Ehn…#5 fit cause trouble oooo
Na who talk am say #5 no dy important my broda sometimes #5 go destabilize you….
?For example in a situation whereby u wanna sub wit #1000 and u get a msg from MTN that #5 has been deducted from ur line for super MEGA award competition…bro u go almost destroy ur phone some pple go even carry phone dail 180 and call customer line tell them the whole story in dis world that wont return ur #5 he don go be that all they will do is to tell u is “sorry for the inconveniences” And the good one will help u stop it….To you the remaining #995 go dy useless now u go dey find person who get money for fone wey go transfer #55 to you and u send #50 back o boi see whala #5 cause..wat if u are in a situation whereby you can’t get such help you will be forced to get anoda #100 Kad ..that is the power of #5???????

?You get a bank alert gbam! And all u have in ur account is #60(Savings Zero account)and someone send u #5000 to do smtin important wic will close in the next one hour and all u need to do is to walk down to the A.T.M and withdraw ur cash and a msg just entered after the alert saying ‘#65 has been deducted from your account for monthly charges” available balance #4995 ??????????
Then u go Knw the value of #5.

My advice for u is to start showing love for #5 and stop dealing with big currencies alone have u forgotten the way David crush Goliath….. #5 fit cause trouble oooo…o boi no be small thing oooo
Now I don get solution for the issue I don go gather a lot of #5 all you have to do is to bring #1000 and collect (10) #5
#500 and collect (5) #5
#200 and collect (2) #5
The higher the money the higher the #5 you get!!!
Cause things don change…Transact business with me and your life will neva remain the same my own pass MMM cause :
?? #5 go do u beta
?? He go bring you good luck
?? With #50,000 above you can earn alot of #5 wic you too can start up the business like am doing now I start mine with #100,000 and am good at it you too can be like me….
Join #5 club now and earn as much as possible till you fill ur house wit #5

I don talk my own ooooooooo
Abeg if u interested lemme see ur hand up ?….

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