Ogechi and I EPISODE: 23
Well, it wasn’t easy coming by the answer to that question.
“There’s only one way to find out” I thought to myself. And
that was attending Ogechi’s house party with disguised
looks. There I would ask her some sensitive questions that
would clear my doubt on whether or not she still truly loved
me like back in the days. YES!! That was indeed a wise one.
I summoned Cynthia and told her I needed to take a trip to
Oklahoma City. “Why do you want to go there? Are you tired
of seeing me around? Cynthia asked. “Not all.” I replied. I
think I need to change my environment for a little bit. Who
knows? I might regain my true self if I do so” I said,
acknowledging Cynthia’s suspicion of me not being alright.
Cynthia wouldn’t prevent anything that would put me in the
state she wanted me in, so she consented, though she
insisted on coming with me. After a little argument about
that, she let go. Three days later, I left for Oklahoma.
Looking out from the cab that was taking me to a hotel from
the airport, I saw a lot pretty things about Oklahoma City,
one of them being Ogechi’s pictures on billboards. I saw
about three of that before I got to the hotel. I arrived a day to
Ogechi’s house party. After checking in and freshening up, I
decided to take a little tour around Oklahoma and take some
pictures. It was a wonderful time out. I visited the zoo and
museum briefly and then proceeded to Ogechi’s residence so
that I wouldn’t find it difficult knowing my way around the
next day when it was time to party. We got there and I was
stunned by the magnificent building Ogechi had purchased for
herself. It had a garden and a swimming pool. Well, those
were all I could see from outside. I’ll get to see more when it
was time for the party. The taxi driver drove me back to my
hotel. I got to my room and changed into my pajamas, after
which Cynthia crossed my mind and I called her.
“Hi J” she greeted.
“Hello Cynthia, how are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m sick” she replied.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“I can’t stand your absence” she replied.
“C’mon Cynthia, I’ll be back before you know it”
“Promise?” she asked,
“Promise” I replied.
She then cheered up and we engaged in a very long
conversation like we hadn’t talked to each other in the last
two years. As a matter of fact, I slept on the call. Even at
that, her call woke me up by 8am the next day and we
switched to skype while freshening up on both ends. It was a
really cool thing to do. After 9am we stopped our call and I
started preparing for Ogechi’s party like it was set to begin
the next hour, though it was set to begin by 4pm. I was
nervous till 4pm and had talked with Cynthia five times for
not less than thirty minutes before it was 4pm. I disguised
myself with Fela Anikuti’s kind afro and covered my eyes
with dark shades. Put on an old school suit and carried a
staff as though supporting myself with it. When I consulted
the mirror and found that even I couldn’t recognize myself I
was convinced Ogechi would also not be able recognize me. I
borrowed the disguise strategy from Cynthia.
It had been three hours into Ogechi’s house party and the
whole place was fool of superstars, some of which were
present at the movie premier I and Cynthia attended back at
Regina. It was a good thing I disguised myself. Ogechi was
just welcoming people as they came, and out of all who went
there, I never saw anyone who showed up solo. I was the only
one who went there alone. She came the moment she saw me
and welcomed me, not knowing my true identity. I thanked
her and she left immediately because she had many people to
welcome and would not spend a longer time than necessary
with one person except an exceptional big shot.
When it was 11pm some people were left outside to continue
partying while Ogechi and her superstar friends remained at
the VIP section. During her last TV program she had
promised to talk about her relationship and other personal
matters to some set of people. The VIP section was where
that was going to happen and not all were allowed in. Not all
even knew that something like that was going to happen
there. Everyone involved had gotten in and the security stood
firm at the door post to make sure that not even a spirit
entered in again. Nevertheless, I went to the security and
tried to sweet talk them into letting me in to no avail. I
suddenly forgot that I was in America and brought out some
tips to give to the security so that they would allow me in,
and that pissed them off. They pounced on my and I
screamed because of the pain they inflicted on me. That
caught the attention of the VIPs’ and they rushed out to see
what was going on. Ogechi didn’t come out with them. She
had been taken to a safe zone like she was the president of
the United States, to keep from her from harm in case it was
an attack on her. When they found it was just a poor loner
like I appeared, they relaxed and sent me away. But I refused
to leave, explaining to them that I was Ogechi’s fan from the
start and traveled all the way from Regina to be a part of that
discussion. They thought I was from the press and wanted to
come and get her private life details and publish on the
newspapers for the sake of money but confirmed otherwise
after they searched me for wires and the likes but couldn’t
find it, yet they didn’t let me in. Ogechi finally showed up and
I explained everything to her in a way and manner she could
not resist. She was my girlfriend. I knew the right words and
actions she stood helpless against. So I narrated to her how I
took a long trip down just to see and hear her talk about her
relationship after years of longing to see her unsuccessfully.
“It would be unfair to send me away after all I’ve been
through to be here” I said. There was something strange
about me to her which she couldn’t figure out. If I had knelt
down, she would have suspected or even known it was me, so
I didn’t. However, she told them to let me in but keep a close
watch on me.
She began her talk with jokes about how she used to be
afraid of having an affair because her mother told her that
boys would only come and steal her heart away. She didn’t
understand what her mum meant by that. She thought the
boys were going to murder her and pluck out her heart from
her chest. She dropped that fear after she graduated from
secondary school and got admission into the university. She
told everyone she had longed to have an affair with a guy
who truly cared about her all her days in secondary school
but was afraid because of what her mum told her. So when
she got into the university, she promised to find herself just
the right guy who was going to give her the treatment she
desired without taking advantage of her. It wasn’t easy to
find such guys, she continued; stating how about seven guys
she willingly gave her heart to, proved to be undeserving of it
by seeing her as a little girl that was perfect for nothing more
than sex. “It was a good thing they didn’t have their ways
with me” she said. Even the guy that finally gave her the kind
of love and care she needed still had a flaw. He cared about
Ogechi, was always there for her, couldn’t bear to see to see
her unhappy and all that. But he was discovered to have been
double dating. Ogechi said his explanation was that he
couldn’t bear not making out with Ogechi, so he had to find
himself someone to serve that purpose while Ogechi
remained his queen. Ogechi never mentioned that she
excluded making out from her relationships, neither did she
affirm that she permitted it. But the guy thought she wouldn’t
go well with that idea, probably because of the way she
carried herself.
I was just sitting there listening and waiting for it to get to
my turn so that I would hear what she was going to say about
me and judge if she’s been telling the truth all along of if she
was just telling them super stories. Finally it got to my turn.
“All I have told you were just to make you understand why it
took me that long to find myself the right kind of guy for me.
Now is time for the real deal. The prince charming you all
want to hear about will be my topic for the rest of the night.
Like I said, it is a long story, and a whole night is not enough
time to say all there is about it. But I’ll try to mention the
most important aspects of my relationship with my prince
charming whom I have so missed.” Ogechi said that putting
her right hand on her chest and smiling as though
reminiscing on a good experience. She then started talking.
“He’s a Nigerian like me but from the southern part of the
country. I met him one night under a chaotic atmosphere
sleeping. I was supposed to look for a way to get out of there
before I got caught by the police who were randomly
arresting people. But a force stronger than I could resist
compelled me to stop and wake him up. Of course I shouldn’t
have left him there like that but I sure was going to if not for
the force that stopped me. To my greatest surprise, he
started weeping when I woke him up, thinking that the reason
for the chaos was the end of the world. He begged God to
forgive him and it struck me that he was a Christian that was
expecting the second coming of Jesus Christ. But the
environment was too hot for me to try and get acquainted
with him like I longed to. I brought it to his notice that the
world had not ended, but that it was the police. He rejoiced
greatly on hearing that and thereafter devised a means by
which we escaped, after asking for my name” the crowd
laughed and clapped.
He took me to a hotel room, she continued; where I had
expected the animal in him to awaken when the hours of the
night got ungodly. All I could do was pray in my heart that he
should be knocked out by the kind of sleep that visited Adam
when Eve was created. That guy refused to sleep. Instead, he
was up watching TV endlessly. When I saw that he wouldn’t
stop watching TV, I turned the TV off and asked him to join
me in prayer and he consented immediately. I was surprise,
but I hid all my emotions in order to appear brave.
All through the night, I slept with one eye open in case he got
curious and decided to find out what my body could do to his
system. Honestly, I had expected him to do that. He looked
like someone who would want to do that. In the middle of the
night I woke up and turned on the light to check him out. He
was deeply asleep with his face pressed against his pillow. It
was clear that the guy was more interested in catching a
good night sleep than anything else in the whole world. It
was later that I got to find out from him that he had not slept
in a bed for the past one month. Then I understood why he
slept that much. While I was still looking at him that night
and wondering what made such a rough looking guy with
beards all over his face sleep with such calm on a bed with a
girl like me, I heard a voice say; “DO YOU WANT ME TO
HELP YOU RELAX?” Oh my gosh!! It was his voice. The guy
wasn’t sleeping!!!

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