I marveled stupendously at the stupidity of our stupidity.
This is so appalling, horrendous and mystifying.
I was deeply in thought how history is repeating itself.
Alone with my thought I began to discern how stupid I have been, how stupid our youths and children have been and how stupid and entangled we all have been.

I bean again to wonder whether ignorance is playing hide and seek with us or we chose to be a tool for people who have mission to achieve their diversified aims and goals.

We clamor of recession and no money yet we waste the little we have in things that aren’t worthy to be heard.
We crying hunger yet we spend our last card in the bar drinking away our destiny and fortune.

We cry of bad government, yet we are the one chasing after mama Nkechi and mama favour’s fowl, chasing everything in between legs, troubling and terrorising the little kids around around the street.

We cry of bad and corrupt leaders yet you are teaching those upcoming children that are looking up to you how to smoke, steal and abuse life and nature.

I nearly cried out my eyeballs, seeing money in exchange of paper called football prediction’s tickets.
Haaa! I can’t hold this again.
The worst part is, after they lost, they still go play again tomorrow, when they are out of money to play, They go borrowing.
Chai, I cry for Nigeria in my secret chamber.

Everybody wants to make money as fast as possible without even working for it.
I want to ask you sages…
Is it not through hard work God created heaven and earth.
Is there any shortcut in building houses, is there any shortcut in traveling than to enter into any means of transportation you can afford? Even witches and wizard that appear and disappear still walk their ways to their various placeses without disappearing.
I tell you, my head ache now, the strength of we youths have been compromised, the hen that lay eggs has suck them all, the way to greatness is no more embedded in our strength but magic and rituals.

Like seriously, I don’t know how I can shout for my voice to be heard.
And the painful part of this all is we blame fate and nature for our stupidity.
I wonder if we even settle down to think out a way forward to our predicament.
We heap blames on whom it doesn’t concern and self pity takes its seat after everything.

What will it cost you to invest wisely with the little you have rather than adding it to those that are eating with long and wide spoon already.
What will it take you to stop thinking like tortoise and frog.

In my presence, someone drank four 4 bottles of beer and I learnt a bottle cost #300.
I was very flabbergasted and exasperated and to make matter worse, he started misbehaving like Fulani cows.
Can you just see how he used #1200 to buy misbehavior and sold his responsibility and sense to alcohol.

How can we overcome destitution when we are still a core servant and agent to dimmable pleasure and merriment, when we are still caged by stupidity, foolishness and disheartening orientation about the efficiency and efficacy of life.

Think my sister, if you are destined to be dependent to guys, think my sister whether those girls that have made it have two heads or four legs and hands.
My brother think whether football is the answer to your question on how to make it in life.
Think whether smoking is one of the things to do, to help you achieve your vision in life.
Think whether chasing girls is a course being read in school on how to better one’s life.
Think whether stealing is the best option for you to make it in life.

I have determined not to be stupid again cos I have been stupid all this while.
The hour is come for reincarnation to take place.
I am a candidate of change this time.
God help me.
I don’t know about you.
Till our path cross again,
I hang my pen.



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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
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