Ogechi and I EPISODE: EPISODE: 6 & 7
Like I was saying before the fly flew in, that action of hers
provoked a powerful response from my body system, and I
proceeded to act on the thought which the strange voice had
played in my mind. I knelt on the bed, looked her in the eyes
and smiled, but she didn’t return my smile, neither did she
frown or make any objections. Just then, the song that was
playing from the laptop ended, and another one began. The
new song that started playing was actually one of mine, and
the lyrics to the song altered a lot. It lifted the present at
atmosphere and dropped another. This is how the lyrics go;
The reason a thing is loved is the reason it is HATED.
The reason a thing is praised is the reason it is
There are doves and serpents EVERYWHERE,
If I could fly, I’d be the one the sky would call my DEAR,
I would be flying with the eagles in the AIR,
And I wouldn’t even shrink out of FEAR.
But I’m down HERE,
Sounding so loud, hope u can HEAR?
The gospel is what I SHEAR,
You know that the end of all things is NEAR,
So tell it to the ones u hold DEAR,
That they may fear what you FEAR,
& wear righteousness as you WEAR.
Tell them that have ears to HEAR,
For no one knows the day, the month or the YEAR,
When the saints of the Lord will DISAPPEAR.
I pray I’ll be one of them, Oh! How hard it seems to
How I wish the only thing I had to stay away from was BEER,
But it isn’t, because I look around and see temptations
Too much pressure from a group called PEER,
So much that even when I sleep, in my dreams they APPEAR,
But nah, in all these things I’m still HERE,
& I am not going anywhere until I’m caught up in the AIR,
Not just I, but all whom to God’s word have not turned a deaf
As soon as I heard just the first verse of that song, I relented,
lay on the bed beside her and released the deep breathe I had
taken in. After about five to six minutes of silence, Ogechi
said; I’m proud of you. And again she said; goodnight. I
replied her goodnight and we retired to bed, music still
playing. We didn’t pray that night.
By the time I woke up the next morning she was already
prepared to leave. You’re up already? I asked shyly. Yes I
am. I have to hurry home and prepare for school. She didn’t
in any way seem disappointed at me like I thought she would,
so I bottled up the apology I wanted to tender to her. Or could
she have been hiding her feelings? I couldn’t help but feel
guilty, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong, so to
speak. Just that she didn’t even expect me to put up such
act. But then, she said she was proud of me. Many thoughts
just kept running through my mind, and I didn’t know which
one to settle with. So I dismissed them all and concluded
that I would take whatever comes as a result of what I had
done. After all, whatsoever a man sows, so shall he reap.
Alright then, I replied. Let me escort you to a cab. Okay, she
responded sharply. As we worked down discussing, the usual
flow in our conversation was absent. I would say a thing and
she would respond, and then they’ll be silence for about 30
seconds. She would also say something of which I would
respond to before the silence continues. That’s how it was
until she boarded a cab home. We said goodbye to each
other, and it sounded like goodbye forever. As I walked back
home I met two guys who started hailing me unstoppable. I
wondered why they did so. I just moved in yesterday and
hadn’t made any acquaintances yet. As we closed the gap
between us, they started raining praises on me and
misinterpreting their suspicions to suit their own purposes.
Well, that’s left for them anyway.
I got back home, freshened up, turned on my laptop and
started my normal FOREX transaction. The figures in my
bank account were increasing little by little. But while the
figures were on the increase, my communication with Ogechi
was on the decrease, as we didn’t call each other often, and
only met in church during church services, since I had
become a full blown member of Christ’s Embassy. Even at
that, we barely had time enough to speak to each other. I
couldn’t visit her due to her brother’s presence, and I couldn’t
summon the courage to ask her out or tell her to pay me visit
at my house because of our last experience, which wasn’t
terrible according to my judgment. But for some reason, I
just couldn’t say a word in that direction. Out of sight
became out of mind. I was missing her company like hell.
The money I was making could not fill the vacuum her
absence left in me. Nothing was of interest to me anymore
and I began bearing the burden of indescribable feelings. The
more I kept trying to shove away the memories that triggered
those feelings, the more I kept reminiscing on the good times
we shared together. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I had to bring
back those days. Truly, you don’t know what you have until
you lose it. I consulted the brightest of part of my mind on
how to resolve this issue and found that the best way to get
close enough to her again was by joining the choir. I made
my intension to join the choir known to the choir director and
he brought me in and introduced me the crew. Judging from
the look on her face, I could tell that Ogechi was surprise at
this development. From the night at my house till this very
moment, she never acted as though she was pushing me
away; neither was she coming to me. She was simply
unpredictable. As soon as I joined the choir, everything went
back to normal and soon enough, her brother was done with
his engagements in Enugu and left. She and I were alone

After her bother left, we resumed visits to each other’s
houses again, but we never got to spend any nights together.
One of those days we got talking, and this is the record of
our conversation;
‘So what made you decide to join the choir? She asked.
Thought you said you weren’t good with high pitch?’
‘I’m not. But I’m ready to learn. I can do the tenor part till
I’ve learnt how to pitch high. There’s no need having a talent
that can’t be used to the glory of the giver of the talent in the
first place’
‘You’ve already done so with your songs haven’t you? By the
way, ever since I listened to your song ehh, I play it more
often that you can imagine. That track is really breath
taking. You’re really talented you know?’
‘I do. Thanks for the complements. I don’t get that often. But
you see, there is no limit to what a man can do to honor ‘God
with his abilities. I figured that doing my own tracks doesn’t
require more than me to get it done except I want to feature
another singer. But with the choir it’s different. The ideas
are collective, and I’ll get to the chance to do more live
performances than I would with my own songs, especially
now that I’m not yet lunched into stardom. And this will also
act as an opportunity for me to get conversant with singing
before a multitude of people, so that when I become a star, I
would do so with ease’
‘So now, is it about glorifying God or rehearsing for the
future?’ She asked with raised eyebrows’
‘Both my dear. Both’ I replied
‘May it be onto you according to you plans’
‘Amen. What about you and your dream to reach the world
through music. I promised to help out, remember? Or have
you given up on it?’
‘Of course not. A lot was going on which didn’t permit the
pursuit of that dream’
‘So what about now? Are there still things going which still
don’t permit you do it now?’
‘I guess not’
‘Then let’s get started! On Saturday I’m taking you to the
studio so you can see how things work there. Maybe you’ll
be challenged when you see some people doing some pretty
nice songs and will be inspired to do something too. Just tell
me what you want to sing about and I’ll create suitable lyrics
for it’
‘You’re so enthusiastic about this whole thing’ she said
‘Sweet heart, it’s called LOVE. I love music, poetry, and
writing. But definitely not as much as I LOVE YOU’
She was shocked beyond measure to hear me say that to her.
She just kept staring right into my eyes with utter amazement
and had a countenance on her face that depicted something
like ‘SERIOUSLY?’ She was short of words. She just smiled
softly and looked away from my face to the ground in slow
motion. Perhaps, that was the time for me to empty my heart
of its content, so I began;
S wiftly was my heart glued to you ,
W hen my eyes got a glimpse of your hairdo ,
E arnestly, my mouth longed to say a thing or two ,
E ven if it meant just giving you a clue,
T hat all of me agree with all you do .
H onor would it be for me, to untie you shoe,
E nter my heart and see if all I say is true,
A ccess my soul, search it all through ,
R ate what I feel for you and see if it’s not true,
T ruly speaking, I love you. I wish you love me too .
Ogechi kept staring at me as I expressed my true and sincere
feelings towards her endlessly. All through that time, she was
smiling unceasingly. When I was done, she didn’t say
anything. I believed she needed more time to ponder on all I
had just said to her, so I expectantly waited for her to be
done with that and maybe, give in. Or was she going to carry
this over, in other to have much time to think it over? There
wouldn’t be any need for that. She knew all there was to
know about me already. I didn’t know whether or not to place
my hopes high since she had been very unpredictable since
her first and last visit to my house. I just kept whispering
tender loving words which caressed her emotions to the point
where her body started moving to the rhythm of my voice.
Then she asked;
‘How long has your heart nurtured this truth?’ she asked
‘The moment you walked out of the bathroom fully made up
on the first day I set foot in your apartment. I was watching
and admiring you from behind as you left for the market.
Ever since then you’ve occupied the better part of my heart.
‘Why did it take you so long to say something?’
‘I don’t know. Let’s just say I was waiting for the right time’
‘And you think now is the right time?’
‘I couldn’t think of a better time. My heart may explode if I
try to hold it in any longer. So tell me, do I stand a chance?
‘We’ll see about that’ she said as she turned her face away
I and Ogechi started pursuing our dreams. We visited
different studios, went for big and small show, and did a
whole lot of stuffs aspiring singers do. With time Ogechi was
ready to start recording her own songs. I was not really
ready to record more songs since I had a couple of them
already which had not been adequately promoted. Besides,
Ogechi came first in everything. So she would just give me an
idea on what she wants to sing about and I would write lyrics
for it, and she records. It was just a matter of time before
she started writing her lyrics herself. In our course of doing
all these, we met a number of singers who were making
waves already in the music industry. One of those days we
were in the studio recording her song when a male singer by
name, Ck walked in to buy studio session. Ck got impressed
by Ogechi’s wonderful voice and started to inquire about her.
After talking a whole lot with Ogechi, he proposed to make
her his backup singer in his new song, the very song he came
there to do. Ogechi was so glad to be a backup singer to Ck,
who was very close to his prime. I was also happy because
the part I lead her to walk in was taking her exactly where
she wanted to go. So she started meeting with the Ck more
often than not for rehearsals. At a point it got so much that I
became uncomfortable because she barely had time to spend
with me anymore. It’s either she was with Ck rehearsing, or
she was with Ck’s manager deliberating on her costumes and
makeup for the video of the song, since Ck intended to shoot
the video of that song as soon as he was done with the audio
recording. I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t even tell her
how bad I felt about her directing all her attention to Ck’s
song. I just waited and prayed for the whole thing to be over
so that things between I and Ogechi could return to normal.
Soon enough the song was recorded and the video was shot,
but it didn’t end there. Whenever Ck had any invitation to
sing, Ogechi would go with him because he always sang the
song Ogechi backed up. And that Ck guy had gone a long
way to the top. He had almost become like the singers at the
top and had a lot of fans, so there was no end to the
invitations he got to sing at different places in Nigeria. This
is exactly what Ogechi wanted. Just that it wasn’t her own
songs she was showcasing. But at least, she was very close
to that. Ogechi became known to be a good backup singer
and other singers called on her to back their songs up as
well. Soon enough, her voice was heard on quite a number of
songs and she was very close to signing autographs. Ck even
went ahead to get Ogechi to do an international passport,
reason being that she would have to go with him if he was
invited to sing abroad. That was done before anyone could
say J.A.C.K! I was happy for her since her dreams were
finally coming true, and I helped in making it happen but at
the same time, I was missing her company because she was
either in school receiving lectures or somewhere performing.
The only time we had for ourselves was when none of those
were happening, and that was rare. While she was doing all
those, I was always in front of my computer on FOREX
transaction, making cool cash.
The next academic session began and I was with Ogechi in
the same department. Remember she had suggested to me to
apply for direct entry and continue year two in her school?
Well, that’s exactly what I did. This way, we got the chance to
be close to each other again on a regular basis. She was so
excited at that. She really wanted to be close to me. As a
matter of fact, she loved it, and it was more obvious than
ever. After this somewhat ‘REUNION’, everything went well
between us and we were ready for everything. I and Ogechi
were now formally ‘DATING’.


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