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First and foremost a big thanks to the lord God, to my Mother, my family and my best friend, and all other pals around me and to all well wishers.

It will fade away. what will fade away?
Truely there are temporary things and permanent things, but am sorry some permanent things fade away.

In My Tutorial (Unihall) , there is a Space where we use to write our names e.g “Jasef was here”. I remember I wrote my name boldly with permanent marker, some months after leaving the lesson, I went to pay visit to them, but was so surprise the permanent marker has faded away.

My brother,my sister, It will fade away,

I always laugh anytime I remember this, a wise woman bought some yard of Ankara alongside her friends, She decide to keep it so that when her friends own has faded she will bring it out and boast, but unfortunately her room seems to be a very dusty one, so anytime she see that the Ankara is dusty she will put it into water and quickly wash, few months later, one of her friends came visiting, putting on the exact cloth, it was there she notice that her friends Ankara is more more better than Hers.

Your Talent will fade away if you dont make use of it.

I laugh when I once ask a friend and he told me he has no talent, but this very guy can disturb for Africa, I told him that is your talent.

God didnt create anyman without talent, If you can tell me you have no talent then you were’nt created by God.

Devil was created by God and he has talent. so also the animal, is it to talk of the singing bird or the bass taker Frog and toad. or the skilfull Monkey, Or the dancing fishes or the humming tree. all that were created by God is talented.

If you did CRS in school you will remember the parable of Talent. where God gave 3 people talents, the first has 5 talent, the second has 3 talents and the last has just a talent, thats a topic for another day. the least talent you can have is 1.

so many people have a hidden talent but you are not ready to make use of it, am sorry for you, for it will fade away.

I use to be very Hot in drawing but for so long I stopped drawing, now itz is fading away.

My dear reader, Check yourself, Is there something you are good at that you actually stopped, oh brethren why not rekindle it, for if care is not taken, the breeze will blow it into the thin air.

Dont let your talent fade away.


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