Ogechi and I EPISODE: 32
I walked away speedily but Cynthia got up and ran after me.
Ogechi and her manager were confused but however joined
her in pursuit of me. Cynthia started screaming “Stop right
there!” The attention of the people got directed to us,
especially me since I was the one on the run. No guests tried
to stop me; instead they gave way when I got close to any of
them as none knew how dangerous I could be. I ran so fast
and located a dark secluded area just by the beautifully
trimmed flowers outside the building and got rid of
everything I disguised myself with. I then mixed up with the
crowd but was so careful not to let Cynthia or Ogechi see me.
They found the items I disguised myself with and concluded
there was an impostor in the midst of them. The cops were
called immediately as panic spread among the guests. That
was the end of the party, and the guests were advised not to
leave the premises, as it was safer than the lone street
outside which harbored renowned thugs and outlaws, one of
which was believed to be present in the party.
Cynthia got worried sick about me. She thought something
bad had happened to me which warranted a strange fellow to
be in possession of my cell phone. She tried calling me
again, but I had switched off the phone. The cops showed up
soon enough and started searching the premises for any
possible suspects. I didn’t have to hide from the cops; I only
had to hide from Cynthia and Ogechi. If the guests had not
been advised to stay back at the premises, it would have
been easy to vacate the building along with the multitude of
them. But if I tried to do so alone, I would be giving myself
away to the last people in the planet I wanted to be seen by.
I made sure to be in the center of the crowd, where no part of
me could be seen by any of the two. The cop’s search didn’t
yield any positive results, so they stuck around to secure the
place till the light of a new day approached. From where I hid
myself, I saw Cynthia crying and refusing to be consoled by
all who tried to do so to her. Ogechi didn’t stop consoling her
despite her refusal to be consoled. It was then that reality
dawned on me. I had complicated issues in my life by
holding unto my feelings for Ogechi while having a romance
with Cynthia. I regretted everything I had done. I said to
myself; Ogechi had moved on with her life without me all
these years. It’s true she still loves me, but she would
certainly move on with her life without me. I had thought I
could easily get around what I and Cynthia shared, not until I
saw her lamenting and blaming herself for letting me embark
on the trip to Oklahoma. “If I had objected, this wouldn’t
have happened” she kept saying. There and then, I made up
my mind for the last time that I was going stick to Cynthia
and let Ogechi go.” After all, if Mariana hadn’t come up with
the video thing, Ogechi may have yielded completely to Ck’s
advances. Who knows?
My only prayer was to leave Ogechi’s house to my hotel room
and call Cynthia as though I was just checking on her, and
then act surprised at whatever she told me concerning what
just happened. I also planned to get rid of my cell phone and
tell her I lost it somewhere I couldn’t remember, but the
problem was leaving Ogechi’s residence. The cops were
everywhere, and any unusual move will be questioned. That
would certainly draw attention to me. So I just kept my calm
but my heartbeat ran so fast like I was guilty of a deadly
crime. Some guests felt uncomfortable outside and
demanded to go inside. I joined them and went inside in order
to make sure I was truly hidden from the eyes of those girls.
As we marched inside, I turned away from the rest of the
guests and made for a very secluded part of the building
where I could actually monitor the movements outside. My
plan was to monitor to know when Ogechi and Cynthia left so
that I could seize that opportunity and leave that premises
for good. I didn’t find exactly the kind of place I was looking
for, but where I found could serve that purpose to some
extent. I didn’t know what section of the house it was but I
opened the door and went in, for people barely came around
there. There was also a window from where I could monitor
some activities going on outside the building. The section I
entered was two times the size of a standard bedroom and
was filled with jewelries, designer dresses and shoes, and the
likes. I concluded it was Ogechi’s wardrobe. I went to the
window of the room and fixed my eyes on all that was going
on outside in order to know when the time for me to make my
move came.
I eventually slept and snapped out of sleep at about after
4am. Everywhere was very calm. There was no noise and
movements again. I could only see the police from the
window moving and speaking to each other while constantly
looking at their wrist watches to confirm what the time was. I
noticed that guests were freely moving out of the premises
without being stopped or questioned by the police. I knew
they were doing their underground investigation anyway, but
nothing about me suggested any ill impression, so I could
also join the guests and leave. Perhaps it was time for me to
leave and end everything without anyone getting hurt except
me by my conscience. I was determined to tie the nuts with
Cynthia the moment I left that place because I didn’t think I
could bear to see her heart broken. Ogechi wouldn’t have any
problem moving on without me. She even said something
telling her story that night. So I guess FATE DIDN’T BRING
After scanning through every part of the outside of the
building which my eyes could see without seeing Ogechi or
Cynthia, I made my move. I exited the room I was in and shut
the door behind me gently, then made way at once for the
front door without any hesitation. Coming from a corridor, I
found that some doors to the rooms by the side of it were
open, and had people inside it either sleeping or discussing.
Amazingly some were even making out as though there was
no situation to worry about. I continued moving till I got to
the sitting room, where there were quite a number of people
talking about various things. It appeared I was the only on
disturbed among all who were present in that building. Well, I
didn’t have such luxury then. All I wanted was to leave there
in the most unnoticeable manner ever. As I was peeping to
see if Ogechi or Cynthia were amongst those in the sitting
room, a door to one of the rooms behind me popped open and
I dodged into an empty room that was just beside me and
shut the door. I didn’t know who opened that door, but I just
feared any such movements to be Ogechi or Cynthia. So it
was better for me to prevent myself from being seen before
checking to see who it was than checking first only to
discover it was one of them.
My heartbeat had already accelerated again, so I remained in
that room for a little bit to calm myself down before
continuing. After I pulled myself together, I left the room to
continue on my way out but there just so many people in that
siting room that I couldn’t tell if any of the two girls were
there or not. I decided to use another exit that was less
revealing than the front door. The second exit was
somewhere around the VIP section. I made my way there to
locate it and leave. It was difficult to find the door. I
increased my pace towards it the moment I found it, but
almost gave up the ghost when the door popped open and I
saw Cynthia wearily walking in with some people with her
trying to console her. Until that moment, she was still
worrying about me. I gave way to all the breadth I had taken
in and concluded that this was it. My doom had come upon
me, I thought. But then, it occurred to me that Cynthia’s eyes
were so wet that she probably couldn’t decipher the still
figure about 20 feet away from her, if at all she was even
interested in knowing who anyone she saw was.
Immediately, I rushed into the VIP section and hid myself
somewhere, waiting for her and her consolers to pass before
I finally left. Luckily for me, the light in the VIP had been
turned off. Maybe because it was night or there was no one
there. What a long night it had been. My cover was almost
blown, but I managed to keep things together. And now, as
soon as Cynthia gets was away from there, I would leave and
say goodbye to Ogechi and my feelings for her. I said in my
heart; “don’t worry dear Cynthia; this will be the last time
you’ll ever have to shed tears. I’ll make sure of that.” The
first thing I was planning to hit Cynthia with the moment we
saw each other again was a proposal. I concluded that
Ogechi wasn’t for me. And I also reasoned that she would
find it easier living without me than Cynthia would. Cynthia
had done almost everything for me and was also in love with
me. It would be a serious heart break for her if I ever left
her. “Why did I even come to Oklahoma in the first place” I
asked myself.
After those thoughts and much more, I returned my focus to
the issue on ground. Cynthia and those with her walked pass
the VIP section, probably heading for the siting room. The
coast was clear. I rose from where I squatted and made way
for the exit tiptoeing. I got to the door of the VIP section and
peeped out to confirm for the last time if there was still
anyone hanging around somewhere. I found there wasn’t
anyone and I braced myself up to make the last move. Just
when I was about take the first step of my last move, the
lights in the VIP section suddenly came on and the darkness
therein was revealed. I froze! Then I heard a voice from
behind me say; “Who are you? And why are you snooping
around?” I didn’t say anything in response, neither did I look
back to see who was talking. The voice from behind said
again; “I’m talking to you. Who are you and why are you
snooping around? You better say something before I call the
cops on you.” When I heard cops, I turned slowly to see who
was talking. OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS MARY! It was
Ogechi’s voice. Ogechi had been in the VIP all the while, and
she was observing all my moves from the moment I rushed in
there. The moment we saw ourselves, we both exclaimed
simultaneously; WHAT

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