Ogechi and I EPISODE: EPISODE: 4 & 5
The evening met us eating vegetable soup together which she
had prepared on her return from the market. While eating, we
discussed about many things. My eyes were fixed on her
face, as her smile made me want to tell all the jokes in the
world. She treated me like a brother. She had no fear of me
and attended to me as though it was her obligation to do so. I
had never been in that position before. I only imagined it.
Right then I found that there was a remarkable difference
between imagination and reality. We finished eating and she
took the plates away. The TV set was on, the sound of the
ceiling fan could be heard clearly, and she was talking to me
and laughing all the while. She was a very joyful being. But
in all that made sounds in that room, all I could here was
echoes of angelic voices miming to heavenly songs as she
was talking. I wasn’t listening to her. I could only see her
lips moving. The allurements of her lips almost led me to
overcome my conscience and fears. Just then, my phone
rang, and my brief mind travel ceased. I answered the call. It
was my mother calling to check up on me. I told her
everything I hadn’t told her yet except that I shared the same
room with a girl. A very pretty one at that. After the call,
Ogechi and I conversed a whole lot. I told her about myself
and she did same. It continued until about 10pm when she
asked me to join her in prayer, after which we retired to bed.
(On the same bed)
The next day was a Sunday. We prayed and prepared for
church service. She was a member of Christ’s Embassy. I
followed her there. On arrival, almost everyone we came
across stopped her to say a thing or two before letting her
proceed. I became more like a bodyguard, having to wait
until she was done with whoever she stopped to converse
with. It seemed to me like she was really popular there. When
we got to the main building of the church, she handed me
over to a pretty female usher who took me in and gave me a
seat. I didn’t know where Ogechi had gone to. I expected her
to sit right next to me in that church. Soon enough, the chairs
in my row was filled and she still hadn’t come. I got my mind
off that and concentrated on the brother who was taking the
opening prayer. Midway into the service I couldn’t still lay
my eyes on Ogechi anywhere in the auditorium. When the
choir was called out to minister their song, I looked, and
there she was among them. She hadn’t told me she was a
chorister. The choir director introduced the song and handed
the mike over to guess who; Ogechi. She was the lead singer.
When she started singing, first thing that stood out was her
angelic voice which made its way at once to my body system
to awaken sleeping cells and tissues. While the congregation
was getting blessed by the lyrics of the song, I was all the
while admiring and adoring Ogechi. She was simply
awesome. Her uniqueness kept unfolding as the days passed.
After service, almost everyone complemented her for her
performance during the choir ministration. I had to wait until
all that was over. She introduced me to a couple of the
brethren there as Jesusboy. They kind of marveled at me for
bearing such name. And whenever any of them asked why I
beard that name, I would say; because Jesus is the one I
claim. Some of them would laugh to that while some others
got short of words. However, they would all call me Jesusboy
afterwards. They asked Ogechi how she got to know me, and
she said; I met him two nights ago under an unseemly
circumstance and he turned out to be a good acquaintance. I
know that in no distant time he’ll be up and serving in one of
the units here in church. She turned to me and said; right
Jesusboy? Definitely! I replied. It will be my pleasure to
make myself useful to the Lord in this great house of
worship. They were all glad to hear me say that, and they
commended her for bringing me to church. To some extent, I
felt she was proud of me because of the speech I just made. I
wouldn’t know since I never inquired.
In the evening that day, I wanted to hang out a little since I
was already used to doing so every evening before I met her.
I asked her if she had anything doing that evening and she
said no. why? She asked.
‘I want to hang out a little. I was wondering if you would join
‘N..a..h., I’ll just stay at home’
‘Look, I know you’re reserved and all that. I also am, but
once in a while you need to loosen up. And in case you’re
afraid ‘What happened on Friday night might repeat itself,
don’t be. I’ll be there to protect you if it does’
‘(She lay there on the bed looking at me without saying a
word, probably wondering what made me think I could save
her from the police) Don’t worry. Go ahead. I’ll join you some
other time’
‘Come on Oge, it will only take a while. I’ll be so bored
hanging out all alone’
‘Then find some girl out there to keep you company. Like you
said, it’ll only take a while’
‘That would have been a good idea if there was some girl out
there as beautiful as you are. A pretty girl like you by my
side will give me a memory to hold on to. You never know
what you might derive from this time out. Just come with
me, I beg you’
She still didn’t yield to my plea, but as soon as I went on my
knees, it was like I had cast a spell on her. I couldn’t believe
that the girl I had spent quite some time trying to persuade to
hang out with me just consented helplessly. As soon as I
knelt down, she immediately jumped from the bed and said; I
WILL COME WITH YOU. She said that three times without me
saying anything. I was greatly amazed! I kept that in mind.
That seemed to me like her soft spot, and I planned that I
would use it whenever she grew tough. So I rose to my feet
and thanked her for agreeing to come with me. She told me
to give her some minutes to change into something nice. She
went into the bathroom and came out in a red gown that
didn’t go down below her knee level, with precious stones
glittering all over the gown.
‘You look extra ordinarily gorgeous’ I remarked.
‘Thank you’ she replied blushing
I stood there for 30 seconds staring at her with a grin without
saying a word. I think she loved the way I was admiring her
because she smiled all through the time. Then suddenly she
raised her eyebrows, clapped her hands a few times and
said; ‘HELLOO? CAN WE GO NOW?’ I gave her my hand, she
took it, and we left.
‘What do you care for?’ I asked.
‘I don’t know. Anything will do’
‘Okay. Waiter! Please get us two bottles of Legend Extra
‘Legend Extra Stout?’ She exclaimed.
‘Of cause! Thought you said anything?’
‘(Aggressively) Y..e..a..h.., but not alcohol’
‘Oh’ really? How was I supposed to know that? So now, what
do you care for?’
‘You’re really crazy you know? I’ll take malt’
‘Waiter, please change of order. Two bottles of malt instead.
And tell that mallam to bring suya worth N1,000
‘Okay Sir’ said the waiter
‘Thank you’
‘Why did you change your order too? Don’t you want to drink
Legend again?’ she asked.
‘I will if you will’
‘I don’t take alcohol’
‘Well, same here’
‘Why then did you order for it in the first place?’
‘Because……..(waiter interrupts)
‘Here’s your order sir’ the waiter said as he dropped our order
on the table.
‘Thank you. (Turn to Ogechi) So Oge, you never told me you
were a chorister’
‘Yeah, it never crossed my mind to do so. But now you know.
You have a problem with that?’
‘Absolutely not. On the contrary, I love music, as well as
singers. Especially singers like you who can pitch high’
‘Great! Thank you. I wouldn’t be wrong to assume you’re a
chorister would I?’
‘Not exactly. You see, I do music, but I’m not a chorister.
I’ve never been in a church choir or music group before, but
I’ve recorded quite a number of songs’ I said, feeling like a
‘Wow! You’re a musician! Small world! I’ve always dreamed
of the day my church choir will start doing studio recordings.
I look forward to the day our songs will go global and touch
lives. We have so much to offer, and it has to go beyond the
four walls of the church to the world at large. I just don’t
know how soon that is going to happen. My choir director
doesn’t seem to be as eager as I am to see that happen. And
I’ll have to wait until he does’
‘You’re wrong. You must not be in a church choir to make
that happen. You can always go solo if you are that eager to
reach out to the world. Who knows if your choir director will
ever buy the idea of getting your choir to record an album?
Maybe all he wants is just to minister in church. I’m not
certain about that anyway. But that’s a thought you should
take to heart’
‘(Ogechi pondering on what I just said) It had crossed my
mind to do so. I just didn’t find the right motivation’
‘It’s finally here isn’t it?’ I said confidently.
‘I guess it is. But I’ve never recorded a song before in a
studio. It’s all going to be new to me’
‘There’s always a first time. Besides, that’s not what you
should be worried about. You should be more concerned
about the writing and composing aspect of it’
‘That’s the problem’ she said sadly.
‘What do you mean?’
‘Song writing is not really my thing. That’s the reason why I
couldn’t do without my choir director. He writes our original
songs, and I give melody to it’
‘That won’t be a problem. I’ll do the writing for you. It is a
good thing you can create melody. And I’ll also assist in that,
if at all you need my help at any point’
‘How come you can do all that when you’ve never joined a
church choir or music group before?’
‘I’m sorry you may have to direct that question to G.O.D’ I
said, feeling funky.
‘Are you serious about this or you’re just playing pranks on
me like you did with the Legend Extra Stout thing?’
‘Of cause not! I’m serious. Like I said; I’ve recorded quite a
number of songs’
‘I’d like to listen to your songs. If what you’re saying is true,
then let me listen to them.
‘You still don’t believe me right? Okay doubting Thomas. My
songs are all on the internet. I’ll give you a link to one of
them. If you like them,
I’ll give you links to the others. Are you ready for the link?’
‘Just a second. (She reaches for her pus and brings out her
blackberry z10) Okay, go ahead’
‘Title is ‘RISE & SHINE’; http://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=33247 That’s the link’
‘Okay Mister! I’ll do so before I retire to bed tonight. Let’s
drink up and get going. It’s getting pretty late’
‘Alright Miss! Whatever you will, that shall I do’
‘You’re a really funny guy’
‘And you’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen’
We stared firmly into each other’s eyes after I made that
statement. It was as if I had dropped the bomb. The longer
we looked each other right in the eye, the closer our faces got
to each other’s. Oh’ my gosh!!! Was this really going to
I got really nervous as the gap between our faces reduced to
three inches. I saw this willingness in her eyes that made my
eyelids want to hug each other as the motion continued. But
out of nervousness, my left hand, which rested on the table
between us mistakenly hit the glass of malt that was in front
of me and it spilled all over the table. Immediately, we
retreated to our normal positions, and the drink that had
spilled on the table became the talk of the moment till we
Next morning belonged to a Monday, and I was up and
prepared to leave for work while she was to leave for school.
Ogechi was a first year student of Creative Arts in the
University Of Nigeria. We bade each other goodbye and left
to our different destinations. Before we left, she smiled at me
and said; I enjoyed your music. It’s really nice. More grease
to your elbow. Thank you, I said, and we left. Sometime later,
Ogechi suggested to me that instead of continuing my
education at IMT, where I obtained my ND certificate, I should
apply for direct entry at UNN and continue there. I told her I
didn’t want to spend more than two years in any higher
institution, explaining to her how long Ive spent already after
obtaining my ND. She went ahead to explain to me that if I’m
taken into UNN via direct entry, I’ll start from year two and
will only have to spend three years. Isn’t it better to spend
three years to get a university degree than two years to get
an H.N.D, considering the fact that more value is placed on a
university degree? She tried to make me see reasons with
her. After many arguments, I consented, not really because of
the B.A and H.N.D thing, but because I was going to become
her course mate if I did. I studied Communication Arts at
IMT, and would be admitted into the department of Creative
Arts at UNN with the necessary steps taken. I had grown so
fond of her that I didn’t want to be apart from her when I
finally left her house. And talking about leaving her house, I
was to leave after two months. But this is the third month
since I moved in. She hadn’t said anything about me leaving.
Seems like she had also gotten to love my company so much
that she didn’t want me to leave again, plus, I was really of
good behavior. On the other hand, I didn’t want to leave
because I wouldn’t get the kind of treatment she was giving
me anywhere else. There was another reason why I didn’t
want to leave, but I hadn’t figured out what that reason was. I
just knew there was. All the same, I knew I was going to
leave some day, hence the suggestion she brought up
ensured that our worlds never went apart after I left. Ogechi
got so concerned about the low state of my finances and
offered to borrow me some money to start up any business of
my choosing, so long as I promised to make refund on a
promised date. I agreed to that, and got N100,000 from her,
which she gave cheerfully. She really trusted me. I added that
to what I had saved up and invested it in FOREX business.
From then, the mornings met me in front of my laptop, and
nights left me still trying to make some profit out of the
stock market. The time I spent conversing with Ogechi
reduced, we didn’t hang out often again, we rarely came
together except we wanted to have a meal together, which we
always did. I just had to make enough profit to repay her on
time and also have enough left for me to become a big boy.
After countless sleepless nights, I started making profit from
the FOREX business and soon enough, I hit my initial mark
and repaid Ogechi. Then my approach towards the business
It wasn’t quite long before Ogechi’s elder brother who
graduated from UNN called in and announced his coming
over to Enugu in three weeks for his clearance and some
other things he needed to do before going for Youth Service.
Ogechi was dull after the call. I asked why she was dull and
she told me. I had only three weeks to get my own apartment
and leave before her brother came in. Of cause everything
was now okay financially. All I had to do was to find a good
apartment for myself. I started my search for a house and
found one after nearly two weeks. I paid for it and moved in
without even furnishing it. My plans was to furnish it little by
little after moving in because I didn’t want to spend more
time at Ogechi’s house in case her brother decided to hasten
his journey down to Enugu. Ogechi accompanied me down to
my apartment on the day I moved in. The apartment was
virtually empty. The only things that could be found in there
were the ceiling fan, the carpet, wall hanger and the mattress.
These were the first of the items I bought for the apartment
after I paid for it. We both sat on my bed watching a movie
(love don’t cost a thing) with my laptop. It was about after
8pm when she asked me to see her off. I urged her to stay a
little longer. By precisely 9:30pm when she was about to
leave, the cloud changed. It was definitely going to rain. She
had to pick a cab or board a bus before the rain started. We
both went outside and waited for the next available bus or
cab. Seemed like the bus and cab drivers also wanted to
hurry home to avoid being caught up in the midst of a heavy
out pour. We still waited for a driver that probably was still
willing to do a little business before retiring for the day.
Then suddenly, the skies gave way to volume of water it held
and it met us right there. Apparently, there was no way she
was going to get a cab or bus to take her back home that
night. The only option we had left was to head back to my
apartment, and we did. We started running back home, but
before we reached my house we had already been soaked by
the rain because my house was some distance away from the
tarred road. We stopped at the veranda and waited for some
water to drain off our cloths before getting inside the house
to avoid messing up the carpet. I took off my shirt and
trouser and hung them on the burglary proof. I was left
putting on boxer and singlet. I turned and looked at her, and
she asked; what? You expect me to do that too? I’ll do that in
the bathroom, she said. We went in afterwards and she hit
the bathroom to dry herself up and all that. I heard her call
my name from inside the bathroom. I answered and she
asked me to get her something to change to. I had no girl
cloths whatsoever, so I brought an oversize t-shirt that was
given to me by my father and handed it over to a hand
belonging to a body which hid right behind the door of the
bathroom. Some minutes later, she came out of the bathroom
with her hair loosed and scattered. The t-shirt swallowed her
but was a little bit above her knee level. I also got into the
bathroom to get refreshed. On getting in there I noticed
something. Not only did I see her dress hanging in there, her
under garments were as well. She had nothing on except the
oversize t-shirt I gave to her. On realizing that, my heartbeat
increased. I had promised to be of good behavior, and I
definitely was while at her house. This was my house for
crying out loud. Does that promise still stand? Many negative
thoughts crossed my mind. The more I tried to dismiss it, the
stronger it got. Then it became like Satan himself had sent
me a voice message from the depth of hades when what I
THOUGHT’ crossed my mind. This is the voice I heard in my
When the time comes, you will stop,
For now, you can go ahead and sin.
Even God knows you will flop,
So just keep the mess from being seen.
These sins take long to fill a cup,
So fear not God’s judgment, His mercy will always win.
If you fall today, God knows there were times when you were
So don’t panic, soon, you’ll again be clean.
Come on; take some time out from the top,
She eagerly awaits your arrival at her in-between.
It’s been forever, since anyone went there to shop,
So hurry! She’s already high on dry gin.
She wants to be harvested like a wild crop,
Ha-ha, don’t be amazed, it’s a thing in her gene.
Play her like hip-hop,
Forget the saying that God watches you like a TV screen.
After that finished playing in my mind, I rushed out of the
bathroom with an attitude of determination and met her lying
on the bed and scanning through the songs in my laptop’s
music library. She noticed my unusual manner, sat up and
stared at me confused while a song was still playing from the
laptop. The look on her face showed that she perceived
something strange about me. But she neither asked nor said
anything. Instead she lay back on the bed like one who ran
out of defensive measures, surrendering to an opponent that
couldn’t be defeated. That action of hers provoked a powerful
response from my body system and……,

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