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In a twinkle of an eye the palace was filled up with chiefs including the high chief priest “Oluwo”. The king was speechless, he sat with his two hands holding his head, his eyes were red, his fist was firmly held, all the chiefs were just watching speechlessly, they look like rats in the presence of a roaring lion. The chiefs were meek awaiting the King to break the silence

The king finally let out words.
“This is such a catastrophe. My only son the heir to my throne kidnapped. I know our enemies are at this but I promise this will be the end, When I shall finish with them, the spirit of their predecessors will arise and come to plead on their behalf. Balogun, get your men prepare for war, we are ruining Alalugba land, kill their men, spare no woman, let the blood of their children be used to appease our gods, No one, not even their animal, kill them all, get my son back to me”

The king finish his speech and arise to leave, but the priest stood to talk before the king leaves. Priest begin “Kabiyesi our lord, chiefs and everyone I mourn with us this that befall us, but the Oracle spoke, yes the Oracle spoke, Kabiyesi, do not let us spill blood of innocent souls for Alalugba land knows nothing about the kidnap.”
The Otun also a chief cut in, in anger and said “Who kidnapped the king’s son, priest answer me”
The priest look at Otun and said “the gods didnt say anything about that, they just said Alalugba land knows nothing about this”

The king was enranged he barked “My words are final, I am a god of my own, none of my word shall I deny, Balogun do as I have said.” he left for his room where no man dare follow him.

The chiefs set to leave, the priest was the first to leave, other chiefs followed.

• • •
This act of Onorafo king became talk of the town, other kings from other villages knew this is turning to a great war, they gathered to quickly find a way to settle it. they sent a letter to the king of Alalugba to tighten his territory incase Onorafo king refuse to hear, They also told the Alalugba’s King to return Onorafo king’s son if they have him in captive. they also sent letter to Onorafo King pleading that he should forgive, they promise him to find him his son.

• • •

The invaders finally arrived their destination. the captivated Victims were all surprised, there was a very big cage, the cage was two one for male slaves and the other for female slaves. the Two cages are divided into divisions there are some slaves outside working tirelessly, There are alot of gun men there watching this slaves incase any want to run away. There was a big building also built beautiful well, there is where the Head the gun men sleeps.

Finally the newly brought slaves were divided, Male separately and female separately. Tears roll down Adetunde’s face as he saw them taking Kotusa and other girls to the other cage, but there is nothing he could do because so many Gun men were there. he surrendered helplessly as they took him and other male slaves to the Male section of the cage.

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