I was once a little lad of no choice
Those days I succumbed solemnly to mother’s voice
And my believe was that daddy knows all
Those days when my mentality was still raw
Not until the day I was thirsty of affection
And I thought I needed drink love injection
Someone suitable as my better-half
Someone I can look up to as a wife-carve.

I looked around my kitchen
There was dirt mucour in the washing basin
Deeply I knew I lacked succour nourishment
And I decided to visit love’s market
Though I had greeted warnings from mum
And as usual, silently I succumbed
But I knew something was missing
Someone I can feel her light warmness even when deep coldness isn’t smiling.

I couldn’t wait for dusk to pass
Because I was hungry of a lass
I needed to visit the market of affection next day
Dear and dumb to what relatives have to say
Though varieties of food at home
To me they are just lustful foam
Finally I left my domicile for love
And creativity was all what I took along.

Noisy and hectic was the market as usual
Filled with charming faces appealingly normal
Chaos took over me like sweat
I saw my scarceful thirsty taste everywhere I went
Will I go back home with nothing?
How could I leave single with infinity being!
I had to take the precious one
The only one that can give me unique affection.

Nothing but your mesmerizing look took over my pale face
To your longish virgin hair I gazed
Your melodious voice is angelic
And your moves and cuteness are romantic
From head to toe, I saw no spot blemish
I looked around and thought living has vanished
I wonder what manner of lady you are
A lady one can feel her natural aesthetics from afar.

An Angel and a darling damsel
Valuable gem priceless than the devil’s jewel
At the zenith I look up to your dignity
And I thought and thought about your golden virginity
I know how precious your dexterous dexterity is
And how melodious your voice like Angel sings
I had been lost and thirsty of such sweet coming from the bee mouth
And I know the source is from the south.

Darling! You are all what I bought in the market of affection
Your heavenly varieties are beyond explanation
How set is your dental system!
So white as wool and appealingly precious like gem
Choice! If love is death
I’m ready to die million folds to give you breath
And if affection is priceless like an Emerald
I’m ready to suffer in the Jungle and give you my truthful mind.

Heartbeat! If there is panting war of jungle justice
I will be fearless to be at the war front to give you peace
In the sun! In the storm! In the rain!
It’s only yours’ I will remain
The daughter of Udochukwu
I had never regretted choosing you
All the way from my humble balcony to the market of affection
I found you and only you to be my companion.

There are times I see you and begin to wonder
There are times you speak and my brain begins to chiver
What planet earth is your world?
My brain chivers for your encouraging and intelligent words
There are days I do wish to see God
With series of question to tender to my Lord
How smoothingly soft is the sand responsible for thy skin!
How long did he mold thy body to be so clean!

If God had used a day to create others
He must have used months to put you together
If he had used months to create other creatures
Must have taken him decades upon decades to form you saviour
A miss million men salivate for
And aspire to have in their room as suitor
A role model to other ladies
This one who walks and heaven shakes.

A moment without you is a moment without breath
I can never measure your immeasurable care with length and breadth
That’s why I call you my life, my Joy, my happiness
My hope, my dream, my miss in both distress
Even when the sky paints red
You will always remain my friend
With all my voyages to the market affection
I have found only you to build a birthful union.

Writtn by Oyedokun Ibukun S.


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Author: Judaisky

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