Ogechi and I EPISODE: 21
I deliberated until it was about two minutes to the
commencement of the program and Cynthia was still in the
bathroom singing with much excitement and probably
dancing, hoping to come out and unleash the dragon on me.
Little did she know that my attention had been divided. Did I
say divided? My attention had been stolen!
I quickly rushed down to the sitting room and turned on the
television. After about five minutes Cynthia came down to
meet me paying rapt attention to the program. She wondered
what made me pay such attention to TV. She also thought I
wasn’t happy that she had spent so much time in the
bathroom. Be that as it may, she didn’t expect what she got
from me. She came and was sweet talking me as she bent
over the couch from behind and unbuttoning my shirt and
rubbing my chest. All that didn’t move me. How I wish she
would just keep doing that while I watched Ogechi. She saw
that I wasn’t moved by the seductive measures she
employed, and it struck her that something was not right.
“What’s going on J? Why are you acting weird?”
“This is one of my favorite TV programs, and I’ve been
looking forward to this very edition. Please permit me to
watch it. I’ll come to you when it’s over”
“What?” You’re leaving me in this high temperature because
of a TV program? You’re kidding right?”
“If only you understood the impact this program will have on
me, you wouldn’t stop me from watching it”
“Seriously?!”, I don’t know what has suddenly come over
you. I can’t believe you want to trade what was supposed to
be the sweetest moment of our lives together for a mere TV
program. Are you okay?”
“Come on Cynthia, no one is trading anything here. Postpone
would be a better word for to use”
“You’ve got to be crazy. Cynthia got pissed off and walked
out on me. I was glad she finally did. I had been hoping she
would do so three minutes ago; instead she stood there
running those alluring lips of hers. Mcheeeeeeww!
Ogechi was called to come on set. The moment I saw my
Ogechi I felt like jumping into the TV set to meet her. Wow!
This girl is damn pretty. She was dressed in red short gown
with something like wings on both sides. She didn’t apply
much make up on her face but looked more stunning than
ever before. She was smiling all through. I remembered that
smile. She was very impressive. I couldn’t stop analyzing
her. I remembered the first day I met her. I remembered the
night at my house and many other wonderful moments we
had spent together and I missed her exceedingly.
The interview started;
“It’s nice to have you again on the show after such a long
time. I’m sure going to get my pound of flesh today because I
don’t know when next I’ll be seeing you around. It’s not every
day we get to hang out with celebrities like you” the
broadcaster said.
Cynthia blushed at what the broadcaster said and I joined her
The broadcaster continued; “I’ll start today by asking where
you reside now. We know you were based in America until
barely two years ago when you decided to go back to
Nigeria. As it is now, one can’t tell if you’re based in
America or Nigeria because today you’re here and tomorrow
you’re in Nigeria. So can you tell us about that? I believe
there are quite a number of us that may want to pay you a
“Well, I’d say I’m based in Nigeria. But due to the invitations
I get almost always, it might be difficult to get to me because
I move to different places at very short notice. With that I
can’t say I’m based at any particular place for now. I think I
will quote our dear Lord Jesus when He was asked where He
lived. He replied saying; “FOXES HAVE DENS AND BIRDS
HIS HEAD.” “I say same about myself today. I have no place
to lay my head” (Laughs after making that statement)
“Wow. That’s interesting. So how does one get to you if he or
she wants to call on you for collaboration?”
“My manager takes care of that. Just put a call across to him
and he’ll make sure you have me. He’s a genius”
“Alright, talking about your manager, some time ago rumor
had it that he’s your man. The people say they don’t see you
with any other man besides him. What are you going to say
to that? Are they right?”
“Some time ago I made it clear that I was in a relationship
and promised to show off my prince charming to the whole
world. That hasn’t happened yet because we’ve been quite
“You mean, like, you guys have been away from each other
for a while now?”
“So how’s he taking that? Doesn’t he sometimes want to be
with you? I mean, isn’t he a bit uncomfortable with the way
things are going between you guys? He’s a guy. At some
point he might be worried about losing you to someone else.
How are you getting him to ride with you on this?
“Actually, he was the one who pushed me up here. He
believes in dreams and achievements. I’m not quite sure I
would have made it here without his help and
encouragement. He never stopped getting me to do all he
knew would bring me here someday. Though our schedule
does not permit us to be together more often, the day shall
come when we’ll become inseparable”
“Wow! That’s really romantic. Our ears are tingling right
now. We want more. Please tell us all about it.”
“If I start telling you that, they’ll be no end to this program.
It’s a pretty long story. Plus, that’s private, so I wouldn’t
want to let the whole world in on that. I’ll be hosting an in-
house party in my residence at Oklahoma City two weeks
from now. There I’ll share some of my life experiences and
stories with those present.”
“Will price charming be there?”
“I’ll reserve every other information concerning that till then.
“Okay viewers, it time to take calls. Our phone lines are
open. Call in and say hi to this this great Nigerian singer.
She’s been rocking the air for a while now and we all love
what she does. I bet the American government is planning on
getting her to become a citizen.”
People started calling in and either wishing her well or
congratulating her or adoring her and all that. I was busy
trying to call the number on the screen but I kept getting the
‘BUSY’ feedback from the network. I guess all of America was
also trying the phone lines as well. After several tries without
getting through, I thought of giving up and let it slide.
Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. But then, one careless dial
went through and I was connected.
“We have another caller on the line. Good evening and
welcome to the show. Can you please tell us where you’re
calling from?” the broadcaster asked.
“Good evening. I’m calling from Regina.
“Okay you’re welcome to the show. So are you a fan of Oge’s
or an admirer?”
“Haha. I would say a fan and an admirer. I’ve been following
her from the start and I’m really glad that she’s made it this
far. She’s an amazing singer and a pretty damsel. I don’t
think there’s any other as pretty as she is. I have longed to
speak with her for nearly two years now but to no avail. I
guess she’s pretty busy like she said.”
At that point, the countenance on Ogechi’s face changed.
There was something unusual about the call. She sat straight
and paid rapt attention to the caller. I bet she was trying to
decipher the voice. I was talking to her while watching her on
TV. I felt so omnipresent. I wanted Ogechi to know I was the
one calling. I didn’t want her to just suspect it could be me. I
wanted to make sure she knew it was me on the line. And the
best way to that was by saying something only she and I
knew. So I proceeded to drop my points, but I did so in
“I had almost given up on seeing her again. But the fact that
I’m opportune to speak with her tonight makes me optimistic
that I will see and talk to her again, even for one more time.
I would have loved to hold her by the hand and lead her
blindfolded to surprise package, probably a flower, but I
don’t think I stand a chance amongst her many admirers. I
would ask her out on a cool Sunday evening. And if she
objects, I would get on my knees and beg her until she
consents. I know I wouldn’t pronounce the word please before
she consents.
At that point Ogechi knew it was me. When we first met at
Enugu and she asked me to come live with her, I asked her
out one Sunday evening. She didn’t want to go with me. But
as soon as I got to my knees she consented immediately like
it was a spell I cast on her. I always told her I would use that
on her as a trick whenever the occasion demanded. So
saying something like that probably made her remember that
evening. She got nervous. She stopped me from talking and
asked; “Where did you say you’re calling from?” “Regina” I
replied. And what’s your name sir?” I was silent for a little
bit and she asked what my name was again. I opened my
mouth to say Jesusboy but just then, Cynthia burst into the
sitting room with angry words for my ears. The things she
said could be heard by all who watched the program because
she was yelling. Immediately, I dropped the call. The
presenter then said; I think we’ve lost the caller. That must
have been the caller’s wife yelling at him. I think it’s a family
issue. The broadcaster then looked to the screen and said; to
our caller from Regina, whatever it is, please take it easy
with your wife over there. Try to settle things and give us a
call back if you will. We didn’t even get your name. By the
way, that was very romantic of you. Oge would be lucky to
have a man like you. The countenance on Ogechi’s face
showed her mind was troubled and she was finding it hard to
tell if it was me or not because of the word “wife” which the
broadcaster mentioned.
“Cynthia heard what the broadcaster said and got confused.
Are you the caller she’s referring to? Who’s Oge?” I stood
there acting all lost and confused. “Am I missing something
here?” Cynthia asked again with a confused look on her face.
I thought she was going to let it slide at my silence. But she
had strong suspicion that I was the one the broadcaster
commended for being romantic. She enquired to know what
was special about the TV broadcast and why I was so
particular about watching it that I even hurt her feelings to do
so and ended up being romantic to someone I saw on TV. I
wish she knew who that someone was. When I wasn’t saying
anything in response she flared up and I got displeased. I
retaliated with harsh tender words that calmed her down,
after which I continued acting all upset with her for the
embarrassment she just gave me. She was so sorry and
apologized to me dearly. If I knew, I would have accepted the
apology immediately. But I still pretended to be really angry
about what she just did and she quickly figured out the best
way to put an end to my anger. “Guess what she figured
out” (The ultimate seal on a partner’s apology to the other)
And that was nothing but a make-up………..,. Well, let me not
speculate. I prayed it was something else she figured out but
no, it wasn’t. It was definitely going to end on the couch.
Watch and see.

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