This topic sound odd or stupid to everyone if am not insinuating.
The questions that would be running through your minds now are.
Is this boy insane or can God proclaim an evil prophecy towards us.
Alone with my though after reading some Bible passages and stories from the Bible,
I began to wander in deep thought as my head, brain and thinking faculty couldn’t hold them any longer.
Let’s start David.
We God made us to understand that David was a man after his own heart nut the moment he erred, He Cursed him. He didn’t only Cursed him, He Cursed even the descendants of David, that sword will never depart from his house.
There must be something unique David normally do that made God said he was a man after His own heart.
After his repentance, did he stopped or God wanted to tender justice as expected??? *

That aside, let’s go to Hezekiah.
God intentionally sent Isaiah to go tell him he wilt die soon.
My people, what crime did he committed that warranted or worth God taking his life.
Can we say it’s a test for him or not??
That is by the way.
What wilt you say in the case of Judas Iscariot.
He was the one that fulfilled the prophecy of God over His son and we know the upshot.

You know how Absalom troubled the household and the reign of David which I can say it’s the fulfillment of His proclamatory judgment upon David.

What was the offense of the young man or is it not Saul on his way to Damascus He turned from Killing to fishing?
Wouldn’t it have been so good in our sight if He didn’t proclaimed such judgment on them, But give them Another chance???
With all this, I still came to my senses when my mind was buried and soothed in perfect peace.
Another thought came to my mind. I meandered and pondered over it then I concluded God isn’t evil to His own *CHILDREN*.

Await me here tomorrow.
Everything wilt be resolved.
Till then, I hang my pen.



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