Akpos has been admiring his neighbour’s wife for quite sometime now. The neighbour’s wife always gives him this seductive smile whenever they greet each other. Akpos didn’t know how to approach the lady to tell her of his desires because she’s married.
So, one day the lady approached Akpos alone in his apartment and the following conversation transpired:
AKPOS: Is everything alright?
LADY: (smiling seductively) Yes. Just need a little help from you.
AKPOS: (sheepishly grinning). Ok. What kind of help?
LADY: (stuttering) I… I… I just don’t know how to say this. I’ll be so ashamed of myself if I ask and you say no.
AKPOS: (getting excited at the prospect of her demand). Oh! You don’t have to. I am ready to do anything for you.
LADY: You know, it’s been over 3 weeks since my husband travelled…
AKPOS: (very excited now) Yes! Yes! Yes!
LADY: (she continues) …And even when he’s around, he has some… (she paused for a moment), he has some form of disability and he hasn’t been able to perform his manly duties.
AKPOS: Oh poor you! You must have been going through hell!
LADY: I know you are much stronger and able than he is.
AKPOS: Of course.
LADY: Will you be able to help me?
AKPOS: (In cloud 9 now) Wow! Now? Sure, I’m ready if you are ready.
LADY: Oh thank goodness! that’s why I came to you. Can you help me carry the deep freezer from our kitchen to the next street for repairs?

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