Ogechi and I EPISODE: 29
I felt the so humiliated and at the mercy of some freak who
had a Unclad video of me and could decide to put it on air or
use it to blackmail me. I thought Ck would use that video to
blackmail me into marrying him. I became so sad and
regretted even the best things that had happened to me.
Anything in the world could happen to me but not a Unclad
video of me being put on air as I thought it would eventually.
I called the number that sent the message to me and heard
the voice of a lady on the other end. It was a lady who did
“Hello, who are you?” I asked. “And how did you get this
“Hey listen to me and listen real good” replied the lady on
the phone. “Get your filthy hands of my man or the video I
sent you goes public”
“What are you talking about? Who the hell is your man? And
what makes you believe I’ve got my hands on him?”
“Quit fooling around Dam! Call off whatever it is you have
with Ck ASAP or this video goes on air. Ck is my man but
has become a naughty boy recently because of you. I ain’t
gonna take that poo from you no more, so back off!”
“Hello, hello…..
The lady hung up after making her point. I was in hot soup.
So Ck had a girl I didn’t know of? And now she thinks I came
between them. God knows what she’s going to do with the
video if Ck refuses to get back together with her. Pressure
came on me and I didn’t know whether to call the lady back
or go to Ck with the news. I was also confused as to how she
got access to that video. I rushed to Ck with burning anger in
my heart and called him out of the cinema.
“I wanna leave Ck. I wanna leave now!”
“What’s up with you girl, the night is still young”
“I said I wanna leave now! I have something I want to talk to
you about.” I retorted.
Okay, okay. Let’s leave! Gosh!
I hopped into the car aggressively and frowning my face all
the while. I tried my best to withhold myself from pouncing
on him in the car to avoid accident of any sort. But as soon
as we got to my apartment I began yelling at Ck. He didn’t
understand what my anger was about and was trying to get
me to let him know what it was all about. We got to my
sitting room and I flung my purse and phone on the couch
and tuned to Ck as though I wanted to engage him in a fight.
I was so furious that Ck drew back as one trying to prevent
harm from coming to him from me. He then saw that
whatever it was that made me furious was something really
serious. He calmed me down and asked what the problem
was and I yelled it at him.
“Ck, why the hell did you take a video of me bathing huh?
C’mon answer me! Why? And don’t even try to play dumb
with me because I know everything now. I actually thought
you were a respectable man but it turned out you’re worse
than senseless things. Why did you take a video of me
“Are you crazy or something? What video are you talking
about? Wait a minute; did you bring me here to insult me?
How dare you call me names you little brat? Are you out of
your mind? Ck retorted.
“Oh, me crazy? Me little brat? Look Ck, there’s no escaping
this. You have to explain to me why you called me and
recorded a Unclad video of me without my knowledge. I’m
gonna sue you for that, you son of a Dam. I hate you! I hate
“You’re really crazy. I can see that now. I better leave before
you drive me nuts with your insanity.”
Ck opened the door to the sitting room and made his way to
his car to leave. I followed behind him closely. As Ck opened
the door of his car to enter inside, I grabbed a gun from one
of my securities standing by and pointed it at Ck with a
determination to kill in my eyes. Ck paused and all the
securities pulled out their guns but put it down at my order. I
stated to them that I had scores to settle with Ck. There were
my securities anyway and where bound to protect me at all
times, but Ck was not just any guy to deal carelessly with.
So the security guards just stood still and watched the
drama, also trying to talk me into putting down the gun
before I hurt someone or myself.
I made it clear to Ck that I was going to shoot him if he
didn’t explain to me why he took a video of me and circulated
it without my knowledge. Ck walked towards me bravely as
though not afraid of the gun in my hand. I had to show him
how serious I was by pulling the trigger into the air three
times before pointing it back at him. That infused great fear
into him and he started talking.
Oge, I swear with my life that I know nothing of what you’re
talking about. How could I have taken a video of you in the
bathroom? Have I ever been around you when you’re in the
shower? How then could I have done that?”
“Bloody liar! You skyped me when I was in Nigeria and I
picked the call unknowingly. Instead of dropping the call
when you found I was bathing, you left it running so you
could feed you lustful eyes on my bare body. And like the
pervert you are, you went ahead to record it and even
distributed it to your hoes. Now you stand here and dare to
deny it? I’m gonna blow you brains out if you don’t give me
an explanation right now.”
The moment I said that, I pulled the trigger again into the air
once more. I had never handled a gun before, but how I
managed to pull the trigger amazed me. I guess my anger
and bitterness provoked the monster in me to action. Believe
me, I was ready to shoot Ck in the head that night and spend
the rest of my life in jail. After all, my Unclad video was to
put on air anytime, and that to me was like a lifetime in jail. I
saw Ck shivering, sweating, and even shedding tears as he
explained to me that he knew nothing about the allegations I
labeled on him. His acts were so convincing. But I saw the
video, and it was he who called me the day what appeared in
that video actually took place in reality. I concluded Ck
wasn’t going to speak and I held tightly to the gun, ready to
pull the last trigger that would send him to his perverted
ancestors. But before I could do that, I heard sounds of siren
approaching. It was the police. A neighbor had heard the gun
shots and called the cops. I still wanted to shoot Ck before
the cops got to me but I heard one of them who had already
been there waiting for back up say to me; put down the gun
ma’am. This whole place is surrounded by the FBI and there
is no where you’re gonna escape if you do anything ugly.
What the cop said meant nothing to me. I was ready for any
consequences Ck’s murder would attract. But when I saw Ck
crying for his life as he pronounced his innocence
unceasingly, I got soft. Why would he risk his life by not
wanting to spill out a truth I had found out already? He must
be a bloody blatant liar. And when he got on his knees,
begging me to please spare his life and promising to stand by
me until the perpetrator of the act I accused him of was
brought to book, I slowly lowered the gun in my hand. Before
my hands were completely lowered, the security I got the gun
from rushed to me and collected the gun from me. The police
came and arrested me, charging me for attempted murder.
Ck told the cops not to take me in. He explained to them that
the whole thing was a misunderstanding. The police were
bent on taking me in until Ck told them he wasn’t pressing
any charges against me. There was a little augment between
them, but the police later let it be. I was flabbergasted at
Ck’s actions. What the hell did he think he was doing? Did he
think he could just get me to forget about the whole thing like
that? I, Ck and one of the police officers got into my sitting
room for a talk. I explained everything to them and Ck swore
not having anything to do with the video. As a matter of fact,
he said the only time he got to talk to me the day the video
was recorded was later in the day after calling me severally
without getting any response. I was confused. I didn’t
understand what he was trying to say. “You mean you only
got to talk to me later that day?” I asked. “Yes of course”, Ck
replied. “Who then called when I answered unknowingly and
left it on while I continued bathing?” The three of us looked
inquisitively at each other and Ck asked; “who did you say
the caller was again?” “Your girl. She said she’s your girl.”
“Damn it! I should have known” Ck said.
“What?” the police asked Ck.
“There’s this girl who’s been bugging me. She has always
wanted to be my girl but I don’t love her. I just let her be
nothing but a friend to me, but she needed more. I didn’t
bother myself with her because I thought she was going to
leave when she saw it wasn’t working out. I didn’t know it
would come to this.”
“And she thinks Oge is the reason why you’ve been avoiding
her, and now she wants to have her pound of flesh by making
the video go public. We have to stop her, and we have to do
that real quick” the police said.
“But how in the world did she have that video?”
No one, even Ck seemed to know how that silly girl got the
video. I still believed Ck recorded the video and was just
trying to cover his ass by putting up that entire act. Well, I
was determined to get to the root of the matter. The police
man demanded to have a look at the video to confirm my
accusations were correct but I refused to show it to him. He
demanded to see the video if the investigation must take
place, saying he must be sure they’re fighting a noble cause.
And he also had to be sure I wasn’t just trying to get at Ck for
some reason by labeling false accusation against Ck. I saw
that there was no way to get him to forget about the video, so
I demanded that a female officer took a look at the video and
confirm the content to be true. How could I have shown my
bare body to the longing eyes of those boys scout who called
themselves FBI. For all I care, some of them would have just
taken advantage of the situation to have a look at what the
me under my dress looks like. A female officer was called
upon to confirm the content of the video and she did, after
which I made sure no one else but me had access to the
video. Of course that Dam who called me had it too.
While we were still planning on how to capture her, she
called me for the second time that night to continue
threatening me to leave Ck else she was going to put the
video on air. I had put the phone on speaker so everyone
could hear her talk. It was then that they all were sure of all I
had been telling them. The FBI brought a plan by which she
could be captured and the video retrieved and done away
with. He asked me to tell her I had broken up with Ck. If she
believed I had broken up with Ck, she’ll want to draw near to
him and win him over. It was a good plan and Ck bought it. I
didn’t understand how he intended to vindicate himself when
the girl was caught. Maybe he was hoping the police would
believe him over the girl when he denied not having anything
to do with the video.
The next day I spoke with the girl again, sounding so afraid
of what she could do with the video as I told her I had broken
up with Ck. Ck pretended to be heart broken and the girl paid
him a visit to console and win him over. Just as planned, she
was captured in Ck’s house before she got to Ck and the
video was retrieved. Only the female officers were allowed to
view and confirm that the video was in the device she had
with her. After that, interrogation began.
“Who are you?” the cops asked.
“Let go off me you assholes! Let me go” the girl screamed.
“You wanna play tough girl? We can do this the easy way or
the hard way, it’s your call. But I promise you aren’t gonna
like the hard way Dam! Now give me a damn answer! Who the
hell are you?”
“My name is Mariana”
“And why are you blackmailing this lady?”
“I’m not blackmailing her. She stole my man from me!”
“And who the hell is your man?”
“Ck of course. This Dam stole him from me and she’s gonna
pay for it”
Ck was asked to affirm her claims on him as her man and he
denied. He told everyone she had always wanted an affair
with him but he declined. The girl started ranting and was
man handled by the cops. When Ck cleared himself of all her
claims, the police man turned to Mariana and asked; HOW

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