*Rain of Medieval*

Medieval Abiku; it rains
Sanctioned on the couches
Under the cold breeze of Air conditioner
Like the supreme being, it will tarry
Medieval in Monkey.

Elizabethan has once taken away
Now eaten as food day by day
Like Christ’s second coming
Medieval has come back
Biting all heads of black.

To and fro, To and fro
Dogmatic things are taken; never say no
Under one Umbrella; different heads
Question then prison
Lackadaisical to pain.

Medieval has taken a tow
Codification of beliefs it’s going to
Ruled are ruled by ruler
The mystery of medieval
Never know the burial.

Before coming abode like modern
Through a pull fast one
Ignorant has to take pot luck
The tongue is a red herring
Persuaded before we pushed in.

The rain of medieval has stopped
us from going out
Of course, who has the audacity?
Things should be Elizabethan and modern
Oh, no! Medieval rains to reign.

Like acid is poured
Changes colour to look absurd
Vice versa it coins
Knowledgeable ignorant
Brave coward as servant.

Charcoal cooking ash period rice
Never thought of blood lives
Bad orientation to medular
Surface of unison unity
The kidney, liver and intestine are slavery.

*Poet: Oyedokun Ibukun S.*


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Author: Judaisky

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