Greetings my people, how was your nights??? I guess and trust it was as good as mine.
Alone with my thought I began to meditate on what I said about God earlier on.
I scrutinized it in different ways just to see the unseen mystery of God, whether with those prophesies, trying to pass across messages or something undefined.

Just then, I finally concluded God isn’t a wicked God.
It takes grace and the Holy Spirit for man to steal from his keg of wisdom and understanding.
Only the case of Hezekiah convinced me that God isn’t a wicked God or want his children to perish through any of His prophetic proclamations.

Hezekiah, after hearing the prophesy and judgment of God being pronounced on him, he went to his kneels, naked himself before God and challenged Him
All his prayers then was ” God remember”
I was so engulfed and Engrossed with that.
God really turned the curse or evil prophecy to unmerited blessings.
So, I don’t know whether you are thinking the way I am thinking now.

All this scenarios made me know a bit mysterious mystery of God.
Sometimes, He says something out of annoyance but give us room to escape from it or reject it.

When David heard the judgment of God pronounced on him, he didn’t begged God to take it away from him and from his family rather, he chose from the listed four options

Absalom was the fulfilment of the evil pronouncement.
Assuming Absalom was a child of God and prayed to God that he don’t want to partake in the curse, God would have hearkened as He had that of Abraham and Hezekiah.
Assuming Judas Iscariot also prayed and rejected the fulfillment of the prophesy upon his head, he wouldn’t have been the one that betrayed his master.

So, what I’m saying in essence is. Even if God said we are going to die tomorrow and you aren’t ready to die yet.
You still have the right to tell God to preserve your life.
Tell Him to remember your services to Him. Tell Him to remember this and that as Hezekiah did.
Also tell him to remember how you are going to even work more and catch fish for Him.

God is not wicked let alone killing or jeopardizing the lives of His children.
He is a merciful God who can do nothing without the consent of His children.
Do you know you can command God and He obeys?
Elijah said, “if I be a man of God, let this and that happen and they all came to pass.
The action of God is determined by our reaction and the reaction of God is determined by our actions.

So my people, why thinking God has done this and that to you, remember His merciful and gracious heart.
Remember the gift of life and some unmerited gifts you are enjoying.
Remember how your friends and neighbors admire that gift and talent you have but they can’t.

(I pray my thoughts won’t put me in danger soon. Winks)

Till then, I hang my pen.


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