Garri and sugar in the morning,
Praise the Lord for din-din regalement.
The mouth couldn’t stop dancing
Till every gob serve the merriment.
Happy as we can be
When the belly is dark and green.

The air does caress and fill our mouth.
A sweet lunch, no like other.
A yawn here and there satisfy the mouth
As it pleases the flow of its rider.
The Lord bless the air, breeze and wind.
They gave our stomach a song to sing.

The retard of the day
Buys all, you know garri again.
In this course we never sway.
A little to drink, it pays a great gain.
The belly is filled at brim,
It keeps high our fading dream.

This is the tale of a family,
A helpless happy family.
The touch of change at its gain,
Inflict of pain like a rain.
My pen got furious time,
A touch of pain, it received the tide.
My ink, now in the Verge of pique
As corruption has gotten to its peek.
Now to the potentate I write,
With their nose poking in human rights,
Feeding through its host
With no fear of holy ghost.

Tell them it’s just but a time,
For all to wither like a blurry tide.
Tell them nothing last, not even death.
Split out the content of death,
A payment from nemesis.
It has been right from genesis.

Unto the lords of laws, write.
Those money is marvelous in their sight.
Eating with pen, a cursed disease
That will visit them like nemesis.
Tell them to remove monkey’s hand inside soup
Lest it turned a great rope they can’t pull.

To the Holy creeds, write.
Tell them no Saint in their Knight.
All have taint the good of the church,
With their Sucking filament porch.
Open their heart to see
To cost of their evil deeds.
Spread the church a smiling scent
Of ancient landmark as its sent.
Reprimand the rooting evil
In the heart with piercing chisel
To cast the Domain impiety
It created. Nemesis will not grant equity.

Fly of my pen to the school
Where crimes and delictum is cool.
Where pen generates millions at a blink
Crush their hearts, spear no ink.
Avenge the right of the helpless.
The come to study, nothing else.

For this course, you shall bleed.
Until all evil cage to the brim.
Cease not my bleeding pen
Till injustice is come to end.
Bleed! Get all arrested.
Till love and unity is affirmed and attested.



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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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