I walked downstairs after a long nap to clear my head and thoughts. Danatata and Tosin were sizing up each other, panting heavily like they had engaged in a scuffle. I shook my head, wondering why love makes us so insane. I was certain whatever they disagreed on had to do with Victoria.They both acknowledged me before walking out without a word. I was about going back into my room when i heard the sound of a car entering the compound. My face lit up as Onyinye walked in.
” Mom” Onyinye said, kissing me on both cheeks.” How are you?”
” I am fine my dear” I replied, so happy to see her.
” Mom, i hope you are not just sitting down. We have to leave as soon as possible” She said, ” We have to take what we can now and disappear before the alarm goes off.”
” I cannot leave Victoria behind, She’s the only thing holding me back” I replied. ” Have you gotten the buyers? ”
” Yes. I set up a meeting for tomorrow ” She replied.”What will you do about Chief Adediwura? will you let him go Scott free after all he did to you? Linda is already serving her own punishment”
” I don’t know what to do Theresa. I just don’t know. I am so confused,my Joe is gone,Jennifer willed everything to her daughter, she left nothing to Joe.Although he has expanded the businesses and added more to it, it all belongs to Linda. Johnson Adediwura has also refused to acknowledge Victoria as his child.What will become of us? I wanted to take Kelvin out of the way but i ended up shooting myself in the leg”
” Mom let go of the guilt! Someone else gunned Joe down. Someone who had a bone to pick with him.” She said. ” My guy also said they couldn’t make it. If everything had gone according to plan, kelvin would be dead by now, Linda kidnapped and tortured till she dies and you will officially become Mrs. Margaret Nwosu.”
“If only” I said wistfully. ” I feel so guilty accusing Linda of murdering her father.”
” No Mom.Don’t say that. You did what you had to do, at least it took Linda out of the way for us. We no longer have to see each other in secret. Where is Victoria?” She asked.
” She went out some minutes ago. Do you think i should i should open up to her?” I asked, ” You know, tell her i am her mother”
” No Mom! don’t! this is not the right time. She will only ask questions you won’t be able to answer. We should focus on selling off everything as soon as we can. Any luck getting the documents of the house? ” She said.
” No.” I replied. “I think Linda has the key to her father’ s safe. They should be there.” I replied sadly.
” We will find a way to break that safe. Have you heard from Joe’ s lawyers?” She asked, sitting down.
” Yes. The will be read next week.” I replied.
” Before that will is read, we should have been able to sell off some properties. Mom you know i can’t lead you astray. Nobody loves you here or cares about you. You have to fight for yourself if not you just might find yourself back on the street.” Onyinye said.
” Thank you Theresa. What would i have done without you. I remember how you stood by me when Jennifer Nwosu forcefully took Victoria from me. Even though you were only a little child yourself you told me to be strong and fight for what belongs to me.Thank you, for being a shoulder to lean on all these years. Nobody else knows me or understands me like you. ” I said, with gratitude.
” You are welcome.” She stood up, went into the kitchen and returned with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine.” This is the time for celebration. The world abandoned us but we stood up for ourselves and we are victorious.” She filled the glasses and handed me one. ” To us ”
” To Us” I said.
” If Linda finds a way to get out. My boys will be waiting for her.” Onyinye promised, sipping her wine. ” The girl thinks she is smart but we will prove her wrong. She’s so easy to fool”.
” I can’t believe she was planning to destroy my wedding to her father”. I said with disgust, ” After all i have done for her. Taking care of her since childhood!”
Onyinye laughed. ” I tell you, this rich people think we are dirts to be trampled upon. It would have served Chief Adediwura right if his son had been gunned down before his very eyes. The battle is far from being over. We won’t rest until all those who have wronged you have been served.”
My eyes misted with tears. I had undying loyalty in her, she had been my pillar, a shoulder to lean on. My informant, confidant and my family. We had a special unbreakable bond, we were both rejected by the world but somehow we found each other and we have held onto each other. We were born to be each other’ s backbone. I will forever be grateful that she came into my life. To so many she was ugly and unfit but to me she was angelic and beautiful in my sight. Just like the first time i saw her, waving her little hands and legs in a pink and white shawl on the door steps of the orphanage. I was ten years old when fate brought us together.

” Mother!” I cried. ” Someone left a baby here!” I picked up the little bundle wrapped in a pink and white shawl. The baby kicked his tiny legs against my tummy, he let out a little baby cry, i hugged him closer, walking into the building. It wasn’t a new thing for a mother to dump their little one on the door steps of the orphanage. It wasn’t the first time i would be the one coming upon the child either but this little baby snared my young heart in one glance. He looked different too, he was so pale, so tiny and his lips were so pink. He looked lost. Just like me.
Two nuns walked up to me, wanting to relieve me of the baby but i ignored their outstretched hands, heading towards Mother’ s office. As mother’s favorite i got away with a lot of things and this was one of them. She stood up, as i entered into her office. She took the little bundle from me. Frowning.
” Yet another one” She sighed heavily.” We can barely feed the ones we have, everyday we wake up to find yet another one dumped on us. The government is not forthcoming on their promise to help us, if not for the church and the NGOS supporting us i wonder what would have become of us. This one look so……….”
” White” I finished.” I think his parents were Onyinbo”
” She. Its a baby girl.She’s an albino” Mother said, ” Take her to the nurses, let them have a look at her to see if she needs any medical attention. Did she come with a note?”
” Note? No mother. There was no note in her shawl” I replied, putting on my best smile. ” Mother please can i name her?”
She sighed ” Alright. Take her to the infirmary now”
” I will name her Theresa Onyinye after Mother Theresa Onyinye that died” I said, accepting the baby from her.
” Off you go now and be careful.” Mother shooed me away. ” Tell the nurses i will come by shortly”
I took the little pale baby to the nurses who pronounced her hale and hearty. I visited her in her nursery as often as i could.Over time she became the little sister i always longed for, a person to call my own. She grew up quickly but she became the butt of the other kids jokes because of her pale complexion and freckles. Fridays were visiting days, Couples and those wanting a child comes to the orphanage, those days, we used to wake up very early and put on our best frocks.Our faces was usually shinning from the vaseline and shear butter we apply on it and our hair duly combed and held up in piggy tails. We would stand according to our age and sex for inspection before marching into Mother’s office. The couples would look at our faces carefully searching for the most beautiful or handsome child. They would ask to know how we were each doing academically.
None of those women or men ever spared a glance for the little girl with botched skin, freckled face and squinted eyes. The women would move forward, little Theresa will fix her gaze on them pleading with her eyes and perharps praying in her heart. Another little girl on her left would be pointed at, another on her right but never her. At the end of the day, those of us not chosen would make our way back to our various rooms with heavy heart and hope for the coming friday. Those nights, the little four year old would cry herself to sleep. During the next visit, the same thing would repeat itself until one day.
The couple was very old but they looked wealthy, mother told me they were one of our benefactors.They had been married for years without a child so they decided to adopt a child in their old age.The old coupled looked at each child and they settled on me. This occured at a time i desperately seek to leave the orphanage. I was fourteen, Mother, who had been so kind to me had suddenly taken a peculiar interest in me which i couldn’t understand.
” I like this child here” She exclaimed, ” What is your name child?”
” My name is Margaret ” I replied, smiling. The lady was pretty and her eyes seemed kind. ” But i am called Maggie”.
” She’s the child i have been looking for” She told her husband who nodded his assent.They turned back to Mother who was no longer smiling,she wasn’t pleased with their choice. ” When will the paper works be ready? We want to go home with Maggie as soon as we can”.
” The child has to be willing to go along with you” Mother informed her.
The old man walked to me, looking into my eyes.” Magaret, i am Benson and this is my wife Anna. We are both good Christians and we have been praying for a child of our own but the good lord is yet to bless us with one. We want to adopt you as our child, you won’t lack for anything, we will take good care of you. Will you go with us?” He asked.
I glanced at Little Theresa in her faded blue hand_me down gown with her hair in piggytail. She crossed her little hands behind her back like an adult. She was frightened and trying bravely not to cry. She knew that her friend and defender would soon be leaving her.I walked to her, took her hand, leading her back to my would_be father.
” This is my little sister, her name is Theresa Onyinye. I cannot leave without her.” I said.
He exchanged looks with his wife.
” My dear. We want only one child, we are too old to be running after a little child. That is why you are the ideal child for us” his wife replied.
” We cannot take the both of you. You heard my wife, we need a grown child such as yourself. Your sister can stay here, we will visit her often and when she comes of age we will come for her” He said. ” But is she your blood sister? ”
” No they are not related by blood but they have a special bond” Mother said, ” It would be disastrous to separate them.” She was unwilling to let me go but she didn’t want them to know she was against it since they were our benefactors.
‘ We cannot take the both of them” He insisted. And they choose another fourteen year old girl.
That night while asleep, i felt a little body against mine. I opened my eyes to see Theresa smugly sleeping beside me, her legs were wrapped around mine and she clutched my hand to her chest sleeping soundly. It was the first visiting night that she didn’t cry herself to sleep.
I promised to come back for her when i left the orphanage. After moving in with the Nwosu, they offered me a job. To be a nanny to their daughter, Linda.That was when i went back for my little sister, She wasn’t of the legal age to leave so i found a way to take her away. I got an apartment and someone to look after her. I ensured she went to the best schools just like Linda and she is the only family i have besides Victoria.


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