Written by JOSEPH and Judaisky

Episodes 4

Not too long before the incidence of MTN and mama Titi, papa Titi came home wearied and worked up.

He worked directly to the dining table to seal up the choristers in his stomach.
“Egbamike, why is there no food in this table.
Mama Titi!!! Come here ”
He heard a footsteps coming nigh to him.
” Oko MI, Kilosele?, what happened my husband”

“Where is my food, I can’t find anything in the table Abi I didn’t give you money to prepare me eyan? ”
” Ha Oko MI, no vex fa, Na MTN implicate me today oo, I used the money for food go play one Yeye game and MTN don pack money go, I for win big money we fit change and better our lives.”

On hearing this, the countenance of papa Titi changed, the fury in his eyes can kill without any connection.
“What kind of woman are you self. I gave you my last card to prepare wetin we go put for belly and you go fast mtn we don’t shop belly full my money.
Are you sure you are still that sensible wife I married? ” the anger in his voice didn’t even gave Titi who was already at the door a chance to say a thing.
” Emabinu Oko MI, aigbon ni, O Don waste the money before I notice say Dem wan dupe me.
No be olowo orimi…… ”
” Shut you iya Titi. You want to kill with hunger. I know say you go behave normal when I later marry a second wife”.
“Haaa, Baba Titi, don’t even go there, Haba. Don’t try me ooo. Woo, if you try that eehn, I will give you and the new wife fire and this house won’t contain us”
The mood of mama Titi at once. As the room were still lousy like where mountain of fire members are praying, mama Ebuka with a Nylon bag in her hand opened the door without any announcement.

“papa Titi, no vex for your wide eehn, Na greediness and money ritual dey worry her. She din use the money you gave her do bonanza for MTN.
But no too worry, I don prepare you a delicious meal. I know you will like it”
She handled the nylon to him with smile painted all over her face.
“Ooh, thank you very much. I don’t know why I married unfortunate woman.
All she knows is spend and spend and spend.”
“Haa Baba Titi, you are disgracing me in front of this good for nothing woman abi” the eyes of mama Titi was already wet as she said those words, skipping all ready in breath as Titi was still watching them like horror vampire movie.
“Hahaha aiye mi o. You just called her good for nothing but she has four your duty already.
You are busy with mtn why she had me in mind.
Woo, this woman, you and your daughter should go and lock yourselves in the room so I can enjoy this eba and egusi soup.” she brought our the silver flask in the nylon and a glittering smiles all over him.
Mama Ebuka who stood close to him was also smiling as he disclose it.
” Haa, Temibami. So mama Ebuka you want to snash my husband from me abi.
Don’t worry, just stay here I am coming. ”
” you will not do anything. Yeye woman. Don’t you know it’s not good to starve someone ni Abi if you are the one that go out since morning without eating and come back without food, how will you feel?”
“Tell her ooo, she don’t know my value yet. Or she has easily forgotten that husbands are very scares now”.

As they were still talking and enjoying the atmosphere they created, mama Titi who has gone out came in with a sharpened cutlass.

Watch out to know what happened next.

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