Nothing give one joy than making progress and being successful in life.
But many a few don’t really know the primary foundation of progress other than hardworking and Prayers.

They say many ways lead to market but we know one path is passed more than the other and that one mainly used are always busy with passerby.

Have you for once think that being happy that your neighbor or friend have made it can open your own door of success?
Some people, despite how hardworking they are and even prayerful can never make it in life because grudges, envy and jealous still eat the larger part of their labours.

Some even go to the extent of witchcraft and the likes to bring others down.

With what heart wilt God use to bless you then when you can’t rejoice with your friends for a total breakthrough.
With what heart will God use to bless you, seeing you don’t even want the success of people around you or you don’t want them to be richer than you.

I so much love God cos even when you bless yourself (rituals) it simply means you are enjoying what you are expected to enjoy in heaven now.

The first solution and remedy to success is to rejoice with others and patiently wait for your turn and time cos there is no program in this world that’s can overtake their time.

I wouldn’t want to be religious or scriptural here by telling you how Saul, the king of Israel’s predicament and mystifying doom manifested.
I believe you know it was when he saw how women were praising David when he killed Goliath.

That’s one of the things envy and Jealousy can cause.
But I must confess, it’s jot easy to overlook this envy and Jealousy cos it also happens to me but there are many ways to apply them and make and end good product from them.

If I tell you Jealousy, envy and greed have been keeping me going you would argue or disagree but this is what I always do.

When my colleague or friend achieved something I would or could achieve, I rejoice and celebrate them wholeheartedly then, I look at the good side of envy and Jealousy which h do stir the greed in me.
Then I work towards how to achieve mine or even a better one hence good things are for everyone.

How can you receive when your hands are closed.
How can you be blessed or prosperous when you don’t appreciate others.
How will you now feel to notice or feel your friends aren’t happy you achieved something good in life.

Let’s change our orientation lest life gives us a long rope we can’t draw.
Appreciate others, celebrate them for there, your own gets set to meet you.

Till our path cross again,
I hang my pen.
*inspired by justice Justus on his comment to my previous article ALONE WITH MY THOUGHT 22 THE STUPIDITY OF OUR STUPIDITY*


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