Good morning my people..

Alone with my thought i have come to descern pride which today stand as a master encumbrance to our downfall and from downfall to destitution in come crucial cases.
I veered pride in a particular way i believe we havent given our consent to.

The definitions of pride still remain self satisfaction or compleacancy, self respect or personal worth.
Satisfaction over ones achievement or exploit but i tell you, there are more to this.
The eartly master planner is using this pride to dilapidate and batter lives in a way we never expected or seen them coming.
Pride as we know gives one a high confidence over something he has achieved or has but i tell you the confidence is a stolen one in a sense that pride is already rulling the said achievement.
What do you think will hapen if that confidence is stolen or mulitated one way or the other, can this same pride be seen dancing at the head?
Not at all.
This simply means the sole installation of pride in ones life is confidence and when if by chance, the confidence is debared, pride will be highly affected.
There is no need for one to boost over anthing cos he is just given under unmerited grace of God.
This statement is mainly meant for instrumentalists, singers and girls.
Its so apparent they are the one that wear pride as cap and use it to saw flamboyant clothes.
I so much love God with one thing, He really know how to disgrace those that misuse the free gifts He gives them.
Hope you remember the tale of samsom, he wasnt too far from pride and we know the end of his career.
When pride has entered anything you do then consider it a stolen one.
Pride is so cunny that it will allow your worth gets into your head till you begin to misbehave like expired andriod touchpad.
Pride makes one see himself as lord over everybody,.
It raises your ego to the crest and brim.
It makes your blood stream run in a diverted way.
It changes your mentality and upgrade your shame to another realm.
It gives no foundation or balance your to downfall and disappointment anytime they foster.
Pride totally blindfold you to the truth, setting you highly aloft on another world entirely.

Pride steals your loyalty and plant unknown disobedient and obstinancy within.
It locked the heart with self decision and throw the key to the giver.
Pride will never give you room to think right unless your heart is rescued and bring back to book again.
Pride makes you the master of your masters and make you see no flaw in everything you do.

Pride indeed kills the soul and bury if caution isnt taken on time….
Pride is the thief of confidence cos a confidence gotten from pride is death on its own.
Pride rips one off of his unmerited blesings at the moment. Or tell me how God will feel if all glory is not returned to Him?..
If you thank and glorify him for the one He did, He will yet do a greater one.
I beseech all of us to be vigilant lest pride seize and steal all what we have and the one we are yet to achieve.
Till then,




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Author: Judaisky

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