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The king was outside the palace sitting with his three wives, receiving the fresh air with some guards beside him and another man playing sweet music for the king with his flute. he was wondering what could have been delaying his son.

The prince guard came before the king and fell to the floor, they were looking sober, the king was surprised at this, his first question was “were is my Son?”. the guards were speechless. Queen Adebike the mother of Adetunde couldn’t stand the patience any longer, she jump on her feet and grab one of the guards cloth wailing for her son.

One of the guards finally let the cat out of the bag,
“emm… your majesty, we and Prince were on out as we use to, he stopped us by a bush path, and said be will be back soon, we waited and waited my king, when we saw the sun was returning home we began to search for his Highness but he was nowhere to be found, we saw a gun and the prince bead on the floor beside a tree. which shows it must be from rivalry enemies. the gun doesn’t look like any of ours, this must be from the Alalugba my lord.” He bowed.
The king roar like a lion, he stood on his feet in anger, his eyeball changed to red. First he ordered the Prince guards to be beheaded immediately, they were tied and dragged away. he sent one of his guard to summon on all the chiefs including Oluwo the chief priest, the king left for his room.

Queen adebike was already rolling on the floor, weeping uncontrollably, the remaining wives felt remorseful, but Arike the second wife was smiling inside of her but in the presence of others she was shedding cockroach tears, “She haven’t seen anything” Arike muttered.

• • •
Adetunde opened his eyes he couldn’t see clearly maybe due to the way he was being hit, he tried to recall what happened but his memory was thin, his eyes were getting clearer as he finally remember Kotusa his lover, he recall they were standing together when he suddenly felt being hit with gun from behind, he fell helplessly to the floor with the gun he was hit with, that was all he could remember before finally finding himself here, he looked at his hand it was tied with rope, a man was pulling the rope. another man was behind him with gun ready to pull the trigger if any attempt to run away was taken, he looked around him were fellow young boys like him, also tied with rope in the hand, then his brain could finally define the incident, What! he has fallen victim of invaders, He looked around searching for Kotusa after his eye ball rolled 360° he finally found her also tied in hand alongside other young girls. He became powerless seeing gun behind him, he became sober thinking about what state his village will be in now, especially Kotusa’s father in Alalugba town what state will he be in now. though he knew his own father the king will not sit lamely watching his only son kidnapped. he will send his men after the invaders.

One of the invaders from the back shouted “Walk faster”, he shot to the air, and all the captivated victims began to walk fast, some fell and quickly arose and walk, those who fell and refuse to stand were flogged mercilessly.

Watch out for Chapter 4

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