Teelite!, a light that that shines and overrule darkness
Her pen, a pen that seems small but priceless
Her beautiful grin like the Olofin of Oyo’s princess
A distinctly distinguished brain amidst friends
Mother carries for 9month or less
Never knew she had an Icon ingress
She is an Heroine? Yes.
Her poems touches and address
Making that which is degressing to progress
Joseph jasef says, Happy birthday to her highness.

Teelite a goodness poetess
Her pen bleed on every pages
Her creativity runs through her veins
She is so sweet with her words
History shall record her in Poetry world
Her pen is mightier than the sword
Happy birthday beloved

Happy birthday dear.
Today marks the beginning of a new year.
A new trip; fresh and clear.
And lots of blessings for you to share.
Are you ready?, ‘coz the blessings are so near.
They’re coming along with protection, so you don’t need to fear.
So celebrate and don’t just stare.


During my infant voyage in this side
my moves met this eyes so blind
and the words requested for sight
for I had once met a light
I had to point to give sight to the blind
and light to the dusky mind
*Tea-light pen* gives the sight
with her pen, she conquers murmuring fight
and her words blow mind of each child
nature will never forget their overwhelmed act
and the missing song in paradise
today we celebrate her for being kind
more years you shall see swimming in the wish of Christ.


Who will stand at attention
If not the host of heavens, in a attestation
To a HEROINE whose pen in collaboration
With paper, paint The world and its Creation,
to glitter beyond gold in man’s admiration.

Hey! None has told you how your smile
Sends sorrow to a long mile? .
As history has told for a while,
How your gentle touch cease the cry
Of noises that took pleasure and fertile
The bleeding wounds that stole smile
From the mouth of them who sing sweet by and by.

In you lies a great light
That even the thickest darkness can’t fight
Down your burning fire that shine so bright
Your deeds has ignite the buried light
In man and woman. TEELITE,
Your love for mankind did invite
gods of peace and everlasting light
To the dark part of life and its flight.

My sweetheart,
From the dim nebulous dark you touched my heart
Your tender breeze as sent in the dark
Turned all to serve the future like Mozart
To lyrics. Your heart, a lioness heart
No wonder all could but doff their hat.

Happy birthday,
With mouth full of adoration, happy birthday.
My keyboard plays happy birthday,
My whole me wish you happy birthday,
Happy womb escape today,
I join my voice with chipmunks to play
Happy birthday
You are gem, be glad, is your day

*°°Joseph jasef°°*
*°°Praise nuga°°*
*°°Young poet°°*



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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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