*Solomon JEOMEN*

Look, here comes a special day
After twelve full moons of being away.
Here it comes to smile at a wonderful man.

© *Abotreh*

Let me tale the tale of a sage
As he clocks another age,
Let me pour my mind of a sane
the one that talks with brain.
Today, is your day
I wish you happy birthday.


The sound of time beats
Over and over for an epitome.
An epitome of creativity and delightfulness….
Audible words play on piano
And silent voices beat the drum
To high his party
With the words;
Long life, and

*©Harnyf’man Ashisana*

Akinkanju like sango,
In the world of Art, Jeomen is an hero,
His birth must surely be stamped in heaven,
For a king like him is rare.

Happy birthday Jeomen


It was just a day like yesterday
When the heaven was in disarray
Because an angel found his way
To this world with his ‘pow-hetic’ ray
To rebrand this filthy world
With his creative Pen’s word
And massacre every odd
With his ‘pow-hetic’ sword.

Happy birthday to my boss of life Jeomen.


Poets were born,
For the survival of pen.
Jeomen’s birth adds ink to the pen,
The pen is happy.

*With peace*
*Ayoola Imran*

Joy to the world,
For a child was born for humanity,
He shall battle evils with his words,
Before righteousness, his glory shines in dignity.

*AGELE Ayo (Shakespen)*

A blissful son was born a day
From a bright womb,
He grew up like a planted seed,
He’s already a man
Who spew word from words.

*Adeoti Quadri Adekunle Afrikapoet*

Permit me to speak to the sun,
To remain shining for this day.
Let it not permit the night to rule,
for we are to celebrate throughout the day
Jeomen, today is your day.


The gong and alarming alarm
Would not release my ear to peace.
Until I herald the Chipmunks sing,
And candles aflame to kiss the air.
Happy birthday, Mr Solomon!
JEOMEN, a man for all women.
Gently I duff my cap boss,
Enjoy the fullness of the day alone.


A day a king was born has come.
A king who makes love to words than the queen.
A king who masturbate on words.
A king whose words makes maidens to fall in love.
A pen magician was born to us.
One, whose smile make sun to shine.
One, whose words makes the world to doze off..
A lover of pens!
Keep on making love to words….
More ink to your pen.
Happy birthday Jeomen!



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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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