The sound of my phone woke me up, i stretched out in bed. It feels good to be back in my own bed even though the bed sheet and duvet were several weeks due for washing. The smell of the duvet can wake the dead, that is why i don’t pull it over my head. I have plans to wash them tho but it will still become dirty after washing them. So what is the essence of that?
I reached for the phone just as the call ended. Dantata. Serves him right. I don’t know what sort of friend he is, we used to be so close back in the university and he had even gotten me my first job because of his connection to the Nwosus. These days, we hardly talk or hangout and Dantata has become so secretive that i don’t know what is going on with him. My phone resonated again and i picked it up.
” Hello” I said into the mouth piece.
” Tomi i heard what happened. I have been to see Linda, she said you had gotten bail but she would still press charges. I managed to get her to drop the charges. ” Dantata said.
” Alright…….thank you ”
” I am so sorry buddy, i know you can’t do something like that. How are you?”
” I am fine” i replied in a clipped tone.
” Tomi, i know you are angry with me but i have been so busy with my business. I will make out time to see you one of these days”.
” You owe me no apology Dantata. Do you know if Victoria is back home? i heard she was missing.
” She contacted her father but she’s not back home yet. ” he said.
I heard a feminine voice in the background, it sounded like a moan or a sigh of pleasure, i wasn’t sure. I could hear Dantata whispering something to her before he came back on the line.
” Dantata don’t let me keep you” i said.
” Take care of yourself ” he said hurriedly and disconnected.
I let out a loud unlady like yawn before getting out of the bed. My bedroom floor felt like a field under my bare feet. The amount of sand in the room could build a mansion. I put it at the back of my mind to sweep it later. Why does the floor get dirty if i all i do is sit down in front of the TV all day? where does the sand come from? Later, some people would be saying i am dirty, can’t they different between a lazy and a dirty person?,
The living room was so neat that i decided to sit on the tiled floor so as not to mess up the sofa. I don’t want that guy, Kelvin, to complain when he comes. My heart was doing back flips just at the mention of his name. I heard the door knob turn, someone was trying to open it from outside. Who is there?” My heart was pulsating. I don’t want another dose of Linda so early in the morning.
” Open up!” He shouted.
That familiar voice had me relaxing and i unlocked the door. There were two big, long and short carton boxes beside him and he was grinning like father Christmas on a Christmas eve.
” What is this?”
” Good morning to you too. ” he said, lifting one of the boxes with all his might.
I could see his muscles rippling under his shirt, my eyes lingered on him for so long, i realized that i was staring and i tore my eyes away. He brought in the smaller box and shut the door.
” What is in the box?” i asked again.
He pointed to the bigger box.” This one is a washing machine, it also dries clothes.” , pointing to the smaller box he said.” And this is a dish washer”
I crossed my arms across my chest. I was waiting for that feeling of anger to wash over me but strangely i felt amused. I couldn’t help the bubbly laughter that escaped between my lips.
” You threw away my dishes and pots! I don’t have any left.”
” Get another set of dishes and pots.”
He looked so gorgeous. The angles of his face were perfectly sculptured. His dark eyes, made him look more beautiful. I swallowed hard, i could swore i swallowed my heart right then. I couldn’t help staring at him, he was lean, yet his upper arms were enormous and i could literally feel the amazing strength in them.
” You are staring” he said with a little knowing smile. ” like what you see?”
” No. I was just thinking that you look so much like Johny bravo. Tiny waist like wasp, and a big upper body like that of Mr crabs in spongebob.” I smirked, walking towards the kitchen to set up something for breakfast.
I could feel his gaze burning into my back, i deliberately moved my hips left, right, in a seductive manner just to taunt him. Serves him just right for poking his nose in my business.

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