Mama Ebuka who went to ease herself in the nearby neighboring street came back only to hear her son Ebuka crying.
The kind of race this woman took made me wonder whether she was really fat or she was from the lineage of Usan bolt.
The ground was shaking like where two giant elephants were fighting.
She adjusted and tied her wrapper again to make sure it glued to her waist.

“Ebuka, who dey touch you ooo”
Her voice was so loud like she was speaking through microphone.
“Mummy my head oo, my head eeeh”
Ebuka held his head as he was crying to meet his mother.
“Haa! Chim ebue moo! Who did this to you Ebuka, who”
Mummy Ebuka was already vibrating like Nokia China phone.
“It’s mallam gwadu” Ebuka replied, still sobbing gently.
“Heheh! God go punish this Yeye man today.
Bia gwadu Abi wetin you call yourself, come out now before I set all your clothes ablaze”
Mama Ebuka was already bouncing like fifa football with her hands on her waist.
” who dey call am for my name” mallam gwadu stepped out from his room.
“Ehen, what I do, why I dey shout am for my name like thief ehn”
Mallam gwadu stood still, waiting for the breaking news from either Ebuka or his mother.
“Who beat my son? ”
She asked, point to where Ebuka laid down sobbing like a retarding engine.
” Yes, I beat am for your son, I steal my suya, I beat am fala fala. I no no why I go… ” before he finished, one heavy slap was resisted to his chick which sent him meandering round the circle.
” I don die, walai I no see am for eyes again. Musa, Gambari, walai I don beat am for eyes.”
Mallard Gwadu was running round the circle with no veered destination.
Mama Ebuka and her son ran inside as they sighted Musa and Gambari coming with cutlass.
“This one na episode one mallam, I go soon give you the slap wey go make your eyes blind and a kick wet go make that your Yeye ynash block.”
Mama Titi who has been watching them like Korea movie couldn’t help it but laughed out loud.
“It the way these two neighbors are fighting every minute, I hope they won’t fall in love with each other one day ooo”
“Isiri gini(what did you said)” mama Ebuka asked mama Titi as she heard what she said apparently.
Na you go fall in love with aboki, mah suya. You dey craze Abi Dem swear for you?! Take your time here mama Titi before Amadioha strike you with leprosy”
Mama Ebuka shrub her out of the way and went inside.
Mama Titi was totally bewildered and astonished cos she feared mama Ebuka very well, knowing she could be diabolical.
“oriburuku woman, Na so do fight you come fight for this house. Don’t worry, I have you in mind.

Mama Titi also went inside to rest her head.

Watch out for the next episode

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