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Mama Titi was in the kitchen when she received a message on her phone from MTN and she screamed, “Yeparipa, My life don better, Oju ti ti Awon Ota mi (God has put my enemies to shame)”. she was steering at her phone while other women in the kitchen were Anxious to know what happen.
she started dancing Azonto. she continues “Wow I have won 10 million. MTN people thank you oh. My enemies will hear when I finally receive the money, infact I will buy this house and destroy it. I will buy big car”. she was too happy that she nearly pour sugar on her soup instead of salt. she then read the message further “MTN… To be qualified for the 10million Naira you just won Recharge 500# card and Send “Subscribe” to 140″. She called her Daughter and sent her 500# MTN card, so that she can claim her 10Million Naira, She was boasting in the kitchen, All the women in kitchen were waiting for her daughter to arrive with her card so she can Load and claim the money to be sure MTN message was real. In a twinkle of an eye Titi arrived with the 500# card. Mama titi grab it fast and loaded it, then she sent “Subscribe” to “140”. she was waiting patiently until finally the 500# was deducted from her phone. She was expecting them to ask for her Account Number to pay her. but the message she saw broke her down “MTN… Thanks for subscribing to Our Boko Haram News. this news will last for five days. you can subscribe again by reloading on your phone. Thank you Dear Customer.” if she knew, she wouldn’t have read it out . the other women in the kitchen started laughing, they were laughing to heart that Mama Titi left the kitchen in shame. Mama nkechi who was often called Amebo, she sells food in the front of the house. she was laughing at Mama titi then she says “Alaraka woman, Na so MTN dey dash 10 Million, She don dey talk all she won use the money do, laugh won kill me, Make she they Enjoy her Boko Haram News, Infact she go soon join them for sambisa. Yeye woman
” The other women laughed, again at Mama Nkechi speech, failing on one another.

The Hausa man who sells Biscuits and Airtime in the front of the house who was also one of the Hausa men living in One room in the House. knock at Mama titi’s door in anger, Mama titi Opened with a blurry gaze “Wetin do you do my door. aboki”.
the hausa man look at her in anger
“Maram me I dey my own jeje outside dey sell card, you send your daughter to come buy my card, Now she no pay my money, Maram me I know want wahala, walahi just go inside and give me my money”. Mama titi called her daughter “Ngbo titi what Happen to the 500# I gave you to buy Card”.
Titi look frightened “Ehmm… mu… mummy I lost the 500# on my way outside, So I beg mallam that we will give him”.
Mama titi “Jessuuu.. temi bami. titi have kill me, yeeee titi have kill me o. the last money in my hand I use to send you card, you lost it”
Mallam was loosing his patient “Maram I no send me kwo. If i no pay me my money, I no send me oh, I dey outside, I go take my money”. he left in anger.
Mama titi look at titi “titi you see what you have cause, Your father gave me #1000 now you lost #500. No food for you. Take the remaining #500 go and give the mallam if you like throw it away again”. titi took the money and ran out to give the mallam.

watchout for the next episode

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