A very non fictitious tale got me down and worried.

Sometimes, what we call life is not what it bears, the definition we give it isn’t what it stands to take.
The way we veer it isn’t what it happens to be and many more.
There are some facts i have come to learn about life in general.
If comes with disappointment when we never expected it.
It fills our mouth with bitter sour lemon when we expected honey and sweet.
It slapped the joy out of out mouth, it makes one regret almost everything about life and it’s fullness therein .
Life again is an unpredictable wind.
It comes either with good breeze or the other and its yet, being determined by it alone.
But one thing i have learnt on how to deal and tackle life’s disappoint is to be ready for its tricks of disappoints, frustration and depression.
Life just gave my sweetheart a blow which she found so hard to absorbed.
She was thrown deep down in the ocean of frustration.
Giving all her might to a write up which result to a total wreck and disappointment.
The more painful about everything was her devotion and faithfulness to her pen.

Do you remember that awkward moment when every friends look like enemies to you, anything sweet about life taste bitter to you? That’s just the condition of my sweetheart. But she has forgotten the plight of Job, Joseph, Jabez and the creator of electric bulb.
Life wasn’t fair to them but they let the dim light in them shine brighter than expected.

She was hurt and hunt so badly that she threatened herself to quit writing but i ask. If you quit now, what will become of you?
What will become of the ones you have written and the goals you have set in writing.
If you quit now because everything tastes sour, who will make ’em taste sweet for you to resume?
Or have you forgotten life itself isn’t fair so we shouldn’t give it the privilege to rule our lives and plans

I understand it pains and even worth crying for but what next when the deed has been done?
You are not yet a failure when you fail. Its only when you refused to raise up or see reasons to face failure.
Life has good things to offer only those who are yet optimistic in their times of distress and challenges.
Have you had about blessing in disguise? I believe you do.
Do you now know whether your present hardship, disappointment,
distress, and challenge are blessings in disguise?
I felt very bad when i see my sweetheart in distress cos of the sack letter life tender to her. But i tell you my dear, stand up to your defeat, there are many congent and potent reasons behind every situation.

Cheer up and meet me at the apogee with your pen.
Think about the legacy you have laid down with your pen.
What will become of you, if you relinquish now?.


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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