I got the biggest and the most expensive stone the jeweler had, if i lived to be a hundred years old i would still remember the joy i felt when Kelvin slipped it on my finger. We were slowly making our way to my parent’s when his phone rang. He grinned, holding up his phone, so i could see who the caller was. It was Tosin, the knight, who had gone to save the day.
” Hello Tos, how did it go? She broke your balls?” He joked, ” Or her father pulled a gun on you?”
I watched him, his expression suddenly became grave. And he curved his hand on the steering making another turn. He dropped the phone, his expression was tight.
” What happened? did Linda do anything rash?” i asked, worried that Tosin had gotten into trouble for going to bail Kelvin out.
” Linda’ s father is dead.” He replied.
I gasped. ” Oh my God! How?”
” There was a shooting at the church.” he replied. ” Will you be alright going to their place?”
” Yes. Yes, i want to”
We had to park some few distance away from the house because the street was filled with cars and the press. Kelvin held me to his side protectively, he ignored the questions thrown at him and we knocked on the gate. Musa, the gate man, peered out and ushered us in quickly before shutting the gate. He informed us that the family was in the living room upstairs and he took us to the stairs at the back of the house.We entered the elegant and luxuriouly furnished living room, Auntie Maggie was sobbing, her eyes were bloody red and her nose was running. Linda, was still in the gown she would have wed in although it was smeared with blood. Tosin stood against the wall, his expression was hard. They looked up as we entered. Auntie Maggie’s eyes widened in shock on seeing me but she didn’t say anything about my sudden ‘ resurrection’. I sat down quietly while Kelvin went to Tosin and they conversed in low tones. A middle aged woman, slender and beautiful entered with two men.
” These men are here to see the family, I told them it wasn’t a good time to call on us but they insisted on seeing everyone” She said, indicating for them to sit down.
” Who are you? we can’t speak to the media now.” Maggie said.
” I am inspector Justice and this is my colleague, inspector Yemi” he replied, pointing to the man beside him. ” We are from area G police station, we are here to ask you all a few question. We won’t take much of your time and we are sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences”.
” My God! What is this? Can’t it wait till tomorrow? We just lost someone dear to us and you are already here to trouble us?” The slender woman exclaimed.
” Mother let them do what they are here for” Tosin said
” Anyone who is not a member of this family should excuse us for now, please ” Inspector Yemi said, sitting down.
” We are all one” Maggie replied, ” Go on”.
They brought out their note pad. ” Is any member of the family absent?”
” Yes. She’s my………my ward. She’s in a bad state now ” Maggie said.
” Is she in this house as well?” Justice asked.
” Yes.”
” We will like to speak with her later but for now may we know everyone here?” Officer Yemi said.
” I am his fiancée, these are our close family friends, Mr. Tosin Williams and his mother. Mr Kelvin Adediwura ” She pointed to Tosin, his mother and Kelvin” And this is Linda, his first daughter”.
” Who was present when the shot was fired?” Officer Justice asked.
” I was” Tosin replied.
” Did you see the face of the assassin? can you give us a description? ” He asked again.
” No. I didn’t see his face.
The officers scribbled something in their note pad before looking up. Officer Yemi’ s eyes searched every faces in the room.
” Did he have an argument with anyone recently? or are you aware of any threat on his life in the past?” Yemi wanted to know.
There was silence in the room.
” Madam i am talking to you ” Yemi said.
” Yes” She replied.
” Interesting. Who is the person?”
” Linda” Maggie replied. ” His daughter”
There was a collective gasp of surprise in the room.
” Miss Linda or Mrs?” Officer Yemi asked.
” Miss” Linda said.
” We understand that you had a heated argument with your father before his death, what was it about?”
” It is a long story ” She replied.
” Oh we have the time. Go on” Yemi insisted.
” We……we couldn’t agree on a business idea, it was just something mild which we were able to settle amicably. ” She said.
” Hmmm. do you suspect anyone who you think might be behind his death?” Officer Justice asked.
” Linda” Maggie said.
” My father” Tosin said, at the same time too. The officers sighed and scribbled furiously in their note pad.
” Maggie, what are you saying? How could you think such thing of Linda?” Tosin’ s mother asked her.” And you Tosin, what has gotten into you?”
” Madam please, we are trying to get to the bottom of whoever is behind Mr. Nwosu’ s death. Please don’t interrupt and nobody is allowed to speak unless when spoken to.” Justice said.
” Let’s take it one at a time please. Why do you think that your father was behind it? Was he a friend or foe of the deceased? Mr. Tosin Williams? ” Yemi continued.
” Neither. The shot was fired at me but i guess it missed its target” Tosin replied.
” Why would your father want you dead?”
” We have a long standing fued” Tosin replied.
” Why do you think Your fiance’ was murdered by his daughter? ” Yemi asked Maggie.
” She has threatened him in the past” Maggie replied.
” That is not true Auntie! Why are you saying all these? What do you hope to achieve? ” Linda cried out.
” You liar! You killed him! You murdered my Joe, why? Why? what did he ever do to you?” Maggie cried.
” Auntie Maggie, please” Tosin said, ” Linda couldn’t have done that. The assailant pointed the gun at me, it was a missed shot and i know my father was behind it.”
His mother gasped. ” Tosin! how could you say that about your own father? your father isn’t that cruel!”
” Oh really? Mother please stay out of this ” he retorted.
The detectives stood up.
” We will have to take Miss Linda Nwosu in for questioning. And we will like to speak with your father ” Justice said, directing the last one at Tosin. ”
” I will bring her to the station myself” Tosin replied.
” We only want to ask her some more questions. It is not like we are arresting her.” Yemi said.
” You heard him. He will bring her to the station tomorrow ” Kelvin snapped.
Linda stood up.” I will go with them now, but i have to put a call through to my lawyer first.”
Tosin ‘ s mother stood up. ” This girl just lost her father! She’s not going anywhere! Allow her few minutes to mourn him please ”
” Mom! Where’s Kelly?” Tosin asked suddenly.
” Kelly? Kelly! My God! ” His mother screamed.
She ran out of the room, Tosin was closely behind her. Tosin ran inside again.
” I can’t find Kelly! Nobody remembers seeing her! I have searched all the rooms, the last time i saw her was at the church before the shooting.”
” Tomi, stay here. Let’s go back to the church Tosin”. Kelvin said.
They both hurried out. Maggie started sobbing loudly.
” Who is Kelly?” Justice asked.
” His daughter. ” Linda replied. ” Mr.Tosin’s daughter ”
” How old is she? ” Yemi asked.
” Officers you may be on your way. She’s probably playing in the garden” Maggie said.
” Keep us informed if she is not found” Justice said.
” Shall we?” Yemi said.
Linda nodded and i stood up.
” I will come along with you ” i said.
” No. Tomi, stay here” Linda replied me.
” I insist.”
She picked up her soiled wedding gown, darted a quick glance at Maggie before marching out of the room. The officers followed her and i trailed behind them.


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