The king of Onorafo land “Adesuyi”, is a king with three beautiful wives, unlike his late father who has 14 (fourteen) wives. with so many children which he was lucky to be the first son.

King Adesuyi bore only a son given birth to by the last wife. others were all female, Adesuyi has a fear registered in his heart which was if something happens to his only son, what will become of him. so therefore he provided full security for the boy.
Asake, who was the kings first wife, beautiful and fair in complexion, her favourite hairstyle is chuku which dazzles the king, she has a space in between her front teeth which made her look over gorgeous, she is a mother of three girls (Atiro, Amope,Egan). the last born was named egan (Reproach) because she was mocked for given birth to a girl The third time.

Arike who was the kings second wife, ebony in complexion, black and beautiful, but with her beauty one thing spoilt it, she was barren. her mother tried all effort moving from one priest to another, but all effort prove abortive.
Adebike the kings last wife beautiful and elegant, she a mother of four children , three daughters and a son which is the kings only son (Adeoti, Tumise, Abike and Adetunde).
• • •
The kings son Adetunde entered the palace meeting his father and other chiefs he greeted ” Father I quickly want to stroll around, The smiling sun seems cool, The cloud seems awesome, Let me feed my eyes with awesome waves, glance through dancing roses, let me listen to songs of sweet birds”. father”.
His father and other chiefs bid him farewell, he went out with his guards heading towards the bush close to the town border, though that bush is a link to Alalugba land it also a place were Alalugba villagers who have friends in Onorafo land sneak in through this bush part. This same part is where Adetunde normally meet his lover from Alalugba land named “Kotusa” a daughter of a farmer from Alalugba town. Adetunde met with Kotusa the day she and her father sneaked into Onorafo through this bush part, then Kotusa’s father told her to wait for him in the bush cause he needs to get some seed from a fellow farmer in Onorafo, as Kotusa was awaiting her father, Adetunde showed up seeing a foreigner,but Kotusa begged him not to call his guards for she meant no harm, not long they developed interest in each other, since then they became lovers, Kotusa sneaks into Onorafo land everyday to come and see his lover Prince Adetunde, and Adetunde also join her in the bush path everytime.

As Adetunde and his guards were about entering the bush path, he order the guards to stop and wait for him, because they must not know he meets with someone from Alalugba land. the guards obeyed and stood, he went into the bush under a fruitless tree where Kotusa always meet with him.

He saw his lover sitting patiently waiting for him to show up, from behind he hugged her and kissed her cheek, pleading for coming late. Kotusa smile and gave him a firm hug. suddenly something occurred.

• • •
After the guards waited for about 30 minutes without hearing any sound from Prince Adetunde, they were afraid and decided to search for him, but one of the guards suggest they wait a little more, and other guards hearken to him. they wait patiently for Adetunde to come back.

After about an hour, they jumped into the bush and started searching for Adetunde, they toil and toil in the bush, Prince Adetunde was nowhere to be found. it was then they discovered the bush link to Alalugba land.

The guards were in a state of dilemma, what will they tell the king, where has Adetunde gone to, if they return to the palace they will be killed if only the king is merciful then they may be imprisoned, also if they run away they are like a dog running away for he shall be killed by god of iron (Ogun). They have no choice but to return to the palace and face the music.

One of the guards saw a Native gun close to this fruitless tree and one of Adetunde’s bead saying “This gun doesn’t look like any of ours, oh I see this must surely belong to our enemies, I hope they haven’t kidnap Prince Adetunde, Oh what shall we do,what dancing step shall we make to Gbedu” . The guards were happy because they already have a proof. though their Happiness was halfway because they surely know there is a consequence behind their action. They summon courage and return to the palace.


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