if you will ask me for my own say on this particular matter, I will humbly say “No, death is not in existence and never will it ….”
I so much believe that I have been in existence before my birth and I will continue to be in existence after my time here on earth ends.
The only mystery no man understand is *how life is before birth – categorically, yesterday – and how life will be after death (tomorrow)*; the only thing we all know is just the present life (today).

To make things clear, we need to know the meaning of the conceptualized word *’death’*. Death is the passage from life into life and from that life into life beyond. As you can see, the process continues. Going by this definition, you will reason with me that *life is death and death is life*. *Yesterday (formal life), we all die to live the life of today (the life we all have now), and today we will all die to live the life of tomorrow (next life)* – don’t know if the process will continue after morrow. But the only thing I really want to extract from this is; *life is death and death is life*.

If death is the passage from life into life and from life into life beyond, why then do we need to fear death? For sure, when someone is pronounced “dead”, that means his *body is “lifeless” and “breathless” but does that means life is centred on the existence of our body alone?*

Like I said earlier, we have been in existence even before birth, we only need to exist inside this flesh – our body – in order to fit in and exist in this world. I can boldly say that *life before birth has it own form and life after death has it own distinguished form as it is now*

*Humans only live to die, and they all die to live again*. I still hold unto my believe that death – a breathless and lifeless being – do not in anyway exist; and if death – a breathless and lifeless being – do exist, then, *I will have no reason, no evidence to prove his existence since I will forever be unconscious and if I rise up to life after death, then I will have reasons to prove that death do not exist.* So, we have nothing to fear and we don’t need to mentally prepare for death – *death and life are of natural process.


1. If we are not flesh, then, who are we?
2. Do death exist in formal life?
3. Do life exist after death?

*Evidence to support Claim*
Bible – the second death, the transfiguration, crucification.

2. Koran

3. Yoruba Traditional Religion – Akudaaya, Ebora.

*AGELE Ayo (Shakespen)*

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