Mountain of Aunty Vero
A dramatic poetry by PENAWD
“Just after the tertiary days of Vero
She has chosen Iyanfoworogi High School as her home
Her home of National Youth Service Corp
But her first glimpse has tendered trauma in the human cords
Just as she entered the school gate
The gate-keeper couldn’t stop looking at her dancing mountain
But when Vero told him about her mission
He directed her to the principal’s office and his eyes remained on her mansion”
Aunty Vero:
Excuse me sir, I’m Vero by name
I’ve just been posted here for my service days
And I will be glad to be one of your temporal staff
For I can see the smiling stars along this mars.
“For Mr Anikulapo to attend to Vero’s words
He has been lost by Vero’s bikini and curves
Million times has his mind travelled far away
before he got his senses back after Vero tapped in angelic way”
Aunty Vero:
Excuse me sir!

Mr Anikulapo:
Oh! So sorry
Could you please repeat yourself, Sydney?
Though it’s obvious you are a Corp member
Oh! You’ve been posted to our arena.

Aunty Vero:
Yes sir!
I was told to meet you for the direction to the permanent teacher.

Mr Anikulapo:
Yes that’s true
It’s the office in that blue room
Just ask for Mr Jigan
He will put you through the scorching of the Sun.
“After Vero doffed and left for the room
Mr Anikulapo couldn’t restrict his eyes from the dancing tune
The left and right dangling of the backyard mountain
And his sight was caught by the smashing of the door done by Vero the captain.
Just as she entered the room
It’s obvious she mesmerized everyone with the way she blooms
Her moves has smashed all heads on desk
And her approach has turned Mr Jigan to a living dead.”
Aunty Vero:
Good day sir, I’m Vero by name
One of the Corp members posted for a stay
I studied English in the higher institution
And I was directed to Mr Jigan for my class exposition.
“Just as her appearance has made the principal stunned
This time around it has made Mr Jigan to remain dumb to the invisible tune
But for Vero to put a stop to his dumbness
Principal threw a chalk at his head that has been senseless.
Principal could not hold his shivering body
He has been tiptoeing since Vero left his balcony
He knew Mr Jigan is a master of Jezebel
And he wouldn’t want to lose this and play chess”
Mr Jigan:
Wha wha what is that?
It’s like someone threw something at me
“Principal cut in with his bass voice heard from the rare
And Vero was surprised seeing him coming near”
Mr Anikulapo:
Mr Jigan, I did
Why have you been deaf to the claim of this riped lady?
I’m very sure you will have white visitors on your table
Let me take her for the introduction to our rearing cattle.
“As Mr Anikulapo said this
It’s like Mr Jigan should strangle him instantly
Vero seemed wondering of this amazing scenario
And it’s like the principal has taken breathe from Mr Jigan as he is taking away Vero”
“As Mr Anikulapo got to the four walls with Vero
The class turned to be a grave yard with the caution of Àdìó
After all the introduction
Only Vero’s two dangling oranges are what Àdìó gave attention.
Àdìó’s uncontrollable pendulum has begun to purge
His thought was how to get this crush
And as he wanted to snick out to wait for Vero
The observing principal caught him and a stroke of cane kissed the back of Àdìó

Vero completing her real mission to spy
She told the principal of her forgotten goodies outside
And as she got there after being followed by the principal
Mr Anikulapo fainted seeing the appearance of a police officer”
Police Officer:
Like I had known you all dine in promiscuity
That’s why I followed my damsel to know how this school will be
Oh, my sweet potato!
I will arrange another school for your service, let’s go.
“As they turned to take their leave
A shining black jeep with tinted glass packed beside our Lady
But before the police officer shew his I.D card
Three Hefty-men in black has led Vero into the Car
Like someone is needed to help him close his mouth
He wondered how the politrickcian in the car has taken a tow.
As the motor highlighted to the invisible blocks
It’s obvious our leader has also been captivated with the mountains of rock
If he had known, he shouldn’t have told the hefty-men to drop on the way
“I want to drop” is all what Vero could say.”

“After lying that it’s like the wheel have burst
Help! Help!! was all Vero broadcast when she dropped
Seeing the mammoth heads that rushed from the rare
Our leader gave the driver a slap to use the gear.”

Aunty Vero:
My crown, where are you?
Oh, you must be feeding our ewe!
May I go in and drop this khaki of yours
And remove those trickish foam at my buttocks and chest used to deceive foolish ones.
“She didn’t bother to go inside her spouse’ store at first
But after offloading her deceits, she went at all cost
Like heaven was falling
She couldn’t hold herself when she saw an amazing scenario in the closet of her crown”

See, before you crash on the ground
I can never trust your purity during the voyage to the testing land
You want to tell me none of the testes touched you?
Or you can come out of lion’s den without issue?
“Vero gathered herself back after the pretence to fall
The lady on the bed laughed alongside Vero and everyone was called
Vero narrated the story behind these tricks
And everyone was at first surprised when they saw that the mansions has gone to sleep”
(Flash back closed)
It’s true Patrick is my lover but he didn’t believe my sincerity
We concluded on that tests to prove my purity
Unknown to him, I planned with my friend to know if he loves me also
And when I could see him, he was making a move to lie with Caro.

“Vero and Caro left the store
And as Caro dangled her own back keys, Vero’s own was flat like a kobo
Everyone was looking at her with eyes of pity for Patrick
But remembering the former mountain, they bust into laughter and leave.

As Written by Oyedokun Ibukun S.
…priceless pen perceiving beyond boundary


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