*To my Friend: POVERTY*

Poverty has been a very good friend of mine
On same table we do dine
Though never asked me if I’m fine
All what I do hear is that I will shine.

All these while, He has been like my brother
He chose for me my career
He didn’t stop me anyway; he only erased being footballer and singer
Here I am; he finally made me a writer.

To my family; you have poured egality
Who are the children? Who are the parents? Elusive to third party
My friendly friend: POVERTY
Your visitation has taken over wholeheartedly.

Poverty has really helped me
Poverty! If not for you, where will I be?
By now, I would have been over-sea
And will be sad not to witness Nigeria’s change interesting story.

Poverty has been a good friend
Following me from past generation trend
Poverty! when did you descend?
I mean to my life; don’t pretend.

Poverty has been my good guidance
He gives me key to my culture’s renaissance
To the humble background like me; he opens my eyes to give assistance
Tranquility and humility; he makes me obeisance.

Poverty has been my father’s watchword
My mother drank poverty in the ward and still shows in her word
Siblings can never forget your existence in this world
With future award, you will reward.

Poverty! A very good merciful man
That watches our abode without pan
When rain falls, it’s like fan
You are indeed a merciful man.

Poverty! You have really done well
The big brothers on the highway with light fingers came to dwell
They came without getting nothing. Did we use spell?
When we shew only our hands, life was beaten out of us. We saw Hell.

Poverty! Poverty!
Family friend to my family
When will these crucibles be a vanity?
Or, you are staying here till eternity?

With this intimacy; there are times my friend and I don’t play chess
Since tongue and teeth do fight like the movie: fearless
I wonder, what a mess!
Those are the moments of regretfulness.

How do you expect me to be a Noble Laureate?
Will Wolé Sóyínká come here personally with the ticket?
Ah! Poverty, Kongi demands respect
Or, how can I publish my oeuvre and get my target?

But wait, Poverty my dearest
Is this everlasting friendship to the fullest?
I mean womb-tomb; birth-death; no rest?
In Chinese I giggle; you must really be singing. Kanyiwest?

Poverty! What if I possibly marry lately due to carrier
And begat Patrick, Paul and Patricia
Or Royalty, Rejoice and Renaissance in order?
They must not perceive you; how will they cope, including their mother?

Poverty, please I will miss your gifts
The gifts you do make neighbours give are meats
Yes, the embarrassment of thrifts
And all means of survival mother treats.

Poverty! To please you; what shall I render?
Within people, they know how close we are
So close that I can’t write all about how we dine and dream together
As you can see, I can write about you forever.

Oh, Poverty! Am I disappointing?
“We didn’t start like this”; Is that what you are thinking?
C’mon, I really appreciate our past intimacy for helping
But right now, let me go my way. By now, you should be leaving.

Directly composed on ASUS TAB.

None of the authorised name oeuvre should be published, presented or any form of plagiarism without the permission from him.

*Poet: Oyedokun Ibukun S.*
*Pen name: PENAWD*
_priceless pen perceiving beyond boundary_
*_Powered by RENAISSANCE_*




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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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