouldn’t recognize if I hadn’t known she was the
one there. Despite the hurt we would go through after she
denounces our love, we still went on with to do so. Ogechi
held onto Cynthia’s hands, but found it very difficult to say
the words that would put a permanent end to our union. She
turned to look at me, and I gave her a look that depicted “If
you decide to change your mind, I will be solidly behind you.
Nevertheless, I’m not asking you to. But I really wish you
would, though I can’t have her blood on my hands as well.”
Ogechi opened her mouth and spoke the words before it was
too late. If she had hesitated further, Cynthia would have
rested in peace. Just as the bright light said, Cynthia was up
in less than 300 seconds after Ogechi spoke the following
FOREVER. HE’S ALL YOURS CYNTHIA. Cynthia’s eyes were
all dull and she seemed very weak. Ogechi was the last
image she beheld before she passed out, and was also the
first she beheld on her return from coma. On seeing her, she
got upset and began acting weird on the bed. All efforts to
calm her down proved futile and at a point it seemed as
though she wanted to pass out again. I asked Ogechi to go
and get the doctors while I watch her until their arrival. When
Ogechi left the room, Cynthia’s pulse, which was on the high
reduced rapidly to normal. She looked at me in a way that
made me feel so bad about myself for making her go through
that. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I wished the doctors
would just arrive and take over so that I could at least get
away from her for a little bit.
The doctors arrived just in time to attend to her. But as soon
as she saw Ogechi again, she started breathing heavily as
though she was engaged in some sort of marathon race.
Obviously, she had woken up from coma to become alleged to
Ogechi. If only she knew the sacrifice she made just to get
her out of that coma. She was going to know anyway,
because I wasn’t going to hesitate telling her about it as
soon as she was back on her feet.
The doctors took her to a separate room to do whatever they
did to her to ensure full recovery. I and Ogechi remained in
the hospital with Cynthia, although Ogechi never went into
her room to see her again. But she decided she wasn’t going
back to Oklahoma until Cynthia was confirmed okay by the
doctors. Then she would leave, never to return to me again.
Sometime later, Cynthia recovered fully and was ready to
leave. I went in to see her the night preceding her discharge
day and met her laughing to the Tom and Jerry pranks. She
was back indeed. She saw me come in, but took her eyes off
me and continued watching TV. She didn’t want to talk to me,
at least not then. I went ahead to seat on a chair beside her
bed, looking straight to her face as she seriously
concentrated on the TV. Apparently, Tom and Jerry did her
more good than my presence in that room, so I stood up and
made to leave her for the time being. But when I got to the
door she called me back.
“I thought you came to see me?” she asked.
“Yeah, but it seems like you’re ready to see me yet. So I’ll
just leave and come back later. By the way, the doctor says
you’ll be discharged tomorrow.”
“I know that already. So do I take it that you came here to
tell me that?” she asked sarcastically.
“Not exactly” I replied.
“Then proceed to the reason you came.”
“I just came to check on you Cynthia.”
Oh’ really? How very nice of you. You’re such a darling” she
said sarcastically.
“I’m glad you’re back.”
“Yeah, I am too. I couldn’t afford to remain in coma for
longer than necessary. I only needed time dissolve the pains
your betrayal caused me.” She said with a harsh tone.
“I’m really sorry for everything Cynthia.”
“Save it!” she retorted, motioning me with her hand to shut
up. “You didn’t come here to piss me off, did you?”
“Not at all. I think I better leave now.”
“You better do” she replied angrily.
I got out of the room feeling like a little boy who had just
been scolded by his mother. I advised Ogechi to go before
Cynthia sees her in order to prevent a scene when they met
each other. Ogechi refused. She wanted to see Cynthia for
the last time and have a word with her before leaving. I
guess that would have given her some peace from the waves
that had blown in the past days. I couldn’t do anything to
prevent what I knew was coming, so I prepared my heart to
contain it when it came.
As I and Ogechi sat there waiting for the morning to come, we
were like total strangers to each other. We couldn’t even talk
about anything else than Cynthia. The effect of the
renouncement came into play quickly, and we suddenly felt
like there had been nothing going between us. That happened
because of the situation we found ourselves then, coupled
with the fact that we knew we weren’t going to be together
again. So we just began acting like normal acquaintances. It
wasn’t quite long before the whole emotions came back, and
the feeling of “I CAN’T LET YOU GO” came romancing our
souls again. Of course only one thing would follow
afterwards; TEARS. All we could do was say goodbye
repeatedly in a number of ways and in the most romantic
ones ever. That was the most we could do. All our struggles,
all our love, care and all we shared came to an end that
faithful night. That made me remember the statement that
was made by the light she saw; THAT WHAT IS GOOD FOR
DESTINY” Perhaps the light was right after all.
The next morning Cynthia came out all prepared to leave only
to see us sitting together. Ogechi arose from her seat
immediately she saw Cynthia and paid her homage.
“Will you please save all these acts? I know you have ulterior
motives of being here, perhaps to try and destroy me again.
But you’ll surely fail, just like you did the first time.” Cynthia
said to Ogechi.
“Cynthia, I ask only one thing of you. Please permit me to
have a word with you, and I promise you’ll never see me
again in your lifetime. I mean never. But please grant me
audience. I’ve got some explanation to do.”
Cynthia made a display of madness, making clear her
unwillingness to converse with Ogechi for even one second.
She had developed so much hatred for her and couldn’t stand
her sight. She rained abuses on Ogechi but Ogechi didn’t
retaliate in any way. I took her away from Cynthia’s presence
and urged her to leave before things got worse. She obliged,
and I escorted her to a cab that drove her to the airport
where she flew back to Oklahoma. Even though Ogechi had
left and we couldn’t be with together again, I planned on
visiting her later on to separate in a more worthy way. I
didn’t have an exact picture of the supposed “MORE WORTHY
WAY” but I sure wanted to see her again for once before
departing forever.
I returned to Cynthia who was already waiting for me by the
car along with the doctors who were still trying to calm her
down, as she was still ranting words at Ogechi who had long
left. I was mistaken to have thought her hatred was limited to
Ogechi. But when I came back and said to the doctors;
“Thank you very much docs, I’ll take it from here.” Cynthia
unleashed hell on me.
“You’ll take it from where?” she asked with raised eyebrows.
“And to where?” she asked again.
“Cynthia, I surely deserve whatever you give to me. Abuse
me, call me names, spit on my face and do whatever to me,
I’ll take it. But please don’t do it out here. Let’s at least go
home first. We’ll take time to talk about it there. Just don’t
stress yourself out anymore. You know you just got
discharged. The last thing you need right now is stress. Let’s
go home.”
“Oh’ how sweet of you” she said sarcastically.
However, we got home after much words and augments. She
nagged at me until we got home. Her maids were so excited
on her return that they organized a little party to welcome
her back. It was just the four of us present in that party.
After everything, Cynthia left to her room without saying a
word to me. I went up to meet her and talk to her about
everything, and also ask for her forgiveness in the areas I
had wronged her. I got to her room and met her lying on her
bed and flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine.
She behaved as though she had not noticed my presence in
that room. I knew she was still mad at me, and I was there
change that and return things between us to normal before
telling he all she had to be told concerning “I & Ogechi.” I
called on her twice and got no response from her. But when I
called on her the third time, with her eyes still fixed on that
magazine she opened her mouth and said to me; GO GET

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